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Leaning On the D

dwhite on Dec 1 at 8:55

Glad I got to attend this game. The loudest cheers of the night sadly came when Lil Bow Wow made an appearance on the JumboTron sitting courtside.

I'd just like to point out that Speights is improving in his limited minutes. Had a nice jumper, a couple smart assists (ball friendly?) and did a good job on the glass. More Speights, less Hawes is in the future if Speezy can keep this up and not revert to his lazy ways.

dwhite on Dec 1 at 9:00

Also I'd like to point out Mo Speezy's habit of yelling out caveman style every time he approaches the rim. Doesn't matter if its a dunk with authority or a layup that he gets fouled on. If he's in the paint and going up with the ball, expect an earth rumbling yell from Speights. This is ususally embarassing when he's playing garbage minutes and the team is down 15...last night, it was just funny.

tk76 reply to dwhite on Dec 1 at 11:34

Sort of like Mark Jackson, without the explicatives.

I kind of liked Jackson. He would just scream at people. I remember one time he yelled "JUST DUNK IT!" at Iguodala, AI9 sort of looked around and realized he could just go up and throw one down in traffic. Funny moment.

Jackson was just horrible, though. He loved to shoot.

Jackson was great to me, it seemed at least once a game you could hear him yell 'SAM' in a defensive set...

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 12:04

Jackson was one of my favorite vertically challenged Sixers bigs. He could not leap over a loaf of bread, and 60% of his shots were blocked... but he was entertaining and seemed to really be into the game.

Steve reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 19:32

Marc Jackson or Mark Jackson?

Regrading your 2nd bullet point above:

The ignorant masses like to point at Iguodala as the player "stunting Turner's development" when the reality is that it is Lou who plays the role that would be best for Turner at this point in his development.

Giving Turner the ballhandling opportunites that go to Lou when Jrue is off the floor and at the end of quarters/games would put Turner in a role that he's had success in at OSU rather than exclusively force-feeding him minutes off the ball.

IMO, this would be beter for the team since so many of Lou's isolation opportunities are ending in off balance jumpers rather than breaking down his man and getting into the lane.

Yeah, I agree. I'm not sure why Lou handles the ball exclusively when Jrue isn't in the game. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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