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Sixers Around the Web - Nov. 28

deepsixersuede on Nov 28 at 9:48

I read recently how E.Gordon wouldn't assert himself when surrounded by veterans in spite of being prodded by his coach and the front office. Now, with Kamen and Davis out with injuries he is the vet on the floor and has been going off this season. Should this reasoning be used in any way in our Evan/Iggy situation here by our front office?

I want J.I.T. to work because of the defensive potential but would Iggy leaving allow Turner to blossom?

I honestly don't know what the story is with Turner. He's getting plenty of minutes without iguodala on the floor, and he looks pretty much the same to me in both situations. He's literally the fifth option and hawes/brand rarely give up a shot.

I think Collins made a point of getting ET shots early last night, but he wasn't hitting. Maybe that's what you need to do. Force feed him early and if his shot is dropping he'll have the confidence to be more assertive later.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 13:28

I remember Turner's comment about the N.B.A. season being like 3 college seasons; so using his logic he is closing out his freshman year soon and good things should be coming. I just don't want a regression confidence wise.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 13:34

If L.Will. was moved for a young asset or #1 and Turner was given the "keys to the car" off the bench in a L.Will. like way maybe his confidence soars.

Start Meeks or Thad with whoever doesn't start as Evan's wing man off the bench. I like that option a lot better than moving Iggy.

I'm all down with moving Lou. It's not like his trade value will dramatically rise anytime soon. Meeks could take most of his minutes anyway.

I would try to pry Jason Thompson from Sac for someone other than Iggy. Lou(preferrably), Speights(I doubt they want him with Cousins), maybe Thad(more realistic). He is a tall, athletic big who can swing between the 4,5 & maybe the 3 positions. Plays 'D'. Has one more year before an extension is needed and would fit nicely in our frontcourt rotation.

I don't like him. He just seems like more of what we already have. Offensive, undersized big who doesn't defend and doesn't rebound. We need the opposite, imo.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 13:07

i thought the same thing when his name came up a few weeks ago. But he actualy does rebound. defensive rebounding pct is at 24.

sfw reply to Brian on Nov 28 at 14:38

Well. On Thursday he was playing 'D' and hustling. He seems to have legit length for a PF(unlike Thad). He must get stronger. He's still developing. AT least he has one more year on his rookie deal. Depends what you have to give up. I think he'd be a good complement to Elton up front.

John, very nice work!

Thanks for collecting all of this it was a pleasure to read.

good read

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