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A Modest Improvement?

Tom Moore on Nov 26 at 11:32

Sixers have to beat Heat to avoid 0-3 trip:


Good Hoops World write up from this morning with some seemingly exclusive Collins interview segments:


Don't know if it's been mentioned, but the Intelligencer, via NBA Fanhouse, reports that Brackins will be assigned to a D-League team in Syracuse over which we have no control.

The Hoops World story is good and it looks like Collins gets it. Make sure Jrue, Turner, Young, Speights?, Hawes?? Meeks??? Williams???? Brackins????? get their minutes and do not worry about the losses. Make sure you get a piece for the future when you trade Iggy and get another piece in the draft next year and this ship might head in the right direction when the Brand contract mercifully ends.

Mike P reply to Brian on Nov 26 at 17:39

Speights should be playing as much as possible.

It's retarded that Battie is getting his minutes. Lets find out if these guys suck or not, and if they suck, let them go.

And yeah, try to get a good young player, a pick or two, and an expiring contract/s when you deal iggy.

That is all I ask for the team. Also for it to keep losing. Lose it up.

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