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X's and O's: A Look At the Defense

Great job, Rich. The overall defense has been pretty amazing, but I think the defensive rebounding surprises me more than anything. They've obviously had games with lapses, but overall, they've been decent which is head and shoulders above what I thought it would be.

Tom Moore on Dec 21 at 11:09

Story on Evan Turner and the extra work he's doing to try to become more effective playing off the ball:


Great Post. I enjoy when I see a long post that, when I read it, it seems really short! (I don´t know if I made mmy point, it was a compliment)
Anyway, I´d like to add that when Korver is on the floor, he would be a really good match up with ET. He should be able to defend him by dening him the ball, and could also take advantage of him going to the rym (also because there will be no Noah waiting to help)
My opinion is that the kid needs some confidence, and drawing some fouls and hitting lay ups is the best way to do it, IMO.

deepsixersuede on Dec 21 at 11:59

Rich and Brian, Could you give your opinion on how Sam would of worked in a solid team defensive philosophy? We always talk about his offensive problems [spacing, working off of Elton, etc.] but was he a smart defensive player, in your opinion, and how good could he of been for Collins?

Personally, I think Collins would've used him like Riley used Alonzo Mourning in his prime. Chase guys off the three point line, favor their weak hands and funnel everything into the shotblocker. They'd be much, much better defensively with Dalembert. That's the weapon Collins is desperately missing on the defensive end.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 12:28

Me and my brother were discussing Thabeet and Deandre Jordan and how Collins may not go for them because they are very one dimensional. He seems to like to turn a guy with offensive skills into a solid defender rather than have to worry about playing 4 on 5 down the other end, it is just an opinion, but that is why I feel he will stick with Spieghts.

Defense is all about BB IQ, coaching and effort in my mind. If you have a talented offensive player with high BB IQ, who is willing to put the effort at the defensive end, there is a good chance that he learns how to play defense (it might take a while, but it's more than possible). That's what Collins is banking on in a way (we'll see whether he is right on this one).

I remember a study a few years back (i think before the new-look Lakers first title), that suggested that the notion about teams with good defense performing better in the playoffs is actually not accurate. The conclusion of the study was that teams with good offense, that can improve their defense in the playoffs through better effort (which is expectable because it's the playoffs), actually win more often come playoff time. The Lakers are a prime example for this.

I think Collins agrees with this to a degree, but that is precisely why Speights plays that little. His BB IQ is terrible unfortunately. I think that's one of the understated reasons why Dalembert was traded as well.

Joe reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 15:08

I think defense is about athleticism and length first and foremost. Of course effort, smarts, and all that are great.

The best typically are damn good athletes though.

Dear Doug,

Did you always wish you had an older brother too? Maybe one day we can have a catch.


Just kidding, really good post, always enjoy these

Rich reply to T McL on Dec 21 at 14:14

Hahaha, I might have to use that one when I write to him next.

Can anyone with ESPN insider post(rephrase or anything really) what does Hollinger has to say about the Sixers being for real in his latest Per Diem? Thank you in advance

Never mind i found it on another site :)

Interesting post on production by opposing teams by position.

Sixers do the 3rd best job against SGs in the NBA.

Interesting. So the Sixers are better than average at every position, with C being the worst at 99% of expected production.

I'm assuming the great SG numbers are due to the Sixers doing such a great job at chasing opponents off the three-point line. SG is the position you'd expect to be most influenced by three-point shooting.

Interesting post indeed.

So according to the post the sixers have what the 5th best defense in the league over the past 5 games. That sounds reasonable i guess. It also shows the Bobcats are the worst team in the league defensively which is absolutely unbelievable.

The second table is also interesting. It says Iguodala is the 10th best player in the league over the last 10 games. Nice!!!

Meant 10 games of course not 5 that's a typo

I'm hoping the Sixers have reinvolved themselves in the Anthony discussions. Maybe, Iggy plus 2 of the Nets first round picks could bring Anthony to the Nets and Favors plus expiring to the Sixers.

I have an idea that I think would strengthen our team and also help our brethren to the north (NJ, not New York) get Carmelo Anthony. If the main premise to the deal is Favors, Murphy and picks for Carmelo and Harrington (which is what's being reported), what do you guys think about us including Thaddeus in the deal to Denver, while we would get back Kris Humphries? I can see Denver looking at their roster without Carmelo and wanting a young SF to replace him (frankly I don't even see another SF on their roster currently). Is Damion James good enough? Not sure. OR, how about this crazy deal (that again, I think benefits everyone): Denver gets Favors, Murphy, picks, Devin Harris, and Aminu (from LAC). Clippers get Billups and Thad. NJ gets Melo, Harrington, and Baron Davis. Sixers get Humphries. Again, I could see Denver telling NJ that it's going to take Favors, Murphy, picks, and a young SF to get the deal done, and I'm not sure if Damion James will be good enough for Denver. Sorry to hijack the message board with fantasy trades, but I had to get it out there to see if it makes as much sense as I think it does.

