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Ten Wins!

That was great Brian, you found the perfect picture for the post.

Well first half I was concerned about the defense (or lack thereof), but as you said the team did well to dominate the second half to take the game, which was great to see. I like it when Iggy is efficient offensively as in this game. Still not sure I prefer Hawes taking more shots than him though.

Another good game, with some bad minutes. This team is working on the court, and that´s improvment from last season. I like seeing Jrue taking control of the team step by step, If this core can accomplish something it will have to do this Jrue´s leadership. I mean on the court leadership, the kind of Rondo´s.

Note: I'm pretty sure the limping was from colliding with Griffin, not from a lingering achilles injury.

It wasn't even just griffin, on a free throw box out, his ankle bumped into thad and then 'pinballed' over to blake. It was worrisome.

Jrue also took a shot (i think in his thigh) in the fourth, and was hobbled for a bit but seemed to shake it off quickly

After the first 25 games of the season can someone please tell me who the Sixers best player is? And with how they've played during the last 10 games does it really matter?

Saw this link on LibertyBallers...crazy.

Best defensive lineup in the league (min. 100 mins played together)?

Holiday, Meeks, Iguodala, Brand and Hawes.


To bring back up a point Brian made a couple posts ago, I think it's time to go get this team some help via trade. I don't think I touch the starting lineup, but is there any available move out there (besides Camby) that would make sense? I think Lou Williams, Thad, Speights, and Kapono are all legitimate trade options. What do you think is out there?

If it is true that Memphis would trade him, I´d take a chance on Hasheem Thabeet. He is a young defensive minded center, he´s not gonna make us contenders I would give a 2nd round and an expiring to get him, or something like that. My point is that if it isn´t expensive, It could be a row risk move.

It's expensive because the sixers are already over the luxury tax level for next year so Thabeets already picked up option for next year would cost twice as much. WHich means MORE stupid tax saving moves like obtaining Nocioni.

That's not correct. They're actually under the cap as things stand right now, assuming the CBA stays the same. If they got Thabeet, they'd be pretty much right at the cap, but then they'd have to make decisions on Thad and Hawes, which could push them up to or over the luxury tax.

Last I heard they were over the tax for NEXT year is what I was referring to. They aren't oover for next year?

Nope. Right now, they have $62M committed, with qualifying offers for both Thad and Hawes included. This year, the luxury tax was $70.3M.

If you take Thad and Hawes QOs out of the equation, they're at $54M. The cap was $58M this season.

Weird. My memory is shot it seems.

Ah well.

I still wouldn't give up a pick of any sort for thabeet :)

So you wouldn´t do it? Or think the front office wont?

I wouldn't give up ANYTHING for thabeet aside from a guy like kapono or songaila. An entirely useless player.

2nd round picks have value. I don't care that thabeet was the 2nd pick in the draft. He blows. He's worth nothing more than an expiring contract IF that

The grizzlies desperately need cap space cause they have a cheap owner who needs (wants) to pay marc gasol and zach randolph - which is why all the rumors about shopping mayo - they won't be able to afford to keep him - cause they over paid conley and rudy.

I'd give em lou too - but that's cause i hate lou

There are several options, but this one (may be with a 2nd round pick going to Memphis) would like me:


It would require that the Grizz were thinking about moving Hasheem, bacause they are not getting much, but with Randolf resinging comming and the new CBA, maybe they´d like to reduce their pay roll.
What do you think?

Personally, I see the merit in getting Thabeet, a young defensive big who you can maybe turn into something, but I just don't think he's ever going to turn into anything. And that's an expensive project. If he was drafted lower in the first round, and he was only making a couple million/year, then yeah, I'd say take the risk. But with that contract, I just don't think there's enough of a chance that he pans out. I'd rather take a shot on Oden's health than Thabeet's development.

See your point about Thabeet, but I disagree in the Oden situation. I think Thabeet can become a decent back up center at least, but it´s expensive. Don´t know about other young center the sixers could get without giving a rotation player...

