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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 19

deepsixersuede on Dec 19 at 10:40

Well have all these bad trades made it definite that Iggy stays? And if New Jersey strikes out on Carmelo would the Sixers inquire about an Iggy for Favors package to catch New Jersey on the rebound? Iggy and Spieghts for Favors, Murphy [exp.] and 2 of their #1's.

The Nets wouldn't do that. They're only going to deal Favors for a really big name, even if that big name isn't much better than Iguodala. I mean, would you do that? They essentially become an even less talented version of us in return for giving up a potential future All-Star power forward.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on Dec 19 at 12:30

Two reasons they may; one is the T.Williams situation and what they probably expected him to be. A lockdown defender and faccilitator and play maker ala Iggy. The 2nd reason is the play of Humphries, who is rebounding great and may, along with Spieghts in a tandem, give them enough from the 4 spot to make sense a move for Iggy.

All that being said though, I agree a star is what they want and as much as it makes basketball sense it probably isn't the way they go.

I wish a rumor of another of our players was out there; is there any other interest besides Iggy? Because I would rather move anybody else and keep him.

I don t think NJ would give that much for Iggy but maybe if they lost Melo to NY, the 76ers could get Favors and Outlaw for Iggy. It will improve them now and the ers in the future.

Pick a new name reply to ELF on Dec 19 at 12:39

Bo outlaw a 7 million a year for four more seasons after this makes me want to throw my teccinno on the ground. No thanks. I would love to know if brian thinks that we could get favors for iggy

I agree with you on Outlaw´s contract, but I don´t think Iggy is the kind of guy NJ wants for Favors, maybe as an ultimate solution to apease the Russian owner and our biggest supporter to this trade : Avery Jonhson, cause he wants to win now and not wait until the kid develop..
So you got to give something and takes someone's garbage to get a prize like Favors..
Its a "my bad" kind of move for Stefansky (I know is Thorn's team now)for missing the kid at draf night.
I would like to know what Brian´s think about the 76ërs trying to get Favors too..

The Sixers are currently 8th seed and playoff bound.


Brian probably just went into a shock induced coma (Eagles related)

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Dec 19 at 16:36

=The same 'Eagle related' coma A.Reid is gonna get with Jackson's crazy antics?

Man, the online eagles coverage has been real weak today. Does anyone know any sites with creative coverage or any entertaining blogs with discussion like this site?

johnrosz reply to EAGLES on Dec 19 at 18:40

igglesblog.com is pretty good. they do a writeup like 3 or 4 days after the game where they analyze the performance of each player on offense/defense/special teams. some of the guys that write over there are a little dumb, but there's also some quality stuff worth looking into.

Stan reply to johnrosz on Dec 19 at 19:51

I love that site. They have a scout, comedic writer, and finance expert, and a guy who does video reviews writing for that blog.


Tom Moore on Dec 20 at 0:23

Video: Evan Turner on the extra shooting he's doing with assistant Michael Curry to become more comfortable off the ball:


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