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Iguodala To the Knicks?

It won't make the weekly round up since it's not directly about a sixer player, but there are rumblings out there this week that 'people close to Carmelo' think he's not going to opt out (remember he has an option) after this season. They seem to think it's more likely that he'll play out one more year and then see what happens.

The rumblings are that the Nuggets believe this too and are likely to operate under that plan until they are specifically told by Carmelo that it's not the plan.

IOW - it seems less likely that Carmelo would move.

I think Ken Berger reads our blog and just made some stuff up based on the Carmelo/Iguodala knicks debate yesterday :)

Berger is a smart man :) In the same story, Berger says Denver has finally realized they have to move Melo. Conflicting reports, I love it.

Since all the sources are 'nameless' no one actually has to worry about it. Rumor mongering is the new journalism :)

Speaking of which, none of these rumors matter to me until i hear from a true source, a trusted source, and that's Peter Vescey, Sam Smith, or SF1976


I assume (based on previous comments) that you meant to insert a NOT in that sentence ?

Well, not really, I meant it tongue firmly planted in cheek in that those who knew me would know I was joshing.

I have noticed that he's been VERY quiet in the past few months with all the rumors flying, it seems that if SF ever truly had a source, he doesn't any more or he got in trouble for talking?

(Yay proxify.com :) )

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 14:43

That sarcasm meter I bought on ebay just started beeping.

I suspect NY would attempt to send Randolph, Curry and their next available no. 1 pick.

Anthony Randolphs trade value is somewhere around that of Stefan Marbury

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 13:34

It would be funny if that were the actual spelling of Marbury's name, like Stefan Zweig. Or like Stefan Brand, Louis Jourdan's character in Letter From An Unknown Woman, probably the greatest weepie of all time.

I'd laugh at them and hang up if that was their best offer. The deal I listed above is pretty much the minimum I'd accept from New York, and I probably wouldn't even do that unless it became clear we had to move Iguodala.

sfw reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 13:27


and I probably wouldn't even do that unless it became clear we had to move Iguodala.

What's your sense as to what would make the Sixers think they "had to move" Iguodala? Unless they've already come to that conclusion, one would think that the recent stretch of good play would argue against their moving him.

10 days of good play shouldn't change your mind about anything. The reasons to trade Iguodala are because the sixers aren't going to win a title (or a playoff round really) with this roster while he's still under contract, and he's currently at maximum value.

As opposed to holding on to a midget point guard well past his maximum value and then being forced to trade him after years of treading water in a sinking ship that a rat jumped off without telling anyone the ship was sinking

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 9 at 13:50

Well if Larry had to tell Billy or anyone else the ship was sinking, Billy (or anyone else he had to tell) must not have been very bright. I just hate the Sixers though. I was watching the Clippers/Lakers game last night, in which the Lakers got good play from no one but Kobe and Shannon Brown and still won, and the Clippers are infinitely more fun to watch than us. They have four entertaining players - Griffin, Gordon, who's getting to be really good, Bledsoe, and DeAndre Jordan, who's like a less flashy, but still pretty flashy, McGee that plays actual post defense. Who knows whether that core will ever add up to anything, but it's a promising foundation and in the meantime it's really, really fun basketball. With us, Jrue is kind of entertaining, and Iguodala is occasionally, and that's about it. I would be totally fine with scrapping everybody on this team above 24 if we got some fun young players out of it.

We have different definitions of fun.

For example, this is probably fun basketball to you.

raro reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 15:02

I tend to like TBJ, but their recent rankings of SF's is kind of silly. Wilson Chandler and Richard Jefferson in front of Iguodala? Yikes.

That's great

The Lakers had a smart GM who was able to steal Kobe from the Hornets

The clippers are almost always in the lottery in the top half and got lucky winning when blake griffin came out

They run their organization so that they're pretty much always in the top half of the lottery - everything else is just spin :)

The sixers because they are content with the mediocrity of a first round playoff loss hover around the lower end of the lottery and have to get lucky (Holiday) or hire a REALLY terrible coach (Jordan) to have the kind of 'luck' the clippers have.

If you wanna be more like the clippers you should advocate trading Iguodala, cause the sixers will suck a lot more

I didn't say the recent stretch should change their minds (my mind doesn't make a difference), I said it should give them pause if they haven't already made up their minds.

I would think the Sixer leadership wants to get a good read as to the ceiling of the team as currently constructed; the rest of the month should give a good picture of that.

The current ceiling of this roster as currently constructed?

First round playoff loss for the forseeable future.

Keep in mind that this 'run' of good games coincides with unreal play from a doughy center who just happens to be playing for a new contract. ALl this focus on Thad is nice, but does anyone believe hawes is this kind of player?

Eh, Hawes was good last game, and wasn't horrible the previous two, but the team as a whole has been playing good basketball since the Miami game. Also since before Meeks was moved into the starting lineup. They're just playing better.

I also think it's too early to say definitively what the ceiling of this roster is.

Can they built the bulls, heat, celtics, magic in a 7 game series?

And by built I mean beat

This year? No. But the discussion here is whether Iguodala needs to be traded or not, and the ceiling of the roster w/out getting rid of him, right? I don't think you can say they won't be at that level in the next four years, and Iguodala probably has at least four left in his prime, considering how well he takes care of himself.

