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Starting With A Bang

What a great win to start a road trip, I wouldn't discount it at all. The Sixers had Orlando looking discouraged in the 4th quarter with their play. The playoffs are a nice competition but I'd be more interested in the Sixers trying to trade Brand. If he has a few more games like that some team will want to take a shot on him. The worst contract in the league just got moved for a shorter deal, so anything can happen and Brand has actually been productive. One or two of these other teams will get desperate too, there's always some guy out there looking to make a short term move to save his job.

I have to say, Brand has probably been our best player this year. No, he's not back to his old Clipper form, but he's giving us 15 and 8 in 34 minutes a game, and he's scoring more efficiently than his career averages. In fact, on a per 36 minute basis, his assists, boards, and blocks are only slightly down, and his steals are up. Is he still overpaid? Yes. But it's not overwhelmingly so anymore, and his contract is not one of the worst in the league right now. Most people don't see a future with Brand and the Sixers, but with their improved play and the fact that he isn't taking minutes away from the young guys (he's not really affecting Thad's minutes), I think it's great that we have at least one competent big man who also has a positive impact on the youth with the way he carries himself, especially because we do not have many veterans on this team as it is.

Brian (or anyone else), I was wondering, is there a site when you can check the defensive rating over different time samples not only on the whole season. I know it'll be a very small sample but it would be interesting to see how the Sixers stack up with the defensive powerhouses in the league over the last 10 games or so...

That site is right here :) Or at least I can check for you.

Actually, I'm going to make this into a quick post.

deepsixersuede on Dec 20 at 7:45

I had to DVR the game [family obligations] and saw the boxscore before watching it. Hawes's line looked terrible but he actually seemed to be a factor defensively at least, which is rare in his case.

K.Fagen has a good article [inside the sixers] on our coach stressing defense in yesterdays phila. inquire. This team deserves a playoff spot in spight of any circumstances with their effort.

Chunky Soup, I think the days of giving Elton away may have passed, one because his contract is shorter and two because our coach depends on him defensively a lot. One thing is missing, E. Turner, and when he gets it, look out!!!!

Jess Sayan on Dec 20 at 13:10

Elton getting moved in a salary dump would have a direct negative on atleast hawes( elton literally pushes hawes into position at times) and jrue. He impacts the game similarly to how a shooter impacts the game. There would be no inside-out game.

If the team continues to play good basketball as they have recently, I'll personally enjoy seeing Elton ride out his contract in Philly. The young guns need a vet out there to lead the team, and I've been most impressed by how Brand has embraced that role this season. Things would be really ugly without Brand this season, and unless you can move him for someone who will 100 percent improve the team long term, it's nice to see a semblance of the guy we were so excited to see play back when the Sixers looked like a team on the rise w/Miller etc.

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