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A Moral Defeat

I would have given POG to Jodie, but a perfect summary. Iggy has put together 3 really solid games since coming back. I'm also very worried about Turner too, this is almost too passive

Court_visioN on Nov 27 at 3:41

Re: your comment about Collins closeup after Hawes' blown layup, I think Collins reacted more to Iguodala's 3rd foul in the 1st half, not to the blown alley oop. Of course, he couldn't predict that Jodie Meeks would hit 3 straight jumpers.

I have to give Hawes some props. Except for his over ambitious offense at times, he was very active. If he continues putting forth that effort there could be a role for him on the cheap after this season. I hope this isn't a south beach one time thing.

Wondering if Lou is still hurt? He has been killing the Sixers. Sucks cause he has to get that trade value up.

Getting closer to 12/15.

eddies' heady's on Nov 27 at 10:17

Good recap. Spot on. I think we'll probably see some different combinations tonight by Doug. At least, I hope some of his mixing-and-matching sinks in after he watched the tape. Less of Lou and Turner and more of Thad and Jodie.

DC needs to go back to bringing Turner off the bench at backup point if Lou is going to come in and stagnate the offense and not make his open shots. Lou only played 14 minutes so maybe that can carry over.

As others have said, his injury still has to be bothering him b/c his jumper is not good right now. But there was a lot of standing around on offense when Lou wasn't in the game too though.

Doug's still searching, if he can ever find the right combos/substitution patterns, improvement in the win column should follow. He's just not getting consistent production from anyone right now but maybe Andre and sort of Thad.

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