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Climbing Back Up

The difference in 3-point defense from the past 4-5 years to this year is astounding so far.

If the team had even a big man who was decent at shotblocking who could play 15 minutes per game (e.g. Mbenga) it would be in the top ten defensively. If we were gonna trade Dalembert in hindsight I wish we had drafted Favors. However now that we have Turner, ideally we'd trade for a decent defensive big man or sign a free agent.

Why exactly was Dalembert traded anyway?

1) Teammates were tired of his act
2) The front office liked Hawes' potential
3) Rebounding by committee is better than having one really good rebounder
4) The FO thought we needed a tougher, stronger version of Iguodala (Nocioni is neither)

To avoid paying the luxury tax

Those defensive stats are impressive. I also thought their fast break points allowed must be relatively low... but I'm wrong. They are 25th in that category: http://www.teamrankings.com/nba/stat/opponent-fastbreak-points-per-game

It is interesting to see how much team personal foul% correlates with winning. Teams that foul a lot lose a lot (and vice versa.) This is partly a respect factor, and partly a reflection of how having players who draw fouls (usually superstars) turns the game.


The fct that they are middle of the pack for opponents point in the paint allowed is also sort of a nmiracle- and suggests that no one is game planning for them. Looking at their wins over NY and Mil, neither opponent took advantage of their post players like they should. You would expect teams are destroying the Sixers in the paint- but that is not the case. In fact they gave up more points in the paint per game last year.

deepsixersuede on Nov 23 at 7:33

Is everything being said here a reason to keep J.I.T. together? Win by locking teams up, when a couple of bigs get added, and struggle at times to score.

This was essentially the way the Sixers won in the prime Iverson/Larry Brown years. I suspect if blogs like this had been around then, there would have been a lot of frustration and gnashing of teeth at the offensive limitations of George Lynch, Tyrone Hill, and Eric Snow (among others) but those teams were always in games because of their defense.

We'll see if the defensive improvements hold over the first 25-30 games, but they are certainly encouraging to this point.

But that Sixers group won games.

Not immediately.

Check the numbers. The Hill/Snow/Lynch/McKie team was first all together in 98/9 and that team had a 56% winning percentage (28-22 in the strike year). That team made the 2nd round of the playoffs... and was an elite team until after the Ratliff trade and Finals appearance.

The year prior to them being a full unit was 97/8. That year the team lost 51 games- with Ratliff the only recognizable core starter (aside from AI.) McKie played 1300 min, but Snow played only 47 games and 800 min and Hill and Lynch were not on that team.

Oh, I wasn't suggesting this team is a finished product. But they went from awful, to above .500, to not being able to make it out of the second round, to the finals. it was a steady progression, as they continued to add pieces that fit as well as grew together. My point was acquiring jrue and turner was a start, a la getting iverson, ratliff and mckie.

(not as good of a start, because we still don't have that offensive player to build around, but a start nonetheless).

I must have missed your meaning.

I was more saying that those core players never struggled. Once Ratliff/Hill/Snow/McKie were in place they were winning games. They did not have a losing season with that core in place.

The losing was with guys like Stackhouse, DC and Tim Thomas. The only guys who had both winning and losing years were AI and Ratliff. And LB/Ratliff only had 1 losing season.

So the fans liked those players because they were a winning group. They progressed from 56% to 60% to 64% winning.

Technically, 97-98 had partial seasons of Snow, McKie, and Ratliff. So the "core" did lose for a (short) while.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 23 at 22:35

Is this an admittal that Evan is just another role player? That we can't even build around that high of a draft pick?

Alvin reply to Statman on Nov 23 at 11:28

I did enjoy watching those teams. In my opinion being a competitive team (a team that wins more games than it loses) starts with a committment to defend. I'd rather a team's problems be offense than defense. So what irks me the most about the current team is the lack of an interior defender.

Tom Moore on Nov 23 at 8:29

Sixers say they don't feel like they owe the Wizards one:


Tom Moore on Nov 23 at 8:45

Video: Doug Collins on his favorite holiday and why he feels blessed:


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