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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 12

mo_speezy on Dec 12 at 16:19

Great roundup. Hard to believe there could be anyone more ignorant than Hoopsworld writers, but ESPN writers take the cake.

ESPN writers have always been worse than Hoopsworld writers. Some of the hoopsworld folks have strange ideas, but they are less likely to be uniform party line ignorant like the ESPN folk.

ESPN's coverage of the NBA is really pathetic in my opinion, when compared to the other sports they cover (INCLUDING the NHL)

deepsixersuede on Dec 12 at 16:25

John, thanks for the hard work; Question, is Anthony telling Denver he may resign so they keep him and the Knicks, his real destination, don't weaken themselves trading for him? It smells of Cleveland and Lebron all over again.

If Denver offered Anderson, J.R.Smith and K.Martin for Iggy and Elton would the Sixers consider it?

Not sure if you saw the news, but today Chris Sheridan of ESPN is reporting that Carmelo has told them that he'll only sign an extension if he is traded to the knicks (as part of the trade)

If this is true, Denver is screwed, cause the best offer was from New Jersey but not for half a season.

Gallinari, Curry, probably Fields and POSSIBLY a pick (rumors are that Randolph could still fetch a low first round pick, possibly the knicks own that the rockets currently own, but I don't see it, dude just is a bust, send him to the DL?) is probably the best package the Nuggets will get for Carmelo cause anyone else trading for him is just renting him.

I enjoyed the article on Collins's clothes. I couldn't quite make it through all those chat excerpts; is there any team that anyone thinks actually wants Iguodala?

Most of the chat questions are about Iguodala actually or how disappointing Turner is.

If you believe these guys, as of the past week, Iguodala is definitely still in play. Most Hoopsworld guys are team specific, the Rockets guy things the Rockets want him and he fits well for instance. The Mavs were rumored to be interested earlier in the season but not so much now with guys like Butler and Stephenson stepping up. The Cleveland rumor doesn't make much sense to me, and the chatters are right, he doesn't fit in Chicago at all.

A lot of teams would probably like him but can they afford to give what the sixers want.

Rumors floating today are that the sixers are again trying to make people take brand if they take iguodala, which seems stupid (Though brand is playing better, and in terms of years, his contract is shoorter than Iguodala's and I think he could have some trade value, not sure where he fits though)

Also interesting today was:
A. Jordan wanted Melo (but he won't get him)
B. Larry Brown has lost the team

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 12 at 17:07

Okay, so the Rockets like him but won't even give us Jordan freaking Hill. So they're not much of a trade partner. Denver doesn't want to trade Melo for a good player, they want to trade him for a young player (who might be great one day) and cap space. You say Dallas isn't interested anymore, CLE/CHI make no sense, etc. So who actually wants him badly enough to give us what we want?

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Dec 12 at 17:11

I think the cba situation is causing teams to hesitate; his contract is a good value currently for a winning team but who knows next year.

Jason reply to Tray on Dec 12 at 21:04

I've been pretty skeptical about there being a trade market for Iguodala so far this year as well. I think that teams are interested in Iguodala, but are going to wait and see how the season plays out and whether they desperately need Iguodala. I think trade talks will get serious near deadline when a team is more desperate.


If you want to want Igoudala for expriring contracts then you need to find a way to take Elton Brand too. Trading Iggy doesn't solve our cap problem and it's not like any FAs are available or willing to sign here anyway.

If we trade Iggy I want young players and draft picks.

Anyway interensting qoute from a Hornet's blog:

'Willie Green is to Basketball... …as Aaron Brooks was to Football. Just good enough to make you think for moments, he’ll help your team, and never bad enough consecutively to put in streetclothes. In the end, he will only hurt this team."

The Teccinno Kid on Dec 12 at 17:32

Jordon Hill is a waste of space anyways, the Iggy rumors won't be in full force for another 7 weeks or so. I would be more interested in the sixers shedding themselves of Louser Williams then Brand.

"Very similar players... I take Caron personally, I think he's a better more physical defender and he plays well off of other good players... Iggy is struggling with that role in Philly. "


Iggy for Wes Mathews and Greg Oden. Would you do it?

So a mediocre bench player and an expiring contract for Iguodala.

Sure why not, that seems fair

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 12 at 20:13

Matthews is a quite alright starter. But I guess I'd want more.

deepsixersuede on Dec 12 at 18:55

Does New York try and get Billups with Anthony? Steve, if Iggy is moved that would be an interesting option but I wonder how our management views Turner; can he be a s.f. effectively on defense? I like Mathews because he defends and shoots well.

Why in gods name do the knicks want Billups - have you seen what felton is doing?

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Dec 12 at 19:10

If they want to win, who would you rather have ? When Felton was signed I thought it was as a trade chip to get something better?

Felton is playing amazing, and what makes you think Billups has the athleticism to keep up in D'antoni's system. Not to mention Billups is an expiring deal as well isn't he? His age and contract status make Felton the better option now and going forward in my opinion.

GoSixers great job as always, love this review

May I suggest to break these posts in 2, maybe even 3 parts, with this length they are a lil bit tough to read and you risk to miss something. Just my 2 cents

TruePhan on Dec 13 at 13:17

Thanks for rounding all of this up and posting it.

I disagree that all of these guys are experts though. Fanhouse is really just a disgrace. Chad Ford is supposed to be a journalist and he can't even spell a simple word like "they're"? Oh, and Kelly Dwyer is really just an idiot. The Ball Don't Lie but he certainly does. Lastly, I don't tend to consider somebody whose only expertise is in playing fantasy basketball an expert.

However, I'm going to start following that Ric Bucher guy from now on. It's nice to see somebody who actually "gets it".

As a Newbie, I am continuously exploring online for articles that can aid me. Thank you

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