Is Thabeet really that expansive? He's has only one guaranteed year after this one. We won't have cap space by that time anyway

He's a 2nd round pick in the NBA draft - slot money
4.8 mil this year
5.2 next year
6.5 if they pick up the next option

They don't have to pick up the option. They can simply let him go after next season.

So what's the point of picking him up if you just plan to let him go after next season.

If he improves you pick up the option - if he doesn't - it was a wasted trade unless you gave up NOTHING and 2nd round picks are SOMETHING

Most of the trades floating around here propose giving up an expiring for him. That means you didn't give up anything in the first place. If he develops great, if he doesn't you basically have a way out.

But, realistically i view him as an additional piece in a trade for Mayo whom i like and i think could be acquired without giving up Jrue, Turner, Iguodala and Young.

If you could swap Lou for Mayo, I'd probably do it. I'd be fine throwing in expirings and a second rounder to make it happen.

If you could swap lou for mayo - you'd have to wonder when the Memphis GM had his lobotomy :)

That trade I"d include a second round pick, but that's because lou isn't an expiring :)

I don't buy the mayo rumors. If you track em back, they seem to have come from two places

1. The grizz bringing him off the bnech - but he's off to a slow start - so that's explainable.

2. The belief that heisley won't sign him and everyone else long term, but he over paid gay and conley so why not over pay gasol and mayo (and not over pay fat zach)

3. Some guy reported that a 'friend' of Mayo's claimed that Mayo knew he was going to the knicks soon - or something like that.

#2 is the only possible thing to me that holds any water, because Heisley in the past has shown cheapness and the willingness to get violated to avoid paying money (See the pau gasol trade, i don't care how marc gasol worked out - the grizz still got raped in that deal).

The offer I saw on here somewhere included a second round pick, I would do no such thing for thabeet (or mayo really) since #2 is the only motivation I believe. Expiring contracts should make heisley happy

Mayo and Thabeet have been shopped before too (remember Mayo and Thabeet for Ellis, that GSW turned down if i remember well), so this is nothing new. And that was when Mayo and Thabeet were viewed as serious young talent. And i think there is zero chance that Heisley will resign all of the aforementioned players. I think he wants to trade them while he can get any value. I don't think he can get more value for Mayo next year if he keeps bringing him of the bench and with the extension looming at the end of next season

I never bought that Mayo for Ellis story - didn't ring true to me for some reason. Remember, a lot of stuff reported is smoke and mirrors and leaks and lies to stir interest sometime. I'm selective as to what I believe and what I don't for a variety of reasons.

When was thabeet viewed as serious young talent - the grizz were criticized from the moment they picked him - the moment he played an NBA game people knew he wasn't talent'

Come on now, picking him at number 2 was a reach yes, but from what i remember every single scout in the country had him in the top 10 at worst, and everybody thought he is a few years away.

It was a weak draft
and people tend to over value height in the draft - you can't teach height - so the taller a guy is the moore people ignore his flaws. He was ranked highly because of his height but even then people thought he had bust written all over him

People thought he had the possibility of being a bust, sure.

People also thought he had the possibility of defending and rebounding at an NBA level. He still does. Just not without fouling, and not without his other flaws being exposed.

True, but since in the trade i suggested as an example, we basically don't give up anything of significance i don't see any downside to acquiring him, eve if it's a year and a half rental. Cap space means nothing to the team anyway in that span. Or you think Lou, Speights or Brackins can be better than Mayo, and that means it's not worth takong Thabeet as an addition to the trade?

Let's put it this way

I think i'ts more likely that Speights or brackins develop into something than Thabeet does

Lou For Mayo I'd do - but why would the Grizz as it doesn't clear much cap space for the grizz.

