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Game 18 Thread: PHI vs. POR

Forgot to mention this earlier, but if Portland decides to put Camby on Brand, which they should, he's going to have a really hard time scoring.

So what would the all-NBA old man (style) team be?


Not just age, but the old man style that utilizes little or no jumping/athleticism. I'd say Deron might also qualify.

maybe Grant Hill... but he is more just old than old style.

Jason reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 17:51

Ray allen?

tk76 reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 18:12

I'm thinking more someone who shoots the set shot. Someone who would not have looked out of place in the Pre-Dr J era.

My first thought was korver, but that just might be the unathletic part :)

Jesse reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 18:37

How about Chris Kaman? No athleticism, good foot work, really ugly.

tk76 reply to Jesse on Dec 1 at 10:37

Good call.

Brandon Roy
Jeff Foster

Heh, Jrue eating Twizzlers in the layup line.

aaaaaand we're off. Hawes loses the tip.

Yup, Camby on Brand and Matthews on Iguodala. 14-footer for AI9 to start the scoring.

They're matching up the same way on the other end, Brand on Camby, Hawes on Aldridge.

Iguodala on Roy on the other end.

Sissy hook blocked. God he's awful.

Blazers are running everything for Aldridge. Hawes blows .

Everything he does is so slow. Like even getting his hands up to grab a rebound, he just can't move fast enough.

I guess that turnover goes to Jrue, bad pass from sissy hook, though.

Smart old man decision by EB to get into Camby's body.

Followed by a dumb turnover and a dumber foul on the glass, ugh.

There we go, Jrue.

Don't double off Roy, and get Hawes the hell out of there so you don't have to double at all.

Hawes is playing an exceptionally bad first stint. Aldridge eating him alive for easy dunks and lobs. Iggy helped off Roy there too far, but he's wary of letting Hawes play Aldridgr 1 on 1.

Yep. They're going right at the weak link. Smart coaching.

Sissy hook drops.

Hawes is so horrible. Even when he scores (rarely), it is a low percentage shot.

Hawes in the middle of three straight scores. Sixers going inside mercilessly.

There's Jrue's first foul.

Awful foul Jrue.

Pretty drive and finish by Jrue. That should be there all night.

Ugh. Portland has been absolutely terrible from three and they can't miss tonight.

JRUE 4 3!!!!!!!!! Great find by Turner after a great defensive play.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 19:27

Pretty good contest by Turner on the last one. Nothing you can do about that.

Jrue's hot early. Great strip, push, and find by Turner.

I really hope Elton Brand can get his trade value up so when can trade him instead of Iguodala.

That sure would be nice.

Trade em both if you can

Trade em both if you can

Shit. Stupid second foul for Jrue, he's coming out. Damnit.

Bad call man

Stop fucking reaching Jrue.

If we still had dalembert do u guys think we could have made the playoffs.

Maybe, we certainly wouldn't be 4-13.

Tray reply to Marcus on Nov 30 at 19:33

Yeah, I don't see why not. With Dalembert aren't we the same old .500 team we were before Eddie Jordan came? We even have a functional Brand now.

Turner, you are never going to score well if you only shoot midrange jumpers all day.

And poor foul there.

I don't think Turner even touched him.

So, on another topic, isn't the lockout/draft thing kind of a dilemma? Like on the one hand, you don't want to leave college and get paid nothing for a year, but on the other, this year's freshmen's draft positions could slip a lot if they end up being in a 2012 draft with two classes' worth of elite prospects.

Joe reply to Tray on Nov 30 at 19:35

There is always the solid money available overseas...

Yeah, I'm wondering if European teams will be signing guys to contracts they can opt out of if there's a lockout.

Tray reply to Joe on Nov 30 at 19:46

But can you get drafted and then say, you know what, I'm signing a deal in Europe for a season? I thought the choice is either (a) getting drafted and sitting at home for as long as the lockout lasts or (b) signing with Europe and declaring for the next year's, much more crowded draft.

No, you can get drafted and go play in Europe. Rubio did it. You just can't sign your rookie contract and the team that drafted you owns your rights. You can sit out a full season then re-enter the draft, I believe.

I don't know any of this for sure, though. Was Rubio already under contract and then signed an extension? Can't remember.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 19:53

That's what I thought.

what the hell man

Damnit, stop fouling guys shooting jumpers.

