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Happy Thanksgiving

Same to you Brian and everybody have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for providing this forum for all depressed Sixers fans! Here's hoping that Thorn/Stefanski & Collins can move these Sixers in a winning direction. Keep the faith!

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on Nov 25 at 9:58

Does Chiles serve Thanksgiving dinner? Happy Thanksgiving all !!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Brian and everyone else! I'm thankful for family, good health, DepressedFan.com, and even the lousy Sixers. Enjoy the day and your stuffed Stefanski!

eddies' heady's on Nov 25 at 13:06

Happy Thanksgiving to l'il JD, and growing Nora, and the Mrs., and yes, even you Mr. Ward. :)

May everyone and their families be blessed with continued good health. And maybe a Sixer victory every now and then ;)

A bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Post food coma greetings.

I wonder how many turkeys Speights has eaten today

Hope everyone is having a good night, cowboys lose, and the clippers have a chance to tie the sixers for worst record in the league

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