Joe reply to Marty on Dec 21 at 14:33

I'd take Humphries and Damion James for Thad in a heartbeat. I'd try hard to get Nocioni involved in the deal for an expiring, though.

Marty reply to Joe on Dec 21 at 14:37

I'm in favor of any move that would strengthen us this year, doesn't effect us long-term (tieing up cap) and doesn't trade away core pieces (Jrue, Igoudala). If we can move Lou, Thad, or Speights for something more productive that would help us right now and doesn't hurt us in the future, I say you gotta do it.

I don't see Humphries as a guy that can help us win more this year.

I don't understand the hype about James. He is just an average old rookie in my mind.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 15:41

I like James, he improved his jump shot his senior year and is a tough defender and rebounder. He had 10 rebounds in limited minutes a game before he got hurt. A Desmond Mason type guy who I think will have a long career.

Horrible idea. Humphries is a borderline useless one dimensional player, while Young is a nice young piece. Additionally, we are not doing too bad so far in the rebounding department, why on earth would we want to get a guy like Humphries.

Joe reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 14:50

You call Humphries one dimensional and useless and then turn around and say Thad is a young piece. Thad is completely one-dimensional and went 2 straight years as a zero-dimensional player.

Thad is improving on the defensive end (he still has a long way to go but is getting better), and has significantly improved his passing. He is even rebounding better this year.

But at the end of the day we are comparing a 22 year guy who has shown flashes of being a very good player to a 25 year old one who is playing over his head right now.

Marty reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 14:51

Really? From what I've seen from him, he's a pretty productive big who could give us 15-20 solid minutes a night off the bench. I'm not high on Thaddeus at all. I hope we don't re-sign him.

deepsixersuede reply to Marty on Dec 21 at 15:18

For what it is worth, Humphries is on his 4th team already so must have some issues in spite of boarding well, because he and Thad were both picked around the same spot.

If I had to pick two guys in the nba to test for roids, it would be Chris Bosh last season (contract year) and Kris Humphries this year. Not that it matters, but he just suspiciously grew in the offseason. He's been pretty productive over the past two seasons, actually.

He's also an expiring contract. I'd think about it if you could get rid of Nocioni's contract in the deal. Wouldn't do Thad for Humprhies straight up, though. The Sixers don't have a lot of consistent offense, and I feel like Thad can provide it off the bench when they need it. Not sure Humphries helps this team more than Thad.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 21 at 15:35

If the Denver/ Nets scenerio plays out and Denver goes to rebuild mode would you target Nene for our young pieces or a pick? He can play next to Hawes or Elton and is a physical player.

I would even put Turner in the deal if Afflalo is included because he would be the perfect compliment to Jrue and Iggy.

He's probably going to opt out after this season, so you'd be trading Turner + expirings to rent Nene for the rest of the season and keep Aflalo (maybe) for one more year. Seems short-sighted to me.

We don't need Aflalo. Nene is a nice player but you don't trade Turner for him.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Dec 21 at 15:59

I wouldn't trade Turner unless the pieces gotten were here long term. But Turner may have to go if Collins has continued success with a shooter between Jrue and Iggy. If you feel this team could challenge the next 3 years for a championship I would consider it.

Nene, Hawes
Brand, [#1] Plumlee?
Iggy, Nucioni, [2013 #1]
Afflalo, Meeks
Jrue, Lou

Imagine how good this team could defend.

Nene doesn't strike me as a particularly good defender, but you're missing the point. This is the rotation you'll have this season:

Nene, Hawes
Brand, Thad
Iguodala, Nocioni
Meeks, Afflalo
Jrue, Willliams

This is the rotation you have next season, after Nene opts out and leaves.

Hawes (if they extend him)
Brand, Thad (if they extend him)
Iguodala, Nocioni
Meeks, Afflalo,
Jrue, Williams

With the #1 in there somewhere. You're renting Nene. So you're giving up Turner for 5 months of Nene and Afflalo. That doesn't make sense to me.

2 trades I would do are iggy for wilson chandler Chandler is younger, taller, better rebounder and a better scorer or Iggy for gerald wallace. Wallace is accomplised scorer and rebounder

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