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SixersBeat Episode at 11PM

The last 10 sec of each half was horrible coaching (and I'm a fan of Collins.)

At the end of the 1st half their was a 5 sec diff in the clocks, and yet Collins had Jrue give a foul. Not only did that take away the Sixers chance for a final possession... but it ultimately led to Jrue getting into foul trouble.

Why do you rush a shot on the prior possession to go 2 for 1 and then give up an intentional foul with 10 sec on the clock?

...And then the end of the game Doc played Collins. He went small knowing that Collins would respond and then ran the pick and roll with KG. Simple coaching maneuver that led to an uncontested layup.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Dec 9 at 23:59

And I agree with you guys that Collins overall is doing a quality coaching job. Just talking about the end of the halves. Seems like the players and the coach have a hard time closing out halves.

Yeah, both of the end-of-half situations were so mind boggling I just don't know what to make of them. Both just really bad decisions by Collins, compounded by bad decisions made by the players (RE: Thad switching, Meeks losing Allen, etc).

So I'm starting to wonder - maybe we should keep Iguodala? Then, if Turner gets good, and we get a lottery pick, and we have Jrue, and Thad, we actually might have a core that could compete one day? Versus Jrue, Turner, mystery lottery pick, Thad, + the crap we'd get back for Iguodala. He might be too good to lose if we can eventually put scorers around him.


2166 pts scored
2177 pts against

That is insane...

Yeah. A few blowout wins and a lot of close losses.

Tom Moore on Dec 9 at 23:56

Garnett on the high-low play in which he scored the game-winner: "I mess that play up so many times in practice that it's only right the basketball gods gave it to me tonight."

Tom Moore on Dec 10 at 0:02

Garnett: 'Basketball gods' help Celtics outlast Sixers:


johnrosz on Dec 10 at 0:02


PER 36 numbers are pretty eye opening to me. EB makes 13 million more.

Yes, EB is overpaid. I don't think anyone is debating that. He's also playing very well.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 0:18

not on the glass, in an area this team really needs him to be

Not on the defensive glass, no. On the offensive glass, he's been a beast.

The team hasn't really been getting killed on the defensive glass though. Overall, I don't have too many complaints with the game Brand is playing. not worth all that money, but he's helping this team which is more than you could say about him the past two seasons.

The money is gone, there's nothing to be gained by lamenting it all the time.


I need to get my mind off basketball for a little while. My wrap will be up before I go to bed, and we've got a special treat from Rich queued up to get you through your Friday. At some point the Sixers will start winning these types of games. I have to believe that.

So sick how it ended but great fight by the Sixers, a really fun team to watch. As for KG he got on a good team, makes 20 mil a year, and gets to trash talk whoever he wants, so even if basketball gods did exist I fail to see how they would owe him anything.

to be fair, though, he worked hard and worked alone in a dismal Minny team for a good number of years during his prime. so obviously he's over-compensating for that now.

Yup - that year they had one of the best records in the west - he did it all by himself.

Kevin Garnett is a punk ass bitch

Remember this game late in the season when rondo is having foot problems. He had to play 47 minutes tonight on the second night of a back-to-back.

listening to the sixersbeat i heard you guys talking about Turner's shot and not being able to change right away, but i'm sure it's possible...Jordan's jumpshot was ugly from his UNC days...his shot because really nice a few years later...

I rmb reading an espn article about Tyreke Evans changing his jumpshot too..

Listening to the replay, you guys both endorsed the idea that Turner is hesitant because he is hyper afraid of making mistakes. I want to ask, is there any chance that he is hesitant because he's really slow at learning the plays and is afraid to admit to the coaches that he doesn't know what he is supposed to do? I'm thinking about this after reading Artest's comment on the triangle - http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=5902468 - "See, I can't really understand the Triangle [offense]," he admits. "There's 1,000 plays in the Triangle. It's such a challenge. I get so frustrated about it, I have to call my psychiatrist. So I just stay in my one spot in the corner. If I leave my spot, I get yelled at. Phil's gonna say, 'What are you doing over there?!?' So I just don't move."

Also, about Hawes, when the Sixers traded for him I thought the realistic idea was that maybe he could become a decent back up. So I was surprised by Derick's comment that he wouldn't take back up type money for his next contract. Is somebody in this league going to give Hawes starter type (center) money?

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