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I voted 4. Chicago, Golden State, New Orleans, and one unexpected win mixed in somewhere. If they come home from the road trip with a record of 14-20, they've done a fine job.

T McL reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 1:29

I like them winning GSW, PHO, NOH... toss ups with CHI (Noah's out, that helps) and DEN.

Going to be a tough stretch but we get to watch a lot of great teams at least.

It looks like Rondo is going to be out for that game, as well. 40 minutes of Nate Robinson running the point? That's a winnable game.

I'm gonna be bullish and say we can win 4 of those games. Golden State, Phoenix and New Orleans and one more.

Damn is that a well played use of a NSFW!

I voted 3 (CHI, PHO, NOH), with a chance for a 4th DEN/GSW/vs LAL

deepsixersuede on Dec 17 at 3:05

I voted 5 with wins against Chicago, Pheonix, Gold. St., N.Orleans and a surprise win. Noah being out and offensive teams are my main reasons for this record, defense wins baby.

general tso chicken on Dec 17 at 6:38

I vote 0. This team is garbage. As soon as you guys move Evan Turner, you'll be fine.

I think four wins is realistic. Rondo and Noah being out is huge, so if we can win ONE of those two games, I think we can find 3 more wins.

eddies' heady's on Dec 17 at 9:11

After seeing how they looked in those last two games vs NJ and LAC (and the 2nd half of the NOH game), I have to say one win - @NOH. And that will be tough to come by because of all the jet lag and it being the last game before they finally get home and their minds may be elsewhere.

1 win......ugh

MylesKong on Dec 17 at 9:23

Orlando or Boston(leaning toward ORL)

5 wins. And coming home strong. just hope we can drop Lou off while we're out there, maybe for a true back point guard. Then, we're off to the races, boys!

Games sixers are losing 90% of the time imo.

I think they win at Pho and NO 45% of the time. Think theywin @ GSW 40% of the time, matchup problem for this team, who does meeks guard? Dorrell wright (6'9)? Monta? Curry (unless he's still out)? and even with Noah and Rondo out I think 76rs lose to both Chi/Boston 60% of the time.

Ended up with 2.4 wins. I'll over round up and go with 3 as a guess, wouldn't surprise me, the team seems to be very well coached. 4 though is pushing it, not a chance the sixers are favorites to win a single game imo.

You're over-estimating GSW. They're a very bad team. The major disadvantage for the Sixers there is being on the back end of a back-to-back, and playing in Denver the night before.

Jason reply to Brian on Dec 17 at 12:21

yup, the back to back is also a factor into the 40%. Might be a bit low, but i think at the most it's 2-3%, I just think that on a b2b vs a team like GSW in the midst of a long west-coast road trip (although I do wonder if being on the west coast for so long helps vs a west team as they won't be jet lagged) that the sixers win it over 45% of the time.

Also i didn't think of this when making the 40% estimation, but the night before Iggy will have to guard Melo and Jrue will guard Chauncey, tough matchups a night before playing GSW.

I voted 3, not with any specifics wins or losses in mind. They'll win a game they shouldn't probably and lose a game they shouldn't.

As for GSW, they like to run, the sixers, like to run, GSW is better at running. Defense won't matter ;)

Eh. Golden State doesn't like to get back and they count on teams not being able to get back against them. The Sixers drubbed them last year and they have minus defenders at four of five positions.

I also say 3. But looking back at the Sixers over the last few years, when they are hot they often beat good teams.

I would not be shocked by anywhere from 1-5 wins. And that's what keeps it interesting- hopefully in a good way.

3 but also won't be surprised if the win another game or 2.

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