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Melo Would Have To Be Crazy

The team has played great over the past seven games (despite the collapse against Atlanta) so it was inevitable that there would be a poor game, great that it still ended in a W though.

I'm slightly concerned about the offense because it wasn't great against New Orleans and it was poor again tonight and you'd expect better against the Nets. Hopefully they will get it together offensively in the next game, or it will be a long, painful road trip.

Did I ever give you shit for liking Love and Curry? Because that was dumb. Sorry.

Is that Devin Harris standing behind Brand in that picture? I did a double take because at first glimpse it looked like Turner in the Nets' color uni.

deepsixersuede on Dec 15 at 7:20

Being able to win when not playing well is a good sign and Jrue and Hawes seemed to play off each other well tonight. Dec. 15th is upon us so let the moves begin!!!

I guess we can stand pat now that our shooting guard and center positions are solidified!

I wouldn't say our SG and C positions are solidifies. Far from it. We are getting however at least passable play from those positions which wasn't the case early in the season.

sfw reply to Xsago on Dec 15 at 9:52

Xsago, Sorry. I was being sarcastic.

Oh, my bad i didn't understand the sarcasm :))

If this Team continues to play like this and make the playoffs even as an 8 seed, then DC should get COY consideration.

eddies' heady's on Dec 15 at 8:28

Not sure what happened to the sort of crisp offense from the BOS game. It disappeared vs NOH because we actually lost the 2nd half scoring against them and last night it was invisible with the Nets shutting down the lane nearly the whole game. Good to see we could pull out a win without hardly any fast breaks.

Oh, and can we please go ahead and wash our hands of Evan Turner and trade him. His value may not get any higher than it is right now. bummer....

steve v reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 15 at 8:44

Hm that's weird I would think his value would be higher when he's averaging 22 5 and 5 a year or so down the line than now when he's still figuring out how to fit in.

I don't think Turner will ever average 22 5 5. I expect something like 17 7 4 in his 3-4 season. And lets face it, his highest value was before he was even drafted... I don't think it's wise to trade him right now, unless you can truly get great value for him (which you probably can't).

What discourages me a bit about Turner, is that he could have had this town by the balls if he was just a TINY bit more prepared on the offensive end. He's just too passive. It's really indefensible.

He's a rookie
The sixers are FOURTH in popularity
The other 3 teams are contenders to make the finals almost every year

Your assertion that evan turner could 'have this town by the balls' if he fit your idea of what he should be doing is laughable.

The sixers can't have this city by the balls - ever - they can get the attention of the city if they CONTEND FOR A TITLE and that's about it

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Dec 15 at 15:12

Let me try and rephrase it. You're right, the Sixers are a long way away from being relevant in this town. With the unprecedented success of the other three teams, they are well behind. Obviously.

This year, we have a team that reminds me a lot of what we were able to accomplish when Andre Miller was back in town. Our offense is at its best in transition off of strong perimeter defense (minus pick and roll...but it is getting markedly better). With the subtraction of our best rebounder, Dalembert, we are playing a crash the boards strategy that is working decently against smaller opponents and worked remarkably well against Boston. Our offensive efficiency is up because we have a strong presence on the low block with Elton Brand and we saw what happened when he's not playing his best such as last night.

Against this backdrop, I understand that you let a rookie grow into his NBA identity on a team who's success is predicated on team perimeter defense. The sixers do not need Turner to take over the halfcourt offense with players like Holiday and Iguodala. Turner has all of the rookie foibles that many rookies start out with, such as dribbling too much, passing too early in an offense, and watching the offense in order to get up to speed with the game.

But let's say you're Turner. You've been handed the starting SG job, then the back up guard in the second team. You have a chance to make things happen in this offense. You're the #2 pick now, but all of that pressure is gone because your team is actually good. He had a chance to bring the sixers into a little bit of the forefront if he made things happen. I remember his first game against the Heat. He played fearlessly, he showed swagger, he made mistakes, but he showed that he found different ways to impact the game in a variety of ways offensively and defensively. Him playing well is a much bigger deal than Iguodala or Brand playing well because those two players really aren't going to be with us if we ever get to the promised land, they're out of the correct age range.

