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One thing about Steinbrenner... he may huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down (and fire Torre and/or Cashman), but he's also smart enough to tell the difference between s**t and shineola. Torre is one of the winngingest coaches in history. Surely George wouldn't be stupid enough to can him.... right?

PS..I'm still hoping Clemens will be in the May pitching rotation. I'm surprised he's not signed already.

Excellent post.

I agree that the biggest reason for the Yankee woes is their starting pitching. I think the Yanks will be fine once Wang and Mussina are all the way back.

I wouldn't hold my breath for Clemens, though.

I agree that once Wang and Mussina are in their usual form, much of the Yanks problems are over. Add Clemens into the mix and they'd have the strongest rotation in baseball.

But what's up with Rivera? Is the guy doing a Tom Gordon imitation?

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