Good work, Lou. To the rim.

They need to lock this unit up with Roy, LA and Miller on the bench.. Just trading buckets though.

Damn i wish we had a legit big man this is depressing

Tie ball game after the first, 29-29.

Sixers shot the lights out. Portland wasn't too shabby either.

NBA league pass is the worst im tired of always hearing the opposing team broadcasters.

I'm actually on league pass and have the Sixers feed. Strange.

Key to this second quarter for me is Jrue not picking up his third foul.

Lmaoooo good no call ref

really thats weird i never get the sixers feed. I guess thats Brooklyn for u lol

Nocioni could've had that fucking o-board if he wasn't busy complaining.


Who of you would take Dante Cunningham over Thad Young?

He may not have offensive game or upside, but he seems to be doing so much more with what he's got vs. thad.

I don't really know anything about Cunningham, I'd need to look into it.

Joe reply to Johnny on Nov 30 at 19:45

Dante, Thad will demand too much to come back next year most likely.

Speights with the fastball to Thad for the dunk. Love it.

Great look by Thad, Mullet knocks down the wide-open three.

Come on, put a friggin' body on him, EB.

State Farm's sexing up of car insurance is pretty weird. I don't know if they're trying to create associations between sex and car insurance or if they just think that people will pay attention to their ads if good-looking people are in them.

Collins keeping Jrue glued to the bench. Not a big fan of that. I guess he's protecting him from picking up his third?

mgfields on Nov 30 at 19:55

Thought Turner did a good job on Roy.

There's Jrue, with 3:20 left in the quarter.

Sixers are shooting 60%, Portland is shooting 41% and it's a two-point game.

I think that's three straight TOs for Iguodala.

Let's see how they attack the zone.

What is Thad doing on Defense, he's wondering all around.

Jason reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 20:01


Turnover, missed 3, missed long 2, missed long 2.

Why the fuck did he just take Jrue out?

Ugh. Sixers by 1 at the half, 47-46. Feel like they could really have a double digit lead here if they were even mediocre on the defensive glass.

Who is this assistant coach?

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:26

I was wondering the same thing.

Did you have that stupid graphic too? The one where 40% of the screen was being utilized for no reason...


Terrible defense on that play. Come on, get it together.

Glad to see Jrue go to the hoop strong to get the offense going.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:27

Aldridge was so lazy on that play.

Third quarter collapse.

3rd quarter collapse alright.

10-1 run to start the third for Portland. Need to put the brakes on right here.

That was pretty close to a clear path, no?

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:32

I'll take that call...

Nothing you can do about that, great D by Jrue, good switch. You want that shot from Matthews in that situation.

I tell you what... Jrue is FRUSTRATING sometimes.

4th foul...

I saw the foul trouble coming tonight, but didn't think it would be like this. I don't think he's even fouled Miller once.

And we're screwed. 4 on Jrue.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:40

Jrue's gotta work on not giving up lazy fouls. I know he's trying to get steals, but he is too important to reach on every play. He's always in good position to contest without fouling.

And that's the reason to put Lou back in the game. Fuck me.

Lou on Miller. That's going to end well.

Try ET at point?

ET is in the doghouse, got the quick hook in this quarter. I'd do it, though.

Alvin reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 20:40

nah, they'll let him shoot just mid-range jumpers. and when he misses a couple, they pull him as though our other players are great.

the handling of turner is what i hate most about this team now, yes, even more than hawes and bad lou.

Jason reply to Alvin on Nov 30 at 20:48

What would you like them to do with ET? I really don't blame Collins for how he's using ET who has been pretty bad recently

Alvin reply to Jason on Nov 30 at 21:00

I think they are going overboard on the "running off screens". The thing that I liked initially about Turner was his ability to create his shots and get to the basket. And he's not doing any of that, coach has to tell him to do that more. Instead they are trying to turn him into Rip Hamilton/Ray Allen lite.

And I don't understand when they bench him for long periods for no apparent reason. Let the kid play, it's not like a few wins are gonna make that much of a difference. The team sucks and it's gonna be in the lottery anyway, give him as much learning time on the court as possible.

Needed that three. Nice screen by EB.

Wesley Matthews is BEAST


Huge spurt by EB. Its huge to only be down 2.

Sixers scratch and claw their way back into it after a horrendous start to the third quarter.

POR 68, PHI 66 after three.