The grizz have to pay gasol and randolph NOW - starting with next season - taking on these guys doesn't clear as much as giving em kapono and songaila :)

So if i understand correctly you don't think Mayo is worth giving up Speights and Brackins in addition to Lou? And you also think the Grizzlies would prefer Songaila instead of Speights and Brackins? I's be thrilled if you were right on the latter honestly, just don't hink it's possible...

I don't think mayo is available first of all - i don't buy it - not yet
I believe Thabeet could be had for an expiring contract.

I try to look at these rationally from the point of view of the other team as well, and see nothing the sixers have (and would) to trade that the Grizzlies would want for Mayo.

I think getting Mayo is a non starter with Memphis, so I discard the idea.

I think Thabeet is gettable for expiring contracts.

If I think another team wouldn't make a trade I don't tend to care much about it :)

I used to think Mayo was untouchable too, but i'm not so sure anymore... It really looks as if they view him as expandable...

HOW expendable though?

Lou is a bench guy with one skill
Brackins has done nothing
and Speights can't get off the bench any more.

That's not exactly a 'haul' of any sort for Mayo

Of course, though, Evan turner is grossly over paid and a huge bust so it'd be a steal if the sixers just gave up turner for mayo

Turner for Mayo would be a disaster. I would never do that trade...

When was thabeet viewed as serious young talent - the grizz were criticized from the moment they picked him - the moment he played an NBA game people knew he wasn't talent'

at DX we typically had him between 6 and 8 during the entire 2008-2009 season.

After the season, it became apparent talking to NBA folks he was going top 3, and he was moved up there in the mock drafts accordingly, not so much as a result of a change in our evaluation (basketball games had stopped being played), but because of the prediction of where he would go.

I know talking to Jonathan the DX crew never liked him as a top 3 pick. But, the mock draft is as much if not moreso a prediction of the draft than it is our own personal evaluation of players. Hence why Jonathan despises the mock draft, and why reading the articles is key.

(I sound like I'm talking about playboy. it's the articles, damnit!)

Well I still think a lot of the thing about Thabeet was purely the height - the 'you can't teach height' - but you ould think after olowakanadi, bradley, etc...that people would realize that height is nice but if you suck you suck, without instincts and intelligence height is useless if you're in foul trouble, if you don't know how to get into position, if you are slow to react...height obsession has led to numerous horrible draft picks and I believe Thabeet is one of those and has shown nothing to indicate he'll be getting better, and it's his 3rd year in the league

I fully agree with this, but a 6-8 ranked player in a weak draft is still a young talent no? People rave about second rounders come draft time, let alone a guy ranked in the top 10.

Relative the draft he's in sure, but that doesn't make him an NBA talent. (It gets into my whole problem with how the NBA draft is done by teams and how weak I think the evaluation process is compared to the NFL the only other 'instant play' league drafting).

Olowakandi was a #1 pick - but he wasn't a #1 player - he never was - he was just the best option of a crappy draft


Look at the 2009 NBA draft

Right now - would you take thabeet in the top 10?

From today's perspective no. He might not be even a first rounder if the draft happened today. But at that time, yes i think i would've taken him in the top 10. I agree that a lot of big man are drafted higher than they should be, but big man are almost always high risk/reward players when they are drafted. Especially the ones that are somewhat athletic, tall and can rebound a bit and block a shot or two. Most of them turn out to be busts, but if you hit the jackpot and draft the right one, you are set for a decade.

So, mainly, the point I'm trying to make is that once a guy is drafted, and plays in the NBA

So why would you pay a premium for a guy like that. What he was (the #2 pick) is not relevant to what he is (useless imo)

Also of note DX had him at #20 during the 2008 mock draft before he withdrew, so he wasn't considered a top prospect even after his sophomore year.

