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Turner: Bench Him or Start Him?

I reluctantly voted for bench because I thought, who knows, maybe it increases his comfort level. And when playing in a second unit, maybe he'll be more aggressive. Obviously neither choice is great.

I actually voted for start because he's probably going to have Jamal Crawford "guarding" him, and that situation screams "confidence-builder" to me.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 17:46

Oh true, didn't think about the match-ups. Certainly better than facing Mo Evans off the bench. But supposing that fails to build his confidence, where do you stand long-term? Well not long-term, but, you know, 5 to 10 games out.

Well, psychologically speaking, you've kind of put the idea that he could lose his starting job on the table now. Then he's got a favorable matchup in the next game, so the ball is in Turner's court. If he wakes up and sees that he needs to assert himself, to win the starting job, then mission accomplished. If he comes out and plays the same passive game, well, then how can anyone argue against benching him?

I think it would send a good message for Collins to start him in this one. Give the kid another chance when he clearly knows he needs to earn the start for the next game.

I voted for starting him because I think he should start

I voted for start cause I saw the word "Nocioni".

As you said Brian, I don't think it really matters. It's all on Turner whether he's starting or on the bench.

Upper East Side? Too many douches at Town Tavern in the Village?

I can't remember if I called there or not. Wasn't sure what time I was getting out of work so I wanted a place where I could reserve a table. Going to Merrion Square on 2nd Ave way the hell up there.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 18:18

I think it's called 3 Sheets Saloon now, but I went there for the NFC Championship Game a few years ago and it was a madhouse. Packed, but an awesome time with people completely into the game. Sea of green too. Anyway, I'd give it a try for an NFL Network game in the future.

Wait, you're missing LEBRON in cleveland to watch a footbal game, man that is weird :)

I voted start. What have we got to lose ? Team is not going anywhere and he certainly isn't gaining any confidence sitting on the bench.
Sink or swim Evan Turner...sink or swim.
I'm amazed at the fragile psyche of someone who was the go to guy and best player in college basketball last year.

Start him. And give him time to adapt to the NBA game. I don't care if he only takes 6 shots a game for a few weeks.

Only the Sixers could draft the second coming of Mardy Collins with the 2nd pick in the draft.


The Armor D-League game is streaming online right now: http://www.nba.com/dleague/games/20101202/MNESPG/gameinfo.html

Get to watch Brackins in his debut.

Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 2 at 20:00

Isn't he on the same team as Scottie Reynolds?

tk76 reply to Rich on Dec 2 at 20:07

Yes. Its being streamed right now. Brackins is #23 and missing lots of shots :)

tk76 reply to Rich on Dec 2 at 20:08

Also same team as Terrence Williams.

Jason reply to tk76 on Dec 2 at 20:28

That functions better than NBA league Pass lol.

tk76 reply to Jason on Dec 2 at 20:31

I agree. i like the 4 games option.

hoops fans - so, i watched that lebron-goin-back-to-cleveland game.

charles talked about when he had his first game back in philly after he went to the suns. he said that he got a standing ovation. and we all know about iverson kissing center court and his standing ovation. even look at how we treat mcnabb; how we feel about him.

my point is, philly can and should be proud about how we are fans. we love our guys. the media tries to convince us that we are unforgiving and mean. that we are rotten. but that's not true. ask sir charles. ask AI. ask Donovan.

Just don't ask Kobe.

Just kidding. hahahahaha

Jason reply to joeykey on Dec 3 at 4:15

lol, apples to oranges. no one has done to Philly, recentely at least, what LBJ did to Cleveland.

I view Turner like a rookie QB right now, don't ask him to do to much, find put what he's comfortable at most and his best friend is a running game.

Turner is not a point guard. He's not confident enough right now to handle the ball for 10 seconds every posetion and run the team.

He had been really good at rebounding the ball and he found a nice touch from the baseline. I really liked when he looked for the ball in the post but Collins has gotten away from using him there.

Jrue and Iguodala should really be able to help him find his spots because they are such good passers bit he really looks shook in the half court. He needs to run the floor hard and find some easy baskets.

I'm really torn on this matter, but i actually voted - "bench him". And the reason is simple and has nothing to do with matchups and possible contributions. Turner should be treated the same way Holiday, Speights, Young and all the other youngsters are treated by Collins (except for Hawes apparently). If Speights is being benched, because they want him to learn that he should be more agressive and play the right way, they should do the same with Turner. Being the second overall pick doesn't warrant any excuses.

I always thought any team should be run with winning as a goal. That's the best way to teach young players, and they should learn early that they need to earn their minutes. If you want to tank get rid of the veterans, and put yourself in an impossible position to win, but always do the right thing, be coached the right way...

Thank you Xsago! I'm with you and I trust the coaching staff to make the proper decisions. They are with these players daily and know them better than we bloggers.

Smart man..........

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on Dec 3 at 9:23

Thorn's comments about a possible lockout along with his, no trades to make trades, made me feel good about Iggy staying possibly. Be smart and trust that Turner will be a solid player and don't panick.