I wonder what the Collins-Turner relationship is like. I hope he isn't completely demoralizing him the way he and Jordan did with Kwame Brown.

OK, when does he get Jrue back in there?

I'd start him. Kid has to learn to play without fouling, no better time than the present.

Holiday, Williams, Iguodala, Brand, Battie to start the fourth.

Eric Snow is being so annoying right now.

tie ball game.

EB is rubbing off on Speights with playing the passing lanes?

Speights heating up.

Blown bunny, probably a foul.

I wonder if Snow thinks Boston would be better with Portland's backcourt.

Ugh, Meeks you need to hit that.

That was a great pass by Jrue to find Jodie. Just long. 3 fouls already on Portland.

Blown bunny by Jrue. Come on, take the lead, please.

Iguodala got fouled twice on that drive.

Great drive by Jrue. Take over, kid.

Defense has been stellar this quarter so far. Come on, put a couple through the hoop.

Big move by Jrue there, go back to EB here.

Fuck Metro PCS and their commercials

First team to 76 wins?

Jrue's fifth on a jump shot. Leave him on the floor. Fuck it.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 21:07

Yes need him on the floor to have any chance.

Jrue sure isn't laying off w/ the five fouls.

And there's #6. Son of a bitch.

Jrue with a bad pass on the break and a bad foul.

I'm not mad at the kid, but this stuff isn't helping the Sixers win basketball games.

It's not helping tonight.

WTF Jrue. Can we play ET at the point please?

Geez. Too much to ask.

Collins wants the win... so he is going all vets down the stretch.

I found the Nocioni for Thad sub a bit strange. Battie over Hawes isn't a sin in my book.

I want to see Collins go offense/defense here when he has the chance, getting Turner in there for Lou.

I hope they keep going to Aldridge

typical aldridge game, btw. 19 shots and 2 FTA for 20 points.


Looks like the upset was a nice pick right about now.

Is Lou considered a vet? Seriously? His IQ has not gone up at all 5 years in this league.



damn, really??

Not a smart play. The 8-second clock has basically run out.

Great defense down the stretch.

Leave it to LaMarcus.

Jesus, 8-second violation. That's just horrible.

Turner should be in for Lou on this possession.

Padding the 3p% allowed stat.

Smart play by Miller. That was prior to the inbounds.

Anyone enjoy this win? Pretty empty for me.

I'm enjoying it. They won it with defense, which is quite an accomplishment w/ this front court.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 21:30

Past 2 games we've won opponents FG% is under 40% combined (nets 41%, blazers 37%). Not a fan of wins that come from ppl other than Jrue/ET.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 21:38

Agree Brian, I like it when the team wins with defense, hopefully it shows the younger players the type of discipline and concentration on defense required and hope they can consistently reproduce it.

First single-digit victory of the season.

9-point win, I was off by 6.

Two in a row, three straight solid efforts. Things are looking up.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:01

Yeah, good call. I was only 1/2 right :)

Quality D all game kept them in it when the offense and D-Boards were lacking.

Tom Moore on Nov 30 at 22:58

Miller played some pickup games with Holiday over the summer in LA. Miller on Holiday: "He’s tough and solid. He’s going to get better and better."

Tom Moore on Nov 30 at 23:02

Sixers get defensive in win over Blazers:


Sad but true: Cousins has already scored as many points in the first half against the Pacers as Turner has scored in his past four games combined... by scoring just six points. He's 3-5 with 4 rebounds, 1 foul and no turnovers; perhaps being kicked out of practice has motivated him.

Tray reply to Tray on Nov 30 at 23:20

No wait, that's a mistake. Turner has scored 7 points in his past 4 games (1.75 ppg). Cousins is a point shy.

An impressive 8 minutes for Cousins. Glad you caught it before the second half.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 0:08

Hey, now it's a 16 point game on 8-12 shooting. That's 16 points in 18 minutes... soon Hollinger will be crowning him as the next coming of Mareese Speights.

Impressive. In his final 15 minutes of work he had 2 turnovers and four fouls.