Agreed, i never thought he was a top prospect either (i didn't even like him at the time he was drafted). But that doesn't mean he is already absolutely without hope, and that he is a bad contract now, not worth anything. I don't think any player can be branded as a complete bust until he gets to his 3rd or 4th season.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 17:41

the 98 draft wasn't that crappy. Dirk, Pierce, Bibby, Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, and Jason Williams were all solid picks. Rashard Lewis, Al Harrington relative to where they were picked as well.

It was just another instance of the Clippers being the Clippers.

Brandon Roy, class act

"I don't know how people want us to play, because this is the personnel we have," Roy told The Oregonian. "I wasn't that slow until you put a guy who is kind of slow next to me. I've always been kind of slow ... not to be controversial at all, but I was slow my rookie year."
Roy continued while he shook his head.
"A lot has changed. That's why it's just delicate. With how I was able to play early in my career, I always said I was happy because of the situation I came into. I had this, this, this, and I didn't have to change. Now that we have to adjust ... some of it is we are running into rhythm problems, consistently."

Wouldn't playing next to a slow player make Roy look faster? Like how girls try to surround themselves with uglier girls to make themselves look better in comparison?

Shawn reply to Brian on Dec 16 at 11:14

Girls are the best

I saw that comment as well, and it's shocking to me considering that before Miller arrived in Portland Steve Blake was his backcourt mate. He is possibly even slower than Miller.

Roy has been whining ever since this whole knee thing came out. COnstantly making comments that basically say "I'm gonna be me, this knee ain't gonna stop me and it ain't my knees fault".

It'd be llike oden saying 'hey i got injured but when i play i'm awesome so give me 80 million' :)

Brandon Roy is a bitch, and now he's showing it

Talking of fantasy trades, this is the one that i like (again with Memphis):



Lou Will.

In the past i thought that this was impossible, but the Grizzlies appear to be very low on Mayo and Thabeet and i think this is the perfect timing to get something of value for mediocre talent.

Meh, so you want to add another back court player to an already crowded back court and never get Evan Turner any minutes ever?

Marty reply to Xsago on Dec 16 at 12:02

I'm not sure if that deal works, but there's definitely a deal to be made with the Grizzlies for Thabeet. What about this move:




Grizzlies get cap savings in Songaila to put towards next season's re-signing of Gasol & Randolph, and get a similar contract to Mayo's (actually less $) and have cost control for a couple of years. Sixers add a scorer like Mayo off the bench and take a chance with Thabeet. The nice part of this deal is that the Sixers still have pieces for another move - Lou Williams, Thad, Speights, and Kapono.

raro reply to Marty on Dec 16 at 12:10

Kind of risky to give up on Turner so early, but Mayo seems like a really good fit between Jrue and Iguodala.

I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm against it.

Mayo to me isn't an overall player, and I believe Turner will be. I prefer Turner. People have to comprehend patience - instant gratification isn't good - and people seem to be ignoring the 'it always takes him a year to adjust' reports that are all over the web

Mayo is not a superstar, but is a pretty good player who has somehow fallen out of favor in Memphis.

He seems like a very good fit between Jrue and Iguodala and is a decent defender. Certainly a nice piece that can be part of the future, either as a starting 2 guard or a very good 6th man (when/if Turner develops and becomes a legitimate starter). And in the meantime trading away Lou Williams, IMO opens minutes for Turner of the bench. The one who will lose minutes with that trade is Meeks not Turner. Turner will actually play more IMO.

I'm not ready to give up Turner for Mayo - that's just how I feel

Yes that deal works financially, and the Grizzlies end up saving some money both immediately and in the future, which is probably part of the reason they are shopping them in the first place.

eddies' heady's reply to Marty on Dec 16 at 13:07

The Sixers would make out like bandits if this trade actually happened. Because Turner and his contract are going to eventually become associated in the same breath as EB's and Andre's - way overpaid.

