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Take It To the Hole

johnrosz on Nov 30 at 2:30

Lou said somewhere that he spent the off season working on his 3 pt shooting. Think the numbers are going to remain consistent with that ratio until someone convinces him he's not Steph Curry.

This is the area that I thought Dre and Ev would thrive in. Dre just simply because Collins seemed to make this the foundation of his game this year. To use his size and athleticism to attack the rim, draw fouls and get to the line. I hoped this would raise his PPG by not taking more APG but better shots.

I think Ev has the size to create space from the defender and has the moves to get free but his confidence is so shot right now I don't think Collins knows what to do with him.

It's just amazing to see Jrue finish at the rim. He can't jump over anyone but his left hand is sick. It catches every defender by surprise.

tk76 reply to KellyDad on Nov 30 at 9:33

Guys spend entire careers getting good shots off by going left. No one evr seems to catch on. And in some cases (Ginobili) the guy can't even go right.

It must be really hard to deprogram defensive instincts to force a guy left.

Don't look now but Thaddeus Young is 3rd in the league in field goal pct.


Scott reply to dwhite on Nov 30 at 11:45

You guys read that Cousins got kicked out of one of the Kings recent practices and was sent home?

Sounds like something that could happen in a kindergarten classroom.

Either way, thought you'd like that Brian.

Scott reply to Scott on Nov 30 at 11:46

Woops. Wasn't supposed to be a reply. My bad.

Yeah, I was cracking up. Still waiting for Tray to blame it on the harsh Sacramento winter or something.

One thing to note here, and I think it makes Jrue's numbers in this area even more impressive, is that fast break finishes are part of the equation here. Thad and Iguodala are typically the guys who finish on the break, which helps their ratio. Jrue is rarely the guy ahead of the break, he's the one with the ball in his hands, dishing to those guys. I'd say the vast majority of his 107 shots inside 10 feet have come in the half-court offense.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 10:23

Parts of Jrue's game remind me of Andre Miller. Especially his skill passing ahead on the break and his drives in the lane. I wish Jrue had a year playing alongside Miller. It likely would have helped his development because he could have stolen a lot from the crafty old vet.

I prefer minutes to tutelage at this level. Even minutes under EFJ.

Tom Moore on Nov 30 at 10:15

Video: Collins on sending Brackins down to D-League, Hawes' difficulty at the foul line:


It's funny because as Collins talks about Hawes' problem being mental, Hawes yells out in frustration while working on his free throws. Clip is only 94 seconds long.

With Bracking going down to the D League who fills his roster spot? Do any of these names peek your interest?

Josh Boone
Premos Brezec
Steven Hunter

It's real slim pickings for free agent bigs right now

Doesn't he still count against the 15-man roster?

I think so, besides, why would you replace a roster spot for a guy who has been active for one game this year.

Comcast isn't spending more money then it needs to. I don't know why anyone would think they want to pay someone ELSE not to dress for games

Tom Moore on Nov 30 at 10:18

Story: Young's aggressiveness is paying off for the Sixers:


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