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An Opportunity in Chicago

MylesKong on Dec 21 at 15:05

Sounds like Thad is going to have a day at the smorgasbord.

Whether or not he's a superstar yet, Derrick Rose does get super star treatment from the refs

5.1 FTA isn't a ton for a guy that takes 20+ shots/game. If he's getting the superstar treatement from the refs, he probably isn't attacking as much as he should be. Need to take a look at his shot location data.

9.7 attempts from 16+ feet (including threes). That's an awful lot. He takes a bunch of floaters, too, which don't draw a whole lot of contact.

The two times Rose and Turner met their senior year in high school, Turner defended Rose pretty well (when matched up). Wonder if Collins will use Turner with his familiarity with Rose?

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