Turner is making more money than Willie did, and he's not even giving you as much as Willie did, and more than likely isn't going to either. This last grasp straw emphasis that he brings rebounding is just that - last grasp. A two guard, or backup point, that only rebounds is pretty much useless considering what those positions truly need.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 16 at 16:13

just for the record, are you a fan of Evan Turner or not

That's a good question

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Dec 16 at 16:55

I'm a fan of the Sixers, cut and dried. That individual stuff doesn't interest me, the overall team does. Were you a fan of Willie Green?

Excellent avoidance of the question and use of what the kids call BS

Your view of Turner like he is already finished product and destined to be a backup pg are so frustrating. Was Deron Williams relegated to be a permanent backup pg when he averaged. 9 a game looking more clueless than Evan does now for the first half of his rookie year?

It's back, way back, that's a home run folks

Tray reply to Steve v on Dec 16 at 17:29

Deron Williams did average 13.6 a game in the first month of his NBA career... inefficiently, but at least he wasn't incredibly passive.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve v on Dec 16 at 20:07

Well, it was Brandon Roy to start, now it's Deron Williams? Evan Turner is no Deron Williams.

Just go as far as to say that Adam Morrison averaged 11 a game his first year or Dajuan Wagner averaged 13 then. How'd they turn out?

Stromile Swift averaged 5 a game his 1st season, Darko Milicic averaged 1 a game his first year, so what does it all mean or what relevance does it have? None.

My view isn't what's frustrating, his weak ass game is, or maybe it's just the reluctance to accept it is the real frustration.

I think Morrison was the least efficient player in basketball that year. Wagner was like that too. Turner hasn't struggled that much.

Wow. So I was just looking up the luxury tax figure and came across this.

Since 2005-2006, the Knicks have been $130.9M over the luxury tax, cumulatively. So they've paid $261.8M above the salary cap in salary and penalties.

In that time, they've won 140 games.

And yet the knicks were supposedly talking to Isiah about coming back.

Sometimes you wonder how these people were successful making money

Nick reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 11:43

Dolan has been spectactularly UNsuccessful making money. He inherited the Knicks from his dad and has been running them into the ground ever since.

Oh, I thought Dolan was part of that cablevision company (cabal) that ripped folks off (in the sense that most cable companies rip us off and usually have 'fifedoms' of regional monopoly that screws the consumer) - he just inherited his money huh? That makes more sense than

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 13:57

Oh he is, and it was really tough to watch the Phillies in New York during the playoffs because of it. Worst part is that there was no other choice except a dish.

Can someone with insider see where they have the Sixers in the "future rankings" for the next three seasons... Really would like to see that.

Sean reply to T McL on Dec 16 at 13:02

24. Philadelphia 76ers | Future Power Rating: 414

168 (20th) 73 (20th) 75 (22nd) 36 (22nd) 63 (10th)

The Sixers are struggling again this season and we don't foresee any relief for a while. Yes, they have some young talent. (Jrue Holiday has been good and, at 20 years old, should only get better. Thaddeus Young's minutes are down, but his player efficiency rating is way up. Jodie Meeks is giving some good minutes to the Sixers off the bench.)

But there are problems galore. Evan Turner, the No. 2 pick in the 2010 draft, is off to a rough start. Turner has struggled to fit in with the team without the ball in his hands, and given the Sixers' woes in the frontcourt, it's hard to understand why they passed on a player such as Derrick Favors for him.

That dilemma is endemic of the challenges Philly faces. As fans are well aware, the direction of the team is a still a mystery. While the Sixers have an interesting young core, the team is also bogged down with veterans with bad contracts like Elton Brand and Andres Nocioni. The team also has a major defensive hole to fill in the middle after trading Samuel Dalembert while being overloaded with wings.

Making matters worse, the Sixers have no real money to spend until the summer of 2013 and will likely be just good enough to pick in the late lottery each year, effectively killing their chances to get significantly better in the short term.

(Previous rank: 25)

Tray reply to Sean on Dec 16 at 13:20

Damn straight.

