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A Sixers Thanksgiving Challenge

This is a tough one. I can give you two legitimate ones off the top of my head:

- for belief in a 20-year-old PG to the point where he's leading the team in minutes.

His up-and-down play is at least partially responsible for the record, but I think it's going to be invaluable experience down the line.

- for all the guys who take part in the discussion here. You make it worthwhile.

it's good that the team is winning and losing based on its young guys. much better and more realistic than hiding behind vets like Miller and Sam- who were not going to be part of the future.

Now we are learning how much further they need to go instead of a fake mediocrity.

eddies' heady's on Nov 25 at 22:24

This is really tough, as most every single thing that could be negative, is, right now with this franchise. With maybe the exception of coach.

So, I guess I can say that I am thankful that after 28 years of endless hope for another banner run, I am able to watch and sit through roughly 80 games each season with my basketball love and sanity intact.

While not Sixers related, I can say that I am extremely thankful for a forum where I can express my long-tenured depressed state too concerning this franchise.

1) That the Sixers took Turner. I like his game a lot and I think he has a chance to be a great player. His willingness to pass and ability to rebound are a great foundation

2) Doug Collins' ability to recognize who the better players are. Seems crazy for something that simple, but I just love that Kapono doesn't sniff the floor anymore.

3) Andre Iguodala. I don't know how much longer we will be watching this guy play some fantastic overall basketball.

4) Elton Brand's improve play. He is still overpaid, but he isn't a drain on the court this year and is worth about half his deal probably, which is something.

5) Health. Iguodala's injury is surprising and Lou has been hampered a bit, but overall the team hasn't been decimated and that is a positive thing.

6) Speights' rebounding. His shot hasn't been falling and his play has not been good, but I like that he is getting after it a bit.

7) Improved 3 point defense.

8) Thad's return to form. It is fun seeing him play well again. It has been over 2 years now.

9) Jodie Meeks increasing his sample size of rotation-worthy play.

10) Jrue's relatively good play. His hasn't taken a leap forward, but he looks like he will, at a minimum, be a starting PG.

Quick aside...Steve Kerr is doing commentary on the Kings/Clippers game and just said the Kings are missing Hawes this year because of his 'shooting ability' and 'ability to space the floor'.

Heh. I guess it does make sense that he got canned by Phoenix after all.

1. Doug's positive attitude.
2. Rod Thorn being hired as GM.
3. Craig Brackins getting minutes.
4. Noce's work ethic.
5. Elton's re-vitalized play.
6. The potential that Turner possesses.
7. That Jodie Meeks can shoot the 3.
8. The spark that Lou provides off the bench.
9. Thad increased intensity of taking the ball to the hoop.
10. The irony that on Thanksgiving that Iverson is playing in Turkey!

deepsixersuede on Nov 25 at 23:27

1] I am thankful that defense is being stressed once again.
2] I am thankful our coach pays attention to both ends of the court and isn't one demensional.
3] That Marreese seems to be maturing and doing some little things.
4] That a good amount of solid bigs are in a draft we should get a top 10 pick in.
5] Rod Thorn is here making decisions.
6] Jrue's shot still looks good because with Iggy and Evan it is a must.
7] Thad may earn a resigning, he seems like a good kid.
8] Evan seems like a solid player and wants to play defense.
9] The gloves are off and A.Miller and Sam's impact hid a lot of warts so our front office should be able to formulate a plan moving forward.
10] Elton, through solid play and a possible B.Wallace off the bench role in his last year here may win over a lot of fans who quite frankly, had a right to be pissed.

1.) That the organization has done fairly well with their first-round picks since 2007.
2.) That the organization knows fully well that Jrue and Turner are the future.
3.) That Speight's defense is actually improving.

johnrosz on Nov 26 at 0:04

Thankful that Eddie Jordan is somewhere in Princeton enjoying the holiday with his family...many, many miles away from the team right now.

I'm happy Thorn has been a little more visable recently because his hair hat makes me smile every time I see it.

I'm also thankful for this DeMarcus Cousins update. 26 minutes, -26 +/-. 3/8 from the floor, 1/2 from the line (7 points), 5 fouls, and zero turnovers. Excellent game for the dominant rookie big, who is now sporting a TS% of .466.

His herculean effort helped the Clippers pull into a dead heat with the Sixers for worst record in the league.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 26 at 2:27

He has know clue on the defensive end of the floor. Hideous rotations, and the plus/minus do his game justice. Griffin was doing pull ups on the rim because he didn't rotate.

Thankful that...

1) Owners at least recognized the desirability of moving past Jordan and Stefanski.

2) The team isn't winning more than they deserve - this isn't akin to rooting for losing, I just mean it would be negative if a fundamentally bad team had a better record than they merited, and glad we are not in that situation going forward.

3) The sports writers regularly covering the team have improved as a group over time. And the fluff guys who write fluff for fans who don't regularly follow the team are currently ignoring the Sixers.

4) Team hasn't traded away important future draft choices.

- Thanks for the coach. Coaching with passion and purpose! Very unusual in today's NBA!
- Thanks to Eddie Jordon who provided sixers ownership with the motivation to bring in a real coach and GM.
- Thanks that Thorn is making the next move. Not Ed Stefanski.
- Special thanks for Elton Brand. It's been a long time waiting for him to perform at a high level. I'm thrilled for him.
- Thanks to Jrue and Turner for providing us hope for the future.

I'm thankful that the Sixers are playing and the NBA season is here. Whether winning championships or sniffling in the basement, they're my passion win or lose and I love the joy and frustration that comes along with the game of basketball.

The Washington game the other day is a prime example of what makes this sport great to me. One minute left on the clock, free throws, crunch time. The emotion that comes along with that is unmatched by any other game in the world to me. Couldn't imagine my life without it.

Rob_STC reply to Ryan F on Nov 26 at 11:12

100 % agree with Ryan F. Basketball is the greatest sport in the world. Enough said.

i'm most thankful for...

the fact that this team is giving effort as a whole again, which makes their games enjoyable enough for me to watch.

sfw reply to HW on Nov 26 at 11:29

First time since when? LB? agree!

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