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Time For Redemption?

Doug Collins said that when his team is fully healthy, his starting lineup would be Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner at guard, Andre Iguodala at small forward, Elton Brand at power forward and Spencer Hawes at center.

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I guess I'd go with Speights/Brand/Iguodala/Turner/Jrue... but it is less ball friendly.

Actually, I think Lou should start with Jrue and Iguodala, if he's hot you can get off to a quick start, if not, bench him, he should be handled like Hawes

kevinollie4three reply to GoSixers on Nov 23 at 16:09

lou is better with the second unit though because he's assertive. bringing turner on as our backup point guard would really leave us without go-to scoring unless we count thad as our go-to guy.
lou would also dominate the ball and keep holliday and iggy from creating and getting brand or others going. while the talk of lou as a mini-iverson has gotten people hyped up about his positives, his tendency to kill ball movement and be a liability on defense would do more harm then good on a starting unit looking to establish a rhythm in the game. we'd be looking at a lot more big deficits than early leads if we started lou.

I wouldn't bring turner in as the back up point guard - and Lou williams isn't a point guard either.

The enigma that is Louis Williams requires Iguodala or Holiday in the back court with him at all times

kevinollie4three reply to GoSixers on Nov 23 at 17:46

in an ideal world we would treat him like the microwave. "just add water" and he comes in and gives us a spark while iggy or jrue gets a breather along with brand. he gets to the line, extends the game and lets us tread water. if he's cold, he gets yanked before he can do any real damage.
unfortunately with our lack of shot-creators, his particular brand of offense becomes our best shot at scoring consistent buckets, which turns into hoping he can get to the line without chucking too many ill-advised jumpers. when his shot isn't falling he needs to get pulled immediately because things quickly go south when he tries (and fails) to score. too many times when he's put in its either "here we go again..." or "alright, maybe he can pull us through this quarter". he shouldn't have this much control over the game.

I think the NBA should start handing out technicals for asinine pre game rituals - be it covering people with chalk or doing the dumbest trendy dance move since the Macarena.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 23 at 13:51

Yes! Like Colin Cowherd wisely said, Wall's doing the Dougie proves that he will never be a winner.

I think once Wolf Blitzer does something (at the BET awards no less) then it's officially run its course.

I've never heard Colin Cowherd say anything wisely :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 23 at 13:55

Yeah, I was being sarcastic. Anyway, I will defend any hip-hop trend; it's not the dance's fault that Wolf Blitzer did it.

I tried purchasing an online sarcasm detector off of ebay- but it did not work.

Mine works but it takes into account many variables including the source of said sarcasm

Maybe I should just buy a BS detector?

Or maybe one of these? http://www.swankola.com/thrift/thrift030.html

I want me smell-o-vision damn it

God the sixers really suck don't they?:)

The sixers should win one for the spectrum tonight, they finally blew it up

Wrecking ball, not an implosion, and it was barely touched today.

Lots of news coverage today i figured today was the big implosion day - ah well - now i'll just have to move the flyers to jersey

Tom Moore on Nov 23 at 18:21

Pregame video: Lou Williams on making shots, owing the Wizards one


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