Przybilla's available, by the way. And he's expiring. If you wanted to get Jrue playoff experience, and get Turner 6 playoff minutes per first-round loss we play, that would be one way to do it.

Przybillas almost as injury prone as Oden isn't he?

Is Przybilla even an upgrade over Hawes? If we can get him for say Kapono, i'm ok with that, but i wouldn't really give up anything of any real value for him.


sfw reply to Juan on Dec 16 at 13:55

Could be a decent 2 headed center. With Battie, that makes 3! Send them Speights, also!

Is Przybilla even an upgrade over Hawes?


That's right. Basically Przybilla's average night is as good as the best defensive game Hawes has ever played.

Yao Ming gone indefinitely
Noah out for 8-10 weeks

If only there was an expiring contract of a big man WITH rebounding ability a team could somehow parlay into assets since they weren't planning to re-sign him anyway due to 'locker room issues'

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 16:06

You think either of these teams would trade for Dalembert? Chicago can do okay with Gibson, Houston isn't good enough to bother.

I think holding onto Dalembert into the season as opposed to dumping him for garbage makes more sense.

I realize that you see the world as absolute and brook no contradiction, but as a law student shouldn't you comprehend shades of grey?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 16:13

Um, that was stupid. OBVIOUSLY I think we should've kept Dalembert, or at least gotten a much better deal than we did. So yeah, lots of shades of gray. I just don't think the two teams you mention would trade for him. Certainly someone would've been interested, just not those two, in my opinion.

johnrosz on Dec 16 at 16:08

I'd have given Jrue some serious consideration for player of the game. Although his 24 pts weren't terribly efficient, he kept them afloat in the first half when the offense was just putrid.

In Tom Moore's interview last night, Brand said that the defense was better in the third quarter more because of an adjustment DC made than because of greater effort. Can anyone explain what adjustment was made? I had to miss most of that quarter and my feed was terrible the rest of the game.

sfw reply to Bob on Dec 16 at 16:37

Our defense was fantastic in the second half," Collins said about his team's limiting the Clippers (5-21) to 35 points in the final 24 minutes on 11-for-36 shooting (30.5 percent). "That team causes a lot of problems on screen-and-roll D, because, early in the game, we were trying to go under the screen, and Baron Davis was getting where he wanted to get on the floor. Then when we tried to have our big man help a little bit, they just rolled their big to the rim, and they were getting lobs and stuff.

"We made an adjustment at halftime on our screen-roll defense that I thought really changed the game."

Yes. Exactly. Thanks.

So, can anyone characterize their approach to screen and roll that did work?

I also want to say that it's way too early to give up on Turner for a one-dimensional type like Mayo. And I mean, a one-dimensional type who isn't even that amazing at his one dimension. No way you ever win anything with Mayo as your #1 option.

Brian I know I am nitpicking but I have a hard time understadning how you can call "terribly inefficient" Hawes' offensive game. He missed 3 shots in garbage time, meaning when it counts he shot 7/15: not great, but I'd say good.
He's not and will never be the Howard(or Dalembert)-type of center that gets easy points on alley oops, off rebs, putbacks etc.
Best case scenario he becomes a new Matt Geiger (lol), meaning a C that gets his points shooting from mid range, facing the basket.
Honestly Hawes' last games have been extremely encouraging, on both ends I mean, he can have a role on this team if he goes on like this.
Anyway 16-12-5 in 32 minutes are something nobody can argue, I think, especially considering that he was playing vs a big, athletic frontcourt.

When Brian's talking about being inefficient, he's talking about how many points he generated in the possessions he used up.

