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When I used twitters i would actually track #sixers

There's a team in australia in some sport called the sixers
some pacific northwest band with sixers in the name
and a high school or two

So they might be talkinga bout someone else you know :0

Yep, the Adelaide 36ers and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. I get google updates on them all the time.

Google updates are nice and useful for my weekly update - but 'nba power rankings' just sucks at getting what i need :)

Nice 'Win one for the Gipper' speech. One of my only good moments last year was when they beat Boston. It kind of lost it's luster at the end of the year though.

You put everything I've been thinking about the last few days into words. Very well done.

I think whether we win or lose this game is going to be on Spencer Hawes. If he plays the way he has the last few games, we have a chance. If he plays like earlier in the year, with his sissy wrists flapping in the wind down court, its a 20 point loss.

I'm thinking a win here, but I'm always overly optimistic whenever the Sixers have done anything positive for a stretch.

Whoa read this post while listening to Jesus walks by Kanye west and you'll get a shiver in your spine that you felt when the 2001 Sixers went into game one of the NBA finals......an absolute underdog optimism with the hope that matt Geiger would get in a fist fight with shaq attack....lets sweep the leg on these bostards tnight!!

This will be a big game tonight off the bench from Evan Turner! The last time as many people watched the Sixers was the 1st game against D-Wade's team, and Turner came in and got stuff done. Same thing here, but maybe this time it leads to a win. The Kidet is now removed from my bench in the fantasy league, I've dusted him off, and now he is placed firmly in the rotation for tonight's game. So lets go, time to do work, chief!

Tray reply to Chunky Soup on Dec 9 at 17:33

Why are you suicidally managing your fantasy team like that?

Here's Thorpe's Sixers entry in his "if they redid the draft today" column:

Pick No. 2: Derrick Favors to the 76ers
This looks like as much of a no-brainer as the No. 1 selection. With the Nets, Favors has shown tremendous promise as a rebounder and scorer in the paint and would have gotten plenty of minutes in Philly's rotation.
Which looks like a better foundation to build on: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner as a backcourt duo or Holiday and Favors as a pick-and-roll combo? Holiday and Favors are two of the youngest players in the league, and both possess a demeanor that suggests they are very serious pros.
Dervin reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 16:21

Eh, remember when KVH was a rookie? They were comparing him to the "Next Larry Bird" in the honest sense, not in the better than average white guy in the NBA.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 16:23

I'm already starting to seriously doubt my Evan Turner wishes from this summer. You look to have been right so far.

Long way to go, and this is one I pray I was wrong about.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:50

For sure. Not on the "Evan is a bust wagon" by any means, but Favors looks good and damn if we don't need a payer like that right now.

I'll be at the game tonight - anyone else?

I'll be at this game tonight. Loved the Sixer win over Boston last season, and for the most part the team has stepped up their level of play when facing superior squads so far this year. Celtics are probably the best matchup for the Sixers of all the playoff locks in the East - got them beat in quickness at almost every position and can really take advantage of their youth and make the C's work hard on defense. It's gonna be about execution: force turnovers, run the C's ragged and hope it slows their offensive production, don't let Shaq or Garnett abuse you in the paint, stay in front of Rondo and stop the ball.

2nd night of a back to back for the Celtics and the Sixers have been playing well at home. Winnable game, and if the Sixers pull this one out they might just begin to be taken seriously. Here's to hope!

Brian, forgot to ask: I'm assuming the Iguodala/Pierce position is where we might have an advantage? Or were you thinking Brand over Garnett?

Iguodala/Pierce. Or at least that's the one position where they don't have a clear advantage. I'm not sure I'd call it an advantage for us before the game starts. Need to see if Iguodala is going to be assertive offensively and make Pierce's defense matter.

Rich reply to raro on Dec 9 at 16:42

Garnett had been excellent this year. There really is no such thing as karma.

"Four wins in five games should've probably gotten a little bit of play on ESPN, but not after their atrocious start to the year on the heels of a 27-win debacle."

I believe the Pistons won four of five in early November too. Now surely you don't think that ought to have gotten a little play on ESPN. I mean all we've done is beat three terrible teams and one mediocre team that had lost three straight going into that game and lost two more after they played us.

Rich reply to Tray on Dec 9 at 17:51

Yeah, they should have been recognized after they won 4 out of 5 too. Do you want more Favre/Tiger/Heat stuff?

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 9 at 18:07

That's not a shot at you either, I just think Sports Center has turned into too much of these 3-5 stories. I don't really care, but I guess the American public does.

johnrosz on Dec 9 at 17:39

Saw that Portland is considering moving Camby...any interest? Would do a lot to legitimize the interior D. He's kind of expensive, but his deal is up after next season

I actually want Speights to get some burn tonight. I like when it gets chippy and he goes to to toe with the smack talkers like KG.

Love to see speights take a page out of the andre miller 'hip check the league is soft' book against that whiny bitch

This site should really be reading homework for the sixers players... The stuff you wrote is really spirited and inspiring and I think if they read this they would get motivated.. I also think you should become a sports writer, analytical yet passionate! Keep up the great work and I hope we do win tonight

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