Well what matters is the next 3 seasons (after this one) as Iguodala's contract expires.

The things that the sixers would need to have happen to be a contender (in my mind)

1. Continued evolution of Jrue Holiday
2. ANy evolution of Evan Turner
3. A new PF cause Brand isn't going to last the next 3 sesons
4. A center
5. Bench upgrades for a scorer, defender (both wing and big man) and a serious 3 point threat though Meeks might be him.

Can they do that in the next 2 off seasons?

1. Yes
2. Hopefully
3. He's gone after two years, if not sooner, but at his current production level, he could start on a team that could win a round in the playoffs.
4. No idea
5. Thad and Lou could be the offensive part of the bench rotation, but how much will it cost to keep Thad and will signing him hinder #s 3 and 5? As for defensive guys off the bench, they're always available. The team just needs to be willing to pay for them (assuming the MLE is still available). You don't need great guys, just one-way players who concentrate on defense. Veterans are fine for those roles.

Do I think think all of these things will happen before Iguodala's contract expires? Probably not. But exactly how far away they are, and exactly what they need out of the 4 and 5, remains to be seen, depending on where Jrue and Turner wind up a couple years down the road.

If they can be a .500 team on the strength of Iguodala and Jrue (and hopefully Turner), then you have other options to move the needle from there over the next three seasons. If you're a 25-win team right now, then yeah, you should probably go ahead and move him. Make sense?

I don't buy comcast going over the luxury tax - ever again - unless they think it gets them a TITLE (or at least championship finals appearance) and if it doesn't in that season i see them selling off spare parts.

So how do they afford thad?

Oh, and lou HAS to go - no team will win a round in the playoffs with lou williams in the 7 man rotation - this is my prediction

I think Lou's grasp on the top-seven is slipping by the day, and Turner could push him out of it if he showed any signs of life whatsoever.

Hawes, Brand, Iguodala, Meeks, Holiday
Thad, Turner, Lou

Problem is, that's a lot of minutes up front for Hawes, Brand and Thad. Oh, and Hawes is in the 8-man rotation, that's a problem too.

I'm not crazy about Comcast as owners, but they have been more than willing to spend money up until last year. They're also suckers, so Thorn and Collins can probably talk them into a minor deal making a big difference and get them to open their wallets.

I basically see them as better than one of those cheap/poor owners, but worse than the crazy rich owners. Somewhere in the middle, they can be pushed either way.

Well when talking about Comcast and their ability to be 'pushed' you have to factor in the recession, the amount of cash it requires to buy NBC UNiversal and such. I think there a lot less likely in this environment to be willing to spend money

Even this summer, they did fork out a lot of money for Collins and Thorn when they could've gone with an assistant coach for less money and just let Stefanski play out the string as a lame duck. That means something, no?

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 15:18

The Sixers have just about the worst wins per payyroll production over the last 5 years.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Dec 9 at 15:19

but Elton Brand is trying really really hard....

Meaning the team takes a nosedive and he either publicly or privately asks to be traded. If that hasn't happened already.

What is your gut feel as to what the team (management/ownership) wants over the next 3-4 years?

If their goal is to be a playoff team (not lose 50 games), then they probably should keep Iguodala. Because with Brand's improved play and the improvement expected from the youth, this team should be a 5-8 seed in 1-2 years- maybe sooner. they will not get back an equal talent (at least right away), so they will lose more if they trade him.

If the team is looking for loftier, long term success, then trading Iguodala enters the equation.

My hunch is the team feels the most pressure to stop the years of losing and horrible attendance. So to me that means keep Iguodala.

I think they want to immediately be on the road to relevancy, step-by-step. So yeah, I don't think it's as likely Iguodala gets moved as a lot of people do.

I think they still have an incorrect view of the roster, just like Billy King did and will keep going for that one more piece instead of accepting the reality of the island of misfit toys

Well, they haven't gone for anything since they signed Brand. They've just sort of stood pat.

Oh no, I couldn't stomach Dre going to NY, that would be too much for me. I'm actually hoping the Knicks get Melo now and have to trade away all their young players that are producing Gallinari, Fields, and Douglas to do it, use all their cap space on Melo and then next year wonder why they ain't much better. And to make it perfect Denver should make them take back Al Harrington in the deal. Oh how sweet would that be!

Ideal world... we get Fields, Gallinari, and a pick and give Iguodala and he ends up in Denver and Melo ends up in New York.

That would be fantastic.

Are you that sold on Fields already?

20 games in - how can you not be? He's going to be HUGE

Even from this strong start, I'm not seeing anything notable beyond the rebounding.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 16:53

He scores efficiently, like Gallinari.

Efficient scoring and the ability to create possessions and not waste them are really good things in my book.

I like Fields a lot.

I doubt the efficient scoring is sustainable. He can't shoot the three and he doesn't get to the line. I guess it's sustainable if he spends his career only attempting 9 FGA/36 minutes, but I'm not sure efficient scoring in that small of a dose is really a huge asset to a team. I'm right back to the rebounding. Seems to me like he might just be filling the David Lee void. One decent rebounder playing with a bunch of guys who don't care to do the work playing at a super-high pace.

He may keep some of these numbers up, but I doubt he winds up as more than a back-of-the rotation guy unless he develops his offensive game a lot more.

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