Well even pretending that he shot 7/15, that would be 16 points on 15 shots and 4 free-throws, so, 16 points on 17 possessions. Under a point per possession is kind of lousy. If a team averaged that, in today's NBA, they'd be the worst offensive team in the league. Now yeah, 6 years ago, a big man shooting 50% from the field and 50% from the line was pretty okay offense. But with hand-check rules and increased paces of play, we've reached the point where a big man has to shoot well above 50%, or shoot a high percentage from the line, or shoot threes, to have a positive impact on the offensive game.

good points Tray, all true.
But by these standards I think few big men can be considered "efficient" offensively, maybe Howard (even with the FTs issues), Garnett (excellent FT shooter) and a small bunch of other guys.
Hawes must definitely get to around 58-60% from the line at least, I think that when he'll increase his attempts per game also the % will rise

There are 43 players 6'10"+ who have played at least 200 minutes so far this season and have a higher TS% (True Shooting %) than Hawes.

Look at it this way. On the 20 possessions Hawes used, the team scored 16 points. On the other 67 possessions, they scored 89 points. So Hawes = 0.8 points-per-possession. Everyone else = 1.33 points-per-possession. If you don't count garbage time, and I wasn't aware garbage time didn't count anymore, then Hawes is still at 0.94, and the rest of the team is even better. I'm not sure when your definition of garbage time begins, so I can't give you an exact number for the rest of the team.

thx for breaking it down, now is clearer, never checked the points-per-possession stat.
For garbage time here I meant the final 3-4 minutes of the 4th Q, when Sixers were up 16-18 pts and he took his last shots.
Anyway my opinion on Hawes's last games don't change, I am fine about what he's doing on both ends. It could be interesting (or scary, lol) to analyze the points-per-possession stats of his first 15-18 games, and compare those to the last 5-6.
He's improved big time, I think we can all agree on this.

Tom Moore on Dec 16 at 18:43

Lakers will be good gauge of Sixers' progress:


What's a 'good' out come in this game folks? I say losing y less than 10 points is an accomplishment

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 18:57

Well the Lakers are winning by an average of 8.4, so I guess an above-average team would lose by 8 or less. Maybe a good team would lose by 5 or less.

Court_visioN reply to Tray on Dec 16 at 23:43

maybe a good team would win - although admittedly the sixers match up horribly with LAL

Yeah, a good team would win or lose by no more than 5. On the ordinary night, of course. I'm sure that, in 15% of Lakers-Spurs matchups, maybe 25% even, who knows, the Spurs would lose by more than 5.

deepsixersuede on Dec 16 at 21:25

Pryzbillas' career per 36 numbers are very Camby like [11.3 reb. ,2.7 bl.] and getting him makes sense if it cost you Songalia and Spieghts, for example. Next year, whether Hawes is here or a young center is drafted he may be resignable for a reasonable price [ 3 years for 9 mill.?] and allows insurance till our young big is ready. N. Mohammed is another expiring that is still productive [20 min., 8 pts., 5 reb., 1 bl. ] this year who may be gettable.

Old School Sixer Fan on Dec 16 at 21:59

With the recent improvement in play, I'll be disappointed if the Sixers don't come away with a win against the Lakers. Hawes' recent play has been so much better than his play during the first month that it's almost scary. I was at the game last night and couldn't believe it when Hawes had three blocks in the first few minutes. Is this real? Can he actually play? If so, the Sixers can make the playoffs.

The lakers have 3 guys who are 7 feet tall and can play great offense...the sixers have zero guys who can stop a guy like that - let alone 3 of them...they have a better deeper bench, they have a better coach, tell me exactly why anyone rational would expect the sixers to win this game?

Old School Sixer Fan reply to GoSixers on Dec 16 at 23:18

I said I'd be disappointed if they didn't win. I didn't say I expect them to win. Yes, the Lakers are better, but not every night.

Who is their 3rd 7 footer? I only remember Bynum & Gasol.

Court_visioN reply to Old School Sixer Fan on Dec 16 at 23:45

Odom is 6'10". Given his rebounding prowess, good enough.

The lakers radio folks always talk about him llike he's 7 feet tall - :)

Tom Moore on Dec 17 at 0:18

Collins: 'Sixers have to believe we can beat the Lakers':


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