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A Tall Order

Only thing I'd say is you don't want Barnes shooting. Odom and Blake in fact are the only guys who have been more efficient scoring-wise.

And last year Barnes was just as efficient.

Barnes really should be starting by now but can't hurt Ron Rons feelings

The guy that really scares me is Odom. He is a huge matchup problem for Brand, and honestly i am hoping the Lakers will go big with Bynum and Gasol for long stretches. I really do think that Young will have to play a lot of PF tonight. honestly he has a better shot against Odom despite his defensive shortcomings.

I think we do have a shot at this one. The Lakers are entering their 6th consecutive road game, and are easing Bynum into the rotation (he still doesn't look very health to me). Those are two things that work in our favor. That and the fact that we have a guy who can legitimately guard Bryant.

No one on the sixers can really stop odom, gasol or bynum, who probably will be limited in minutes

MylesKong reply to Joe on Dec 17 at 13:29

I concur. Even if Barnes is struggling this year, I am not comfortable with him taking open jays in a "return to Philly" game.

I think Turner may actually be a factor this game. They need his length on defense. I have a bad feeling about Meeks chasing Kobe. He could probably put him on Fisher, but that probably means Jrue would be chasing Kobe. Thus, leading to foul trouble.

Jrue needs to be very, vry aggressive looking to drive and for his own shot. This will force the Lakers to adjust to him. Hopefully, leading to open cutters.

Iggy needs to do what he's been doing as of the last 5 games or so. He's playing the perfect Iggy role imo. Defense, defense, defense, break and wide open catch n shoot jumpers.

Brand...gonna have it tough.

Hawes should watch Gasol and learn. I know Hawes did have probably his best game as a pro in a victory over the Lakers with Sacto. So hopefully he can channel that game energy and play as tough as his haircut.

Let's go Sixers! At the worse, I think they cover.

Jump shots. Artest and Barnes, I want them taking jump shots.

The lakers radio broadcast has a 90 minute pregame show - starting at 5:30 eastern - should check it out if you're online - 710espn.com

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 17 at 13:59

Probably 86 minutes are spent talking about Bynum coming back, if they're back on track, how they stack up to the Spurs, etc., and 4 minutes on tonight's opponent.

It's totally amazing how completely and totally wrong you are (I've listened to it often on my drive home)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 17 at 17:30

Well, I'm totally amazed then. Just seems like it'd be hard to talk about the Sixers for 15 minutes, much less 90. Though I enjoy Brian and Derek's show.

Court_visioN on Dec 17 at 13:32


Jan 1st, 2010 Hawes went off for 30pts, 11reb, 5 asst and 4 threes against the Lakers in his best game as a pro. But Kobe won it on a buzzer beater.


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