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An Old Friend Comes To Town

Wow, quite the prediction.

I say a close loss where they blow a lead in the 4th qtr. Also, I expect foul trouble for Jrue. Yooung players rarely string together multiple strong performances. Consistency is the last thing to arrive.

I'm hoping McKie has been in Jrue's head the past couple days just saying, "Don't bite on the pump fake. Don't bite on the pump fake." In fact, maybe they should've had him write it on a blackboard 1,000 times.

If he avoids foul trouble, I think he has a big game. There's really no athleticism in Portland's starting back court, he can get into the lane at will.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 14:08

They do have some length though up front, at least in the starting rotation. I gotta say I was surprised by Jrue's conversion rate around the rim. That's a good sign that he's improving, but he's gotta pick his spots tonight. Camby is excellent at protecting the rim, and Aldridge gets more than a block per game. When those guys are out, he can attack relentlessly. Injuries have killed Portland's frontcourt depth.

Mar reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 12:45

Sixers blow out Portland by 15? Bold. I think a 4th quarter collapse is much more likely. I also think Miller will play with motivation score big on us tonight. Someone should keep a tally of all the Miller ballfakes Sixers bite on.

I'm a bold man. I figure if it's close, they probably lose, so a blowout is probably the only way they win.

3rd quarter collapse is actually most likely

now THAT is a face. your pictures are golden.

is batum even iguodala lite? I didn't think Batum was a top defender in the slightest.

tk76 reply to Shawn on Nov 30 at 12:48
Shawn reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 12:55

You may be right - I admittedly haven't seen him play much.

However, he's not starting tonight:


Hmmn, interesting. OK, so do you put Iguodala on Roy or do you keep Iguodala on the much more athletic Matthews, who is a more potent scoring threat than Batum?

Shawn reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 13:31

I'd hope he guards Matthews. Roy can't run!

Jesse reply to Shawn on Nov 30 at 14:29

I hope he guards Roy just so he can completely shut him down and completely demoralize the city of Portland.

Lucked into tickets for this one, looking forward to it and I do think the Sixers could pull out a win...Portland comes in on a 3 game losing streak, though they could be more focused after losing to the Nets.

Sixers usually play Portland well for some reason. They're 4-2 against them in their last six games (since 07-08), plus Portland is reeling right now.

Then again, a loss wouldn't shock me.

I didn't know that Matthews was athletic, but taking your word for it that he is, he's taking 4 threes a game out of 10 shots a game. As he's largely a shooter for them, he doesn't seem like the toughest cover. So I wouldn't put Iguodala on him.

I was speaking relatively. I'm more athletic than Roy right now, Matthews is much more athletic.

So who makes the NBA All-Knee team?


Bad taste, I know.

raro reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 15:04

I don't really feel too bad for either Roy or Redd; both those guys got their big contracts before signed getting hurt. And really, both Oden and Livingston did 'ok' with their rookie contracts.

Oden really seems to have taken the injuries to heart, which is a shame.

FWIW, you can't really blame Portland for the mess they're in. The 2006 draft was such a crapshoot that Roy and Aldridge would probably still go third and fourth in a revamped draft. And they messed up the one pick (Oden) that everyone else would have messed up as well. Considering the mess they were in beforehand, the Sixers could learn a few lessons.

They're in a bigger mess now, imo. Roy and Aldridge are going to be eating up their cap space for a long time.

raro reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 15:18

You're right about them giving bad contracts to those guys. In that sense they're just like the rest of the NBA.

I'm only saying you can't blame them for drafting a core of Roy, Aldridge, and Oden, and then hoping for the best.

tk76 reply to raro on Nov 30 at 15:15

I still think Portland did a great job of dumping the "Jail-Blazers" players and quickly acquiring multiple draft picks.

They really only suffered 3 bad years, and 2 of those years had promise (the rookie of the year and an improving squad.)

Yes, the players the ended up with aren't panning out as well as hoped, but that should not take away from how well they revamped the team. The extensions and injuries are another issue entirely.

So they had some good initial luck (winning the lottery from the 6th spot) and then a bunch of bad luck (injuries) followed by questionable extensions.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 15:22

Part of the strength of their quick turn-around involved playing a ton of young players all at one (much as the Sixers do now.)

The year before Oden these were the ages of their core rotation players:


So equate that to the Sixers (20/22/26/31/22/24/23/22/20) this season. You lose a lot more than you'd expect when you play so much (inconsistent) youth. And also Z-Bo at 25 is sort of like Iguodala at 26. The "star" young vet who likely will get traded.

Anouther game where Dre has noone who can guard him. Too strong for Batum and too good for anyone else Portland can put in front of him.

Jason reply to KellyDad on Nov 30 at 15:21

But he probably won't take advantage of it.

Rich reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 16:22

He's been pretty damn good since he got back from injury. I don't see why that couldn't continue. Batum and Matthews do some good things on that end of the floor though, they aren't bad defenders at all.

Watch what you say. You get labelled anti-Iguodala for those kind of comments.

Jason reply to KellyDad on Nov 30 at 16:19

When it comes to AI9s offensive game i am Anti Iguodala. But He's had 4 very good games in a row since coming back from the injury so hopefully he keeps that up, just would like for him to be more consistent on the offensive side of the ball, he tends to disappear at times.

I know some people on here have said they don't have espn insider. My friend forwarded me this website that has a daily deal of $1.99 for a years subscription to Insider and ESPN the Magazine.

Seems too good to be true, but I have no idea what the catch is. My friend signed up and got the deal, and I probably will too.

Here's the link: http://home.dailysteals.com/Default.aspx

I thought I'd pass it along, but use it at your own risk.

Brian, I apologize if you don't want this type of stuff on your blog, but considering we're all sports fans it seemed like a good idea. Let me know if this is out of line.

Jason reply to Scott on Nov 30 at 16:39

If you get it make sure to cancel it before the year is up, will auto renew for the full price of $120 i believe.

Scott reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 16:40


Jason reply to Scott on Nov 30 at 16:47


That thread is where I read about the auto renewal, It might only be $40 and not 120, but still a lot.

The yearly inside is 39.95 and yes they set you up on auto-renewal and in the past it was quite difficult to get them to turn it off :)

Matthews is starting.

If he can guard Kobe, he can guard Iggy.

Hopefully LMA takes it inside as he has been doing more of this season and kills the sixers. Probably will have a 28-15 game. Matthews O/U on threes is at 4 right now.

Dre Miller really looks too much like Richard Pryor in that pic.

Dre Miller really looks too much like Richard Pryor in that pic.

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