Actually, this suggests an interesting research project - how many players of note have ever played 4 games like Turner has, scoring 4 points or less while playing 15 minutes or more in each? Basketball Reference has an amazing player streak finder, and the answer over the past 6 seasons (next I'll do 2000-2004) is that there have been 201 such streaks, albeit many by the same players. The names are pretty interesting though. There are plenty of talented players on the list - Ben Wallace, for example - but not many who can actually score. Below I've listed the few on the list who can to any respectable degree. Players who were once good but were completely washed up by the time they recorded these streaks, like Payton, Clifford Robinson, Marbury, or Jeff McInnis on their last legs, aren't included in the list.

Kirk Hinrich
Rafer Alston last year
Jamaal Tinsley
Beno Udrih
James Posey
Second-year Joakim Noah
Rookie-year DeMar DeRozan (this one is kind of promising)
Rookie-year Marvin Williams (this one is kind of depressing)
Jason Maxiell
Chuck Hayes
'06 Kenny Thomas
'09 Antonio McDyess
'09 Michael Finley

Can you look up how many centers turned the ball over 36 times and committed 63 personal fouls in any 350 minute stretch?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:57

It's not cumulative like that, you need to set minimums and maximums for individual games and then it gives you streaks of games.

The next group of names (2000-04 streaks of 4 games with 4 points or less, 15 minutes or more) is a little less depressing. There are seven players on it who were young at the time they recorded their streaks and ended up being at least kind of good. They are Iguodala, Caron Butler, Kevin Martin, John Salmons, Boris Diaw, Carlos Delfino, and T.J. Ford. So it can happen. That's it, though - everybody else was either old or someone like Theo Ratliff.

Tom Moore on Dec 1 at 0:13

Collins on Turner, who shot 0-for-4 Tuesday and is 2-for-14 in last four games: "He's not playing well right now. When we dig ourselves a hole, I've got to go with somebody else. Minutes are precious. We've got a little pit bull over there wants to play (Meeks). You put Jodie in the game and his energy -- as I've said before, Evan is struggling to fit in with 'Dre and Jrue. He has not played his best basketball with that threesome. He's just not comfortable off the ball right now. As a result, offensively, he becomes a standstill jump shooter, which is not the best part of his game."

Turner played the first 2:47 of second half and no more the rest of the way.

eddies' heady's reply to Tom Moore on Dec 1 at 0:20

Didn't see this post while I was typing mine below. If Jodie is the little pit bull, then that makes Evan a miniature Yorkie right now?

eddies' heady's on Dec 1 at 0:16

Evanordinary! Shouldn't they be sending him down to D-League with Brackins too? I mean, if Brackins says they know he can score, but needs to work on defense and rebounding, then maybe Evan can go down there to figure out how to score and "dominate" at this level, no?

Doug said it's not a demotion for Brackins but an opportunity, so Evan looks to need the same opportunity as he currently brings nada to the team.

Ball-dominant he is, off-guard he's not. And he ain't taking Jrue's spot. He can't play the three as he'll get eaten alive. What to do?

His body language during games shows what appears to be a very fragile psyche.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 1 at 0:39

Except Evan can already defend and rebound competently enough to merit playing time here.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Dec 1 at 0:45

So how long are we gonna live with a 2 guard that can sort of defend and periodically rebound, but not contribute any scoring? Heck, Willie could defend just as good as him, and he would at least give you some buckets from time to time. His best role right now is to backup Jrue and has been since the season started. The kid's not going to be happy til he has that ball in his hands.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 1 at 1:01

I think they should try to put him in some situations where he can iso, or at least post him up a little. Giving him less than 20 minutes a game isn't going to help the passivity. Right now he's just standing in the corner confused, and when he does move without the ball he's in the wrong spot a lot of times.

Tray reply to johnrosz on Dec 1 at 1:13

I too would like some isos, just to see what would happen. Of course, it's kind of counterintuitive to call plays for a player who might be struggling more offensively than Spencer Hawes. (After tonight he's shooting 40% from the field.) But I don't know how else you get him going. Certainly running him off screens as if he were Rip Hamilton doesn't make much sense, not with the way he shoots the ball.

Problem is right now he's not even running off screens. The rare times he does move, he's not getting the ball. The even more rare times he does get the ball, he's been content to swing it.

johnrosz reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 1 at 1:58

they run that one set where he's the first guy running off a screen, and then another wing runs off the same screen. He's never gotten the ball in that situation. He just looks extremely pissed as he retreats back to Turners corner.

Tom Moore on Dec 1 at 0:38

Bench, Nocioni contribute to Sixers' second straight victory:


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