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The Final Tune Up

Oh I'm excited to go to the game tonight and watch the new and improved Sixers! I just hope I don't have to hear Collins yell "C'Mon Now" too many times. A victory and maybe a couple of Turner drives and a huge dunk by Andre right on Griffin's head would make me very happy.

johnrosz on Dec 15 at 14:36

Spencer Hawes is getting posterized tonight. That's for sure.

Not sure if anyone else saw this on twitter, thought it was interesting, http://twitter.com/johnschuhmann (nba.com) had some nice things to say about a certain sixers lineup.

1st tweet "Most improved teams (pt diff per 100 poss): MIA (+8.3) NYK (+7.5) BOS (+6.6) CHI (+6.1) SAS (+5.4) PHI (+5.0) NJN (+4.2) NOH (+4.0)"

"Best defensive lineup (min of 40 min.): Chalmers, Wade, Jones, Bosh, Dampier. Allowing 63.8 pp100p in 44 min."

"If you set minimum to 100 min., best def. lineup in the league is Holiday, Meeks, Iguodala, Brand & Hawes. 91.6 pts allowed per 100 poss. That Philly lineup is also strong offensively (115.0) & the No. 1 overall lineup w/ a min. of 100 min. 2nd is Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG, Shaq"

Then Liberty ballers twitter and Jschuman started exchanging tweets about the philly line up.

"Great point. #s skewed by 1 game. RT @atthehive: @LibertyBallers Haha. I get the feeling the Hornets are somehow involved in that stat"

Another follow up tweet said that Jrue/Meeks/Iggy was only +2 vs hornets to show that there might be more to it.

I don't believe this nonsense for a second. The Clippers obviously have the starting lineup of the future. Surely they should be atop these lists.

rolling over the clippers young debate, I think that saying their starting lineup currentely shows their "future" starting lineup isn't accurate, but to say that they have a talented young roster, more so than the Sixers and most teams in the NBA is a very fair argument.

out of curiousity, how would everyone rate the young players of the Sixers and Clippers. For me I have two clippers as my first two which is where it matters the most.
1) Blake
2) Eric Gordan- I have him slightly over Jrue as i think his skill set is becoming less common in the league than Jrue's.
3) Jrue
4) Iggy
5) ET
6 tie) Al-Farouq
6 tie) Bledsoe
8) Thad- Thad doesn't excite me, I'm starting to fear that his ceiling is near. Main concern is that he isn't a starting 3 or 4 in this league.
9) Deandre
10) Meeks- I like meeks, but don't see him having much upside.
11) Hawes
12) Speights

I really don't understand people going nuts about Blake Griffin. Yes, he does look great right now (although defensively he is light years away), but has everyone forgotten that he is the same guy who missed a whole season because of an injury. Griffin's game is based on so many plays where he doesn't take care of his body that i think will inevitably lead to many injuries. And if injuries do slow him down, he doesn't have the game to be very good without the elite explosiveness and athleticism.

I'm not saying i don't like him, he has been sensational thus far, but that Clippers team somehow reminds e of that super talented Portland team from a few years back. Look where they are now.

Jason reply to Xsago on Dec 15 at 15:26

Injuries are a concern but are they enough to make you want to pass up on a potential all star big?

Where would you put Blake if you made a similar list?

Probably first, but i don't think that says anything really.

Each season there are at least 4-5 teams putting very young squads on the court with exciting young players. How many of them do actually become contenders? Even worse, how many of them become contenders with the same young core?

And i also think that evaluating players that put big numbers on bad teams is extremely hard. Which is why i'm not sure whether i should buy Griffin's and Gordon's stats. I really don't know what to make of them. Nor do i know what to make of Beasley and Love. They are in the same situation, and actually the Wolves have a better young core IMO, why does noone talk about them...

Honestly, I don't know what to make of Gordon. The game he's playing this season isn't really all that rare. I mean, he's doing it very well, but he's essentially a slashing shooting guard who gets to the line, can't shoot from deep and takes way too many threes. His past two seasons, he was more of a catch and shoot guy. This version is much, much better if he can keep his free throw rate that high, but I just don't know where it came from.

"but he's essentially a slashing shooting guard who gets to the line, can't shoot from deep"

Eh? Coming into the season he was a career 37.9% three point shooter on 658 attempts, a fairly decent sample size. I get that he's struggled from 3 so far this season, but to say that he can't shoot from deep is more than a little bit unfair. I don't override 658 attempts and 140 games because he's struggled from three for the first 23 games of a season.

a slashing guard who hasn't been effective from three this season is an accurate statement. a slashing guard who can't shoot from deep I don't believe is.

Yeah, I was talking about the player he's been this season. He was kind of the opposite the past two years, more of a shooter who didn't get to the line a whole lot.

Do you think D.Jordan can become a decent starting center? So far he's been the 3rd most productive player for them after Griffin and Gordan, which I guess isn't saying much. Also I wonder when Kaman is going to come back from injury. The Clips probably miss his 38% shooting, which I didn't think was possible for a center but it's always nice learning new things.

I like the Clippers future draft picks more than I like their current roster. The Clippers will probably get a top three pick this season, and the Clippers still have the T-wolves unprotected pick in 2011. Now if the Clippers could only find a better coach and a new owner.

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