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8-3, How They Did It

This is very interesting thanks Brian.

What really strikes me is that except for the Boston game they've been very consistent on the defensive end. And their offense is better than i thought, although they do live and die by Meeks's stroke right now. When he's not on they struggle offensively but when he is on they are elite. But i guess that's what happens with every team more or less...

In other news, the sixers woke up today ranked 9th overall in Hollingers rankings, 4th in the east. He now projects them to win 42 games this season.

Also worth noting is that this didn't eactly happened as a result of a ridiculously easy schedule. The combined record of these 11 teams is 146-145, although they did play 8 of 11 at home.

Willie Green's sister and cousin passed away on the way home from the Hornets-Pistons game in Willie's home town. So sad, he always seemed to be a really good guy in his time with the Sixers, thoughts and prayers with him and his family.


Man, that's just terrible. Hate to hear that.

Good stuff. Brian. I had a feeling that that the defense was that good, but the offense has had stretches where it has been really good. Last time we played good basketball (the two playoff years), where were they in Off/Def Efficiency?

Taj Gibson is doubtful for the game tomorrow night. With Noah out, that leaves a frontcourt of Boozer-Asik-Kurt Thomas, and maybe Deng at the 4. Our chances of winning that game just got better.

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