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Sixers Assert Themselves

I don't want to tank. Tanking brings Evan Turner. Not saying he's a bust, but he lacks explosion and his jumper is broken.

I rather make the playoffs.

Forgot to mention in the recap, the defense was pretty bad tonight, especially considering Cleveland is the second-worst offensive team in the league, but is it really worth nitpicking a 20-point win?

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 10:33

From there it didn't look as much like it was bad defense as it was Cleveland making contested circus shots. The rotations looked good and the energy seemed to be there.

I could be wrong. I was often distracted with the fact that the only time the 2,000 in attendance were ever excited was when a free t-shirt was thrown their way.

Man, that was a sad crowd. It's funny, the Sixers have actually been a good home team, too. Maybe they play better in silence.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 8 at 8:10

Good recap. At one point, I was waiting for Nocioni to walk over and punch Lou in the mouth..."hey - how about giving the ball up once in a while, yo?" For all of the grief that the guy gets about what he does to team "chemistry", he spent 6-7 minutes on the floor in the 2nd quarter, and NOBODY looked to give him the ball in a place where he could get his shot (I didn't blame him for taking that 3...and I was glad he hit it).

Looks like your worst nightmare might happen if Hawes keeps playing like this (meaning they might re-sign him)...although there is no question that the guy has improved pretty dramatically over the course of these first 20 games). Given the lineup/issues that come with both Thad and Brand needing 30ish minutes a game, 22-25 minutes from Hawes is just about right...and if he plays like he has over the past few games, this is a playoff team.

With Meeks emergence, I want Lou traded so bad it's not funny.

I didn't see much of the game, but I did catch Collins post game - that guy is locked in, the energy in his voice and the attention to detail are refreshing.

I think it's pretty clear at this point that Lou should never be running the point. If I'm Collins, I'm asking Thorn to find me a backup PG who can play alongside Turner in the second unit. OKC's Royal Ivey or Eric Maynor would be nice.

Also, while I like the idea of having a playoff rotation set, is anyone worried about our starters burning out? Both the Bobcats and Cavs emptied their benches against us, but nothing of the like from Collins? Why did Jrue have to play 40 minutes last night?

Other than that, very happy with Collins' work with this team.

Ryan F reply to raro on Dec 8 at 10:30

I think he just wants to win games. With the way the team has lost games after having a significant lead, I think he has to stay with what has been working. Not taking any chances is how I see it.

tk76 reply to Ryan F on Dec 8 at 11:45

Yeah. IMO Collins wants them to learn how to finish strong. And last night was a low pressure chance to work on closing out properly.

I don't have a problem with the shortened rotation in this game. They were well-rested coming in, with a day off after the game. He's going to be forced to expand the rotation on the trip with the back-to-backs, but using a playoff rotation to get a win is fine by me under these circumstances, and Jrue can handle 40 minutes. He can probably handle 100 minutes. 20-year-olds can run through a brick wall and not feel it. I miss being 20.

CM reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 11:49

I think that it is important for Collins to establish the way that he wants them to play. If he needs to shorten the rotation in order to get the product that he wants, I'm fine with that. Once he has them doing things the way that he wants he can get some guys rest.

dwhite on Dec 8 at 9:23

Funny moment on the Philly broadcast: After Meeks hit his second three in the first quarter, the camera did a close-up on Speights mouthing very clearly "what the fuck?" with a genuine look of disbelief on his face.

The problem is once this team finishes the Disney on Ice road trip (or whatever it is) we're going to be so far back of the playoffs, and confidence will probably be shot. I really hate this road trip. It can suck all the life out of a season.

Tray reply to MikeW on Dec 8 at 13:22

It's so unfair that we have to play road games against actually good NBA teams. If not for these unfair road trips, we'd be an exciting 8th seed every year.

Thing is with Williams is he's still probably the best on the team at creating his own shot and he's not turning the ball over. He would be better playing off the ball with Holiday running the team.

I really love Iguodala going to the rim but he is still trying to figure out when and where to attack.

Turner had s mismatch all night being guarded by Gibson or Williams but only touched the ball twice in the post.

Is it a coincidence Hawes is playing better and so is the team on defense?

The team really hasn't been good on defense the past two games, their offense has just been stellar.

They were solid defensively against Charlotte, they just got hit on the offensive glass.

Yeah, I consider that part of the defense. DFR was 105.43, which isn't bad, but it's better than CHA's average (104 and change).

and by better, I mean worse.

God, Jodie's shooting has done wonders for this team. I think you lose a little defensively when he's in there, but he opens up the floor for other guys, including Iguodala who attacked pretty well last night but couldn't finish. Thad needs to play with Meeks on the wing too, and be told one thing: Blow by your man or give the ball to Jodie if his guy helps.


This writer agrees with the sentiment that the Sixers should try to make the playoffs rather than have another miserable season of rebuliding. I agree because I don't like the iddea of hoping for a lottery pick to pan out.

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