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Louis Williams - Definitely not a point guard

It is certainly a lot fo work done to realize that Lou isn't a real good player for an NBA team. He can't defend at all. Well thats 50%. He doesn't pass much or create for his teammates. Thats 25%. And his other 25% worth is hi scoring and that is hot or cold. No consistency at all. And his height is an x factor in a negative way. I see no real value as him being on the team unless you look at him as a manager of a baseball team looks at a pinch runner or a lefty specialist. Rarely playing.

Thanks for the work, GoSixers.

I don't think I agree w/ your idea to start Lou, though. When Lou is on, offensively, he can be a destructive force and more than make up for his defensive shortcomings, but it's still a crapshoot, and there are huge trade offs when you put him on the floor. First, you can pretty much forget about running any offense, he's going to dominate the ball and dribble way too much. He has a role on the team as a scorer off the bench, and I agree that he should always be on the floor with a legit point guard, but I think it sets a bad precedent having him out there with the starting unit.

You want to use that first run of the game to get into your sets, see what works, what doesn't, get shots for all your players to see who's hot, who has an advantage. Kind of set the baseline for the game, poke and prod the defense to see what you can go back to throughout the game. Starting Lou to see if he's hot feels very similar to what they used to do with Willie. Give him 5 or 6 shots in the first, if he's hot, you stay even. If he's not, you're down 10 after the first.

Also, don't confuse the role in which Lou plays best with the role for Lou that's best for the team. Kapono probably plays a lot better with Jrue and Iguodala on the floor with him, but that doesn't mean you should start him between them.

You want to use that first run of the game to get into your sets, see what works, what doesn't, get shots for all your players to see who's hot, who has an advantage.

More often than not the sixers 'lose' the first portion of the first and the first portion of the third quarter, the sixers stink in the 3rd quarter, the sixers starting 5 gets out played more often than not as it is currently constructed. I'm saying put Lou on a short leash, if he starts out hot than the sixers maybe start out hot as well and aren't so far behind from the jump and maybe aren't so piss poor in the 3rd

Yeah, I think the slow start and slow start to the third has more to do w/ the guy in the middle than the SG. I'd rather address that than take a drastic measure which will hopefully mask it, but is just as likely to exacerbate it.

Spoelstra's days are numbered:

"He's jumping on them," one source told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard. "If anything, he's been too tough on them. Everybody knows LeBron James is playful and likes to joke around, but Spoelstra told him in front of the whole team that he has to get more serious. The players couldn't believe it. They feel like Spoelstra's not letting them be themselves."

God forbid the coach says anything negative to LePippen.

If anything, he's been too tough on them. Everybody knows LeBron James is playful and likes to joke around

Like that joke he pulled against Boston last year by not playing?

I wonder if they'll bitch to the press when Riley calls LeBron a sissy and says Magic would've never acted like this.

My favorite rumor is that Wade doesn't want to play for Riley...it really is

Wow. When did that happen? Mayo lost his starting job in Memphis to Xavier Henry. I wonder if he's available.

It happened a couple days ago (he's on my fantasy team) and he's performing quite well off the bench. Seems to be working out well for Memphis.

I think he's getting more minutes than Henry and more 'crunch' minutes but for some reason he's performing better without the start

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Nov 29 at 11:47

Apparently the reason is that the Grizzlies' bench was getting killed, so they put Mayo with the second unit to hopefully correct this.

Man, Thabeet is almost as bad as Cousins.

Mayo was also performing not so good as a starter, i was almost ready to waive him

I'd say Lou can't be your only primary ball-handler on the floor. Its not so much "PG" since Lou often acts as the PG when he plays next to Jrue. Its more Lou can't be relied upon to share. So you need another player or 2 on the floor with him who does.

I also agree with Brian that Lou as a starter is a bad idea. His high usage will make it harder for the other starters to get in the flow. He much better suited as a spark off the bench. When the team is sluggish he is the perfect antidote because he creates his own offense.

One reason Lou has bought into the bench role is that Collins has guaranteed him 4th qtr minutes as a "closer." I have mixed feelings about this. he can be dominant in the 4th... or he can kill you. The whole good/bad Lou conundrum- but with the game on the line. I guess its OK as long as he has a short leash. If he's looking weak at the 8 min mark pull him for Turner or Thad.

I thought Collins was supposedly a 'good' coach. No one should be guaranteed minutes in the 4th quarter especially a one dimensional player like Lou who when he is off he'll kill you.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Nov 29 at 13:52

I'm fine with giving him a chance at the start of the 4th. Then if he's cold the pull him. If he's on then ride him.

I believe that is what Collins has been doing.

It's lite, not light. You can't use light that way.

Thank you Funk & Wagnalls

Although, I've never corrected anyone's internet English usage, I don't mind that others do. But in this case, Tray, you are wrong.

In his defense, if anyone else had written the article, he wouldn't have said anything :)

paul gange on Nov 29 at 21:19

Seems to me you wasted a lot of time analyzing lou's "point guard" skills when all you had to do was watch one or two games to figure out he can't play point.
He can't run a set offense, doesn't know how to run a fast break unless he is the finisher on the break,can not play a lick of defense (see the two games against clevelend when gibson killed him}and i don't know how you think he is a good shooter, he is shooting 35% this year and had one game when he was 10-11. lou should only play 5-6 minutes at a time because any longer and the other team will finally send in a guard that will score on lou at will. at best he is an offensive specialist that should only play at certain times in the gamge when he can;t be taken advantage of defensively.

Thanks for your helpful input

Great Article. I was thinking today that Lou may be the starter since Collins has hinted that Turner will be returning to the bench. You have to get scoring from the 2 spot and I think Lou has proved he can do that.

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