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The Iguodala List

Taking a look at Synergy, Iguodala's 12th in the NBA on defensive points per possession on players who have defended a minimum of 100 points per possession, 6th among perimeter players.

Who are the six above him on the perimeter?

Err, five above him.

Marquis Daniels, Mario Chalmers, Andre Miller, Earl Watson, Ronnie Brewer

Yet more evidence that Andre Miller is the master of perimeter defense...

Four of those players are bench guys, so they aren't facing starters, let alone the opposing team's best wing.
(I do think Brewer is a good defender; his steals rate has to be among the league leaders and he doesn't get them by gambling.) I would think Thad has some pretty good numbers too, as he's been facing mostly reserve PFs.

Miller, I have no explanation for ;-).

Does Portland hide Miller? I can't remember how they defended the Sixers, but maybe they use Roy and Batum/Matthews to take the two best perimeter players on the opposing teams? That is surprising.

Just looking at those stats makes you so disgusted with the voters for the DPOY award. How can i guy with those stats not even get a mention in the DPOY race for years now...

Team reccord counts for a lot in DPOY voting.

Brian, great work. What's even more impressive than the overall numbers is the recent numbers: 11 straight games where he's held "his" man to 10 or fewer. I do think, though, that detractors could make the case that he was guarding primarily Marvin Williams [22 points] in the last Atlanta game, and he was guarding Wade [23 points] for a good portion of the last Miami game.

Looking back over the year to date, you could make the case that he's had only a couple poor defensive performances: vs. Marion in the Mavs game and vs. Granger in the first Pacers game. As I recall, Joe Johnson was hot in the first Hawks game. Nonetheless, no wing player that Iguodala has guarded has topped 22 points vs. the Sixers, a fairly remarkable accomplishment.

By the way, the Sixers are now #2 in the league opponent eFG%, completely unfathomable at this time last year ...

Alvin reply to Statman on Dec 20 at 17:14

Goes to show that it's not necessarily the personnel lacking, sometimes it's the coaching/philosophy/system that affects the team's defense the most. Although I must say I hardly feel that we're gonna get a stop anytime Lou or Speights is on the court.

Yeah, I saw that earlier. I'll add it to the reading list. Honestly, does a Battie trade do anything for us, either way? Maybe if they pick up a second round pick or something, I guess that could be worthwhile.

Orlando is reportedly "dangling" the horrible Duhon and Q. Richardson contracts. How nice of them.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 16:35

Yeah, I'd take another second-round pick over Battie.

helloflyers on Dec 20 at 16:38

Hey!!! ESPN 'Insider':

Trending Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Saturday's win over the Orlando Magic was the Sixers' eighth in their past 11 games, a run that has lifted Philadelphia's percentage points ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks for the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference. The 76ers have used a recipe that is familiar for coach Doug Collins: improvement at the defensive end of the floor.

Not bad....props to the Six and their D e f e n s e.

Stein has the Sixers at 16th, and I kind of agree w/ his logic about their offense:

One theory to explain the 8-3 revival beyond help from the schedule and Philly's vastly improved D: Opposing teams can't lock in on the Sixers because even they aren't sure night-to-night where their O will come from.

The Sixers do seriously have a different offensive star almost every night.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:07

So how would you defend the Sixers. This is what I'd try:

1. Trap Jrue and force the ball out of his hands. The kid does not handle pressure well, and I don't think he makes teams pay.

2. Put a center on Brand.

3. play 4 feet off of Thad. Dare him to shoot a weakly contested jumper. He generally only hits jumpers in rhythm, not on face ups.

4. Treat Lou like he has a STD. Don't touch him. Dare him to shoot. Do not contest his jumpers (or pump fakes.)

5. Dare Hawes to dribble. Get put the smaller big on him and get up in his grill. Make him shoot off balanced over the smaller player or put the ball on the floor. Hawes lacks to strength/balance to take advantage.

6. Meeks- close out hard. Force him to dribble, then pack in the interior. make him take mid-range jumpers.

7. Iguodala- Play your weakest defender on him and dare him to shoot (pay 5 feet off.) Pack in the lane. Iguodala rarely takes advantage of favorable match-ups.

Generally use Collins style defense- meaning pack in the lane and dare the Sixers to shoot wide open 16-23 foot jumpers. Keep good offensive floor balance to avoid fast break opportunities.

Yep, that sounds about right. Problem is, it's very difficult to do all of those things at once.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:15

I don't know how difficult it is. I just don't think many teams are game planning for them (or doing it correctly.)

The hardest part is how to get the ball out of Jrue's hands without leaving Meeks wide open. But the rest of it is simple:

Center on Brand.
PF on Hawes.
Don't waste a top defender on Iguodala.
Pack the lane.
Play off of Iguodala, Lou, Jrue and Thad. The only player you crowd on the perimeter is Meeks.

Sounds pretty basic.

Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 20 at 17:19

Why would you not put a top defender on Iguodala? You just need a smart guy to guard Meeks, Iguodala is much more of an all-around threat.

tk76 reply to Rich on Dec 20 at 17:41

It depends on who else in on the floor. I think generally Iguodala does not produce more against lesser defenders- but I could be wrong. So if Lou, Meeks or Thad is hot you might as well send your superior wing defender to cover those more "offensive minded" players.

You might be right about playing off of Iguodala. But I think many of his good passes are off of drives, and I'd much rather have him shooting semi-contested jumpers.

Playing off Iguodala leaves you exposed to his passing. I think if you give him room to breath, he's going to pick you apart. If he isn't taking a ton of shots. And doubling/trapping/pressuring Jrue is going to make at least one of the other things impossible.

Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 20 at 17:17

That's a lot of things you have to do, all pretty accurate, but it is easier said than done.

Brand is so deadly 1 on 1 from about 10 feet. He even had a great night with Howard on him the other night. Hawes has made some nice post moves (I know, I know, they are sissy hooks) recently, which probably isn't sustainable. I also think AI9 would chew up a guy playing 5 feet off him. He's not much of a driver anyway, you have to at least make him try to take tough shots.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 17:11

Yes, this season so far it's been anyone from Thad/Lou/Iggy/Brand/Jrue/Meeks taking turns to lead the team offensively.

It's tough for other teams to track, but also I guess the randomness has to do with the fact that none of our players really stand out offensively from the rest, except maybe Thad whose shooting percentage has been lights out this season.

It's also a willingness to ride the hot hand. There's no one on the team who demands a ton of possessions. If Jrue is hot, they ride him. If Meeks is hot, they all look to get him the ball. And on down the line.

There are problems with this model, of course. When you absolutely must have a hoop, and you're in a static, half-court situation, there isn't one guy you can look to. When you hit an offensive lull at points during the game, there's no one guy to go to for a hoop to stop the other team's run.

At times like that, I think you need to be able to go at matchups, if you have a favorable one on the floor, run a play for that guy.

That coupled with youth and a new coach is the reason we tend to lose those close games.

Aside for a second round pick (which honestly means nothing so late in the second round) what would you accept for Battie from Orlando?

How bout this one:


Q. Richardson

Orton and Clark are possible throw ins as well. All these trades work financially. We get rid of Nocioni and we can actually use a backup PG like Duhon (decent defender and three point shooter).

johnrosz reply to Xsago on Dec 20 at 17:53

I'm in favor of any trade that rids this team of Battie(the phantom veteran defender) and Nocioni.

raro reply to Xsago on Dec 20 at 18:06

I think at this point a backup PG is just as if not more important than having a defensive big.

Duhon could be a nice option.

That's the type of trade that will set the franchise back in a huge way. Take a look at the length of Duhon and Richardson's contracts. They're longer than Brand's. Absolutely the opposite of what this team needs.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 22:00

make them give up Redick too.

tk76 reply to Brian on Dec 20 at 22:43

Agree. the last thing they need are more Willie Green like contracts, where you have a fungible player attached to a long term contract- even if the cap number is small.

I think at this point having a backup PG is just as important, if not more, than having a defensive big.

Duhon could be a nice option.

raro reply to raro on Dec 20 at 18:09

ugh, that 'just as if not more' construction is tricky...

Duhon would be nice I guess, but doesn't Battie do more now to help the sixers win than Duhon would?

Yeah, I saw that, made me throw up in my mouth a little

It's nice to see internet investing stupidity still exists

The Greek on Dec 20 at 18:50

Duhon is terrible, But I agree we do need a cagey veteran for the backup pg spot. My Christmas present would be for us to trade Lou Williams for any expiring contract.

Also my condolences to the Green Family, as much as I rode Willy when he was here he always seemed like a superior person personality wise in the locker room.

Speaking of internet stupidity, Simmons somehow figured out a way for us to get rid of Brand, Iguodala and Speights in exchange for...not much...


Tray reply to das411 on Dec 20 at 20:51

In exchange for cap space, I guess, and whatever Kris Humphries is worth. Seems to be developing into a pretty decent player.

tk76 reply to Tray on Dec 20 at 23:29

Yeah, it save the team a boatload of money. But not sure where that money would go...

deepsixersuede on Dec 20 at 21:00

Do you guys think Battie and a 2nd rounder gets Orton? He has knee issues but may be worth a look.

I assume they're trying to get a second center to bump Orton to the third spot, not just trying to trade backup centers.

Tom Moore on Dec 20 at 21:49

Evan Turner working to get better without ball in his hands:


mgfields reply to Tom Moore on Dec 21 at 0:25

Thanks. Good article.

Tom Moore reply to mgfields on Dec 21 at 0:35

Thank you. Talked to them both last week and posted the Turner interview:


Tom Moore on Dec 21 at 0:36

Sixers will try to run with the Bulls:


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