I am not saying that he won't be a good player, but I do wish he showed us flashes of his killer competetiveness and his obvious talent he has that's waiting to be unlocked. I think it's indefensible that he's been this passive on the offensive end. Is collins pulling a tight leash???? i doubt it.

This year, we have a team that reminds me a lot of what we were able to accomplish when Andre Miller was back in town

Oh good - mediocrity and a team that can't sell out home playoff games.

That sounds good

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Dec 15 at 15:58

So you're saying building a fanbase is instantaneous. Got it

WHat i'm saying is that mediocrity isn't something fans care about

and you're the one who said evan turner could have had the city by the balls with just a little bit of whatever nonsense you are spewing...that sounded instantaneous to me.

I'm tired of people writing Turner off already, it's nonsensical and idiotic and you only have to look back one whole year to see how much Jrue Holiday had accomplished in the first 22 games to see why maybe people should just chill out

Ugh. The shot selection was worse than I thought last night. 8/14 at the rim, 10/26 from 16-23 feet.

T McL reply to Brian on Dec 15 at 11:13

Ouch.. let's hope they have their heads in it tonight. I'll be there, might bring my new camera

It really would be awful to give the clippers their first road win

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Dec 15 at 13:09

you mean that model franchise doesn't have a road win yet this year?

"If the Sixers had won 6 out of 8 on the back of this type of effort, I'd be screaming for Rod Thorn to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch louder than anyone."

Well that makes sense. Depending on how we play over 8 games, we should make a decision that will affect the franchise for years to come, either tearing the whole thing down or attempt to build around what we have. Perhaps you should consider it possible that a team can play way above or way below its actual talent level over the course of an 8-game stretch. Like we just did. The Lakers have been just as awful as we've been good recently, and we all know that's meaningless statistical noise. If we had played this badly for 8 games but had real talent, I'd want to build around what we have too. On the other hand, no matter how well we play for 8 games, if I look at the roster and think it sucks (perhaps explaining why we were 3-14 in the other 17 games), I'm going to want to rebuild. This is a team that has no great scorer and just a couple fairly good ones, and that showed last night. It didn't show when we played Boston. But it's true and the chances of Turner turning into a big-time scorer look so speculative right now that it'd be really foolhardy to bet on him, and it would be really risky to bet on one coming to us through free agency one day. And contrary to popular belief, you need to score the ball at a well-above-average clip to win a championship. In any event, it's starting to look like the front office agrees with you, so we'll see how well your strategy of building around a pretty good point guard, a 3rd scorer who defends/rebounds/passes extremely well, a lottery pick who's shown nothing, and a bunch of role players pans out.

And we'll also get to see how great the Clippers are first hand. And by great, I mean exciting. And by exciting, I mean shitty.

give the kid a break, I mean he's going to be a lawyer and we all know what that means.

But seriously, Ed Snider should go to the game tonight and heckle Baron, make it feel more like a home game.

I've actually met Tray a couple times, he's a good guy. It's fun to argue w/ him because he gets all lawerly.

TruePhan reply to Tray on Dec 15 at 14:07

There it is. I knew it was only a matter of time before you brought out that cliche.

The Spurs are the model of how to build a perennial contender. Tell me, who's their big time scorer? Oh, that's right, they don't have one. That's because a good coach understands that a team needs balance and that a single "go-to scorer, first option, whatever other Fagan/Simmonseqsue word you want to throw out there" can easily be shut down in the playoffs. Tell me, is that "go-to scorer" going to score 100+ points?

I bet what you really want is a showman, another AI. You want to be entertained, and you don't care about the quality of basketball that's played or a team playing it the right way. You probably wanted the team to draft Wall, even though we already have a pretty damn good point guard. You want to do the "John Wall" dance and show off your dougie.

We have a scorer. You can tell just by looking at him that he's going to take time to adjust because he's somebody who doesn't have a big enough ego to have to be the star from Day One. I don't want John Wall. I don't want another AI either. I don't want Melo. I want a team player who is going to be part of a whole and buy into the radical idea that everything isn't all about him.

Basketball is a game of roles. It doesn't matter who's a good fantasy player. It matters who fits what role in order for the TEAM to do well.

How many titles would the spurs have won if the sixers won the duncan lottery?

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