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Game 22 Stats: Reverse Boxscore and PER

As much as I want the Sixers to tank and blow it up and all that crap, seeing Jrue play well, Thad get Josh Smith'd AKA being told not to shoot and DRIVE, and having Meeks there as the guy who can actually shoot makes me excited for what could be in about 3 years if the Sixers management doesn't do something retarded like Brand us again.

What if we'd taken Johnson to put next to Iggy instead? What is wrong with Turner anyway? Why is he playing to tentative?

If we trade Iggy, please get some pieces. A young big man for Jrue to feed at least.

Great work, Statman.

One question, who did most of the damage on Thad? Was it mostly Davis? Just from watching, they seemed to cancel each other out. Can't remember Thad on Garnett all that much, but I assume he had to be at some point, right?

Tom Moore on Dec 12 at 9:13

Column: Speights must get his act together:


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