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An Uncooperative Foe

Cliff Lee.

Yeah, I'm taking a break from basketball until 7 pm tonight.

Hollinger has the Sixers 15th on his latest power rankings:


Should be another win tonight, and keeping up momentum will really help in the face of the tough schedule that follows.

Hollingers rankings are a day by day instrument (why i don't put em in the weekly updated) it's an algorithm that calculates based on a bunch of factors that change every time a team plays a game (SOS, pt differential, record in last 10 to name a few), so those could change tomorrow.

However, Hollingers computers have always had the sixers higher than most human rankings. And we all know that computers don't know crap right?

I've always liked Hollingers rankings because they tackle a number of key indicators about a team's performance. And they've proven to be a great predictor for both success in the rest of the regular season and playoff success in the past.

21st SOS for the sixers

raro reply to GoSixers on Dec 14 at 13:12

Info on SOS? I'm assuming you didn't mean Sawed-off Shotgun...

Strength of Schedule

I don't know how hollinger calculates it but the way i think of it it's the overall record of all the teams you played, thought if it were me i'd factor in the record home/away of opponents based on where you play them.

He does take it into account for each team. He just doesn't put it in the SOS because it makes no sense to use the same thing twice.

raro reply to GoSixers on Dec 14 at 14:09

Ahh thanks. Does that mean there are 20 teams who have had easier schedules?

No, it means 9 teams have had easier schedules than the sixers

Yeah well SoS doesn't take into account back to backs. That has been the biggest difficulty in our schedule.

Make whatever excuses you want...the sixers have lost a lot of games that WERENT back to backs as well this year

question on Dec 14 at 12:38

I havn't heard anyone mention it since it happened but isn't the point differential now positive! Big milestone, almost like having a winning record

It is!!! Point differential has proven to be a very good indicator for the strength of a team going forward.

Point in case last season Dallas and San Antonio. Dallas ended up as the second seed despite having the worst point differential of all western conference playoff teams, while San Antonio had the third best but was only a 7 seed.

SA ended up wining the series. Same thing happened in the Denver - Utah matchup as well...

I'm waiting to see how the Ice Capeds trip goes before deciding whether the Sixers have truly turned a corner.

What do you guys think about making a move for Thabeet? Worst case scenario is that he gives you 20 minutes a night and blocks 2 shots before fouling out. We get to see what Doug can do with him. I mean we are desperate for a big, young, athletic 5 that can protect the rim. I haven't seen him much but how bad can he be?

For a team that cares about the luxury tax - it's a horrible move because of how much he gets paid as a second round pick.

I guess if you trade him for nothing (and I mean nothing, like Jason Kapono or Songaila nothing) - meh - but Thabeet is horrible

tk76 reply to CSTH on Dec 14 at 14:56

Its always good to collect under-performing 2nd overall draft picks.


Well if it's for minimal investment (like kapono or songaila - why not) put him in the d-league and see if he can do anything?

to be fair, he doesn't foul nearly as much as DeMarcus Cousins. He's actually more efficient on the offensive end as well.

Memphis already picked up his option for next season at $5M+, and I'm not sure when the decision would have to be made on his fourth-year option, probably before the end of this year. That one is pretty expensive too. I guess you could legitimately give Collins some time w/ him to see if he can make something of him. Would Memphis take nothing but expiring deals in return for the #2 pick in his second year?

If reports are accurate, I believe they would, they already are reportedly shopping mayo purely due to financial reasons, they are going to have to give marc gasol big cash soon as well, getting Thabeet off their books when they have a cheap owner makes it easier to keep the players they want.

Whether or not they say yes is immaterial to the question (to me), I wouldn't give up more than that for thabeet. If I was an owner with cash and less luxury tax issues i'd definitely go to memphis with the offer, because of the issues memphis supposedly has.

Tom Moore on Dec 14 at 15:30

Sitting on train en route to Sixers game in Newark. This arena is much better than old one.

I think I'm going to try to make it to their next game in Newark. I've actually heard some good things about the Prudential Center.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 15:44

You had some nice seats Sunday, Brian! Right next to Brian Abrams.

Tom Moore reply to Tom Moore on Dec 14 at 15:46

Pru Center is very nice. NJ transit stop is three blocks away, too.

Is he the guy w/ the shaved head? I still can't hear out of my right ear.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 15:49

Yes, that is Brian. He is way into it.

And, it would seem, way inconsiderate to those around him

Nah, you pay your money, you can cheer as loud as you want. Better than doing the wave.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 17:01

2 dudes named Brian Sixers fans with shaved heads. LOL Brian Abrams is way into it. I am going to try to go to the other one at Pru Center. It is a really nice arena. It seems like everytime I don't go to a road game they win so maybe I am the kiss of death like with that 4 seconds in 1.8 with Devin Harris. I still have nightmares from that one.

Tom Moore on Dec 14 at 18:24

Doug Collins on Cliff Lee: "How about those four starters? Are you kidding me? Cole Hamels as the fourth starter? Shoot, he's a 20-game winner. Awesome. The rich get richer."

Dear Doug

Cole Hamels didn't win 20 games in a season, and evaluating a pitcher by his wins is silly.

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