I voted to start him but half heartedly because Collins will do the right thing, whatever that may be.

eddies' heady's on Dec 3 at 9:22

There were a couple of gems in that Thorn article today.

"You almost have to have a shooter with the first group, a wing player, that the other team respects and will have to come out and guard. That's a problem that [coach Doug Collins] has to deal with."

An indictment on the rook. Sad, but true. Although it is the best move for them to bench him for the team and the rook, it could be looked at as coddling him like they did in the preseason. He'll never get acclimated with playing off the ball if they don't push him to do it. Or maybe they are coming to the realization that he just can't?

"He's learning a new position. We have other guys who are good with the ball, and you have to carve out a niche for yourself. I think the bottom line is, he has good things about him, from my perspective. I don't see him as a disappointment at this time."

Uh-oh. Rod said he's not a disappointment "at this time". But Rod seems to imply that some doubt has crept in that he could become a disappointment in due time.

"The reality in this league is certain players are difficult to trade because of contracts - due to their size or length."

Andre Iguodala, anyone?

As for the topic of the post: Bench him, because the only reason he was starting anyway was by default because of Andre's injury and presumably his draft position.

The best long term option though is to trade him before his value sinks even more. The organization has brainwashed most of us fans into thinking mediocrity is the norm and to be expected. This kid will do good to even lead us to the mediocrity plateau so flip him while you still can for some parts that fit better - team-wise and league-wise.

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 3 at 9:32

You can't disregard one end of the court when deciding to bench him. Libertyballers recently ran an article that stated the Sixers are better defensively with Turner on the floor, so that can't be discounted by a coach who a] stresses defense and b]knows he is weak up front.

If Thad or Meeks were inserted into the starting lineup I would feel differently but they seem to be the 2nd and 3rd choice. Maybe benching him does 2 things for the good of the team. It gives him the ball more and allows the 2nd team to run the offense too.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 3 at 10:12

His defense is overstated. Looking like you're trying to play good D and actually succeeding at it consistently are different. Meeks is a better defender than him as Doug showed the other night by putting him in down the stretch and admitting it in a video posted here the other day where he said he used Meeks to come in for his defense late in that game.

But saying the team is better defensively with Turner on the floor isn't really saying much when considering the other options, mainly Lou.

Tough question. I think I'm leaning towards benching him with one contingent- he takes Lou's role of backup PG and play maker for the second team. I guess that leads to having to trade Lou, and I'm fine with that.

If Lou doesn't go, Turner's got to start. I feel bad for anyone playing with Lou on the second team. There isn't much team basketball being played there. Lou's a life preserver for the offense while Jrue gets a rest. Also, I'd be very interested to see how Thad reacts to getting some more shots with Lou gone.

Tom Moore on Dec 3 at 9:46

Think he's better off right now as a backup point. Would be better to bring him off the bench and start Nocioni.

Sixers go for third win in a row:


To anyone who wants to bench Turner, do you want to bench him because you think he's hurting our team starting and costing us wins, or because you think it will help him develop as a player?

deepsixersuede reply to Jason on Dec 3 at 10:17

Collins has stated it is a move to hasten his development, and I agree with that thinking.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Dec 3 at 10:19

I want to bench him because he's not helping our team and gaining us any wins.

And I'm not sure it will help him develop as a player because you're just putting him in the role he's best suited for and is accustomed to playing. He's not making the transition to off-the-ball which is why we drafted him right? He has shown he's reluctant to play without dominating the ball so I'm not sure how he's developing for the long term good of this team.

Probably both, but mostly because it will help his development.

I've stated this in the past and i will state it again:
15-20min per game played the right way with a winning attitude, running a winning system and in an environment that is trying to win is infinitely better than playing 30 meaningless minutes per game. This may not result in actual wins (actually it doesn't in the short term very often), but the accent should be on playing the exact style a winning team would play, even if they are losing.

Seems the last game Lou was really trying to run the offense which has not been the norm for him. Maybe, the plan is to continue with Turner off the ball and Lou running the point. This would continue Turner's growth off the ball. Also, this coach does seem to adjust a players minutes based upon performance(starter or sub). So, just because he's a sub doesn't mean he won't be rewarded with minutes when his performance improves.

2 to 1 in favor of starting him, interesting. It was even split last time I checked.

OldHead on Dec 3 at 10:34

I say bench him until he earns the right to start. I thought part of the reason the sixers drafted him was because he was more mature and NBA ready. In my experience dating back to the days of Wilt, Hal and Wali, rooks that make a long-term impact do it almost immediately. The 'learning curve' rooks seldom pan out.

So I guess Durant shouldn't have started his entire rookie season since he was so bad that year that his wins produced was below zero. Oh wait, you mean they started him and also played him the most minutes on the team even when he wasn't making a positive contribution then? Whatever could they have been thinking to keep running him out there like that when he was hurting the team on the court?

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