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Game 30 Thread: PHI @ DEN

mgfields on Dec 26 at 20:00

Lou is my least favorite Sixer, so these next two games may be two of my favorites so far this year.

Hmmn. So the Nuggets have been looking for Al Harrington to initiate offense, which has been a horrible decision on their part. The only problem is I remember Harrington torching the Sixers when he was a Knick. Something to keep an eye on when he's at the four.

I'm going to be extremely upset if Nocioni gets most of Lou's minutes tonight.

Alright, here we go....

Hawes sort of won the tip and had it stolen, again.

Long 2 for Jrue. Odd shot, but he hit it.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:14

How many times was EB going to head-fake there?

Just until he fell down.

Can't give Chauncey that space, Jrue. He's not quick enough to blow by you, get up on him.

Hey Guys,

I am stil down in Colombia. Does anyone have a link I canuse?

Much appreciated.


Ugh, Hawes w/ the missed slam.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:16

Hawes with the Dr. J-esque statue of liberty - except he didn't make it. lol

That dribble turned an open three into a contested three for Jrue. He's having problems w/ Chauncey on the other end too.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:17

the Nugs announcer already said "...he doesn't have enough knowledge to guard Chauncey."

Meeks shooting bricks again. Get him out soon please Doug.

Fucking Meeks. Can't hit the broad side of a barn.

And Nocioni is the first guy off the bench. Fuck me.

Can't go under, Jrue. Ugh.

Not saying anything mind-shattering here, but I HATE Nocioni as the first guy off the bench. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

turner at point?

Lost my feed for a minute there. Guess Jrue picked up his second.

Hey Brian, which young center do you like more, Spencer Hawes or DeAndre Jordan?

I think you know the answer to that.

You'd be hard pressed to find a young center I like less than Hawes.

Jakey reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:31

They're both going to be restricted free agents next year. They have similar numbers. i wonder who'll command more money.

I'd be thrilled if they could swap one for the other.

The Sixers don't look like the well-rested team out there right now.

2 shots for Iguodala, 2 off balance fadeaways.

I was trying to figure out why I was in such a good mood today. It's because I haven't had to watch Nocioni or Hawes try to make plays off the dribble for a couple days.

Mid-range miss for Turner, really flat too.

james reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 20:30

Last ten games Evan is 8 for 30

Good communication between EB and ET on that P&R. You could hear EB yelling, "Over"

nice heads up play, #9

Please put turner right into the fucking post w/ Lawson on him.

Instead we get a sissy hook from Hawes.

12 foot hook shot, nice one Kareem.

Iguodala in the post w/ Chauncey on him works too. They should not have problems scoring against this unit.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:29

Lawson abusing ET off the dribble.

Lawson abuses a lot of people off the dribble. He actually did a nice job there, kept him in front. If there's any semblance of shot-blocking that gets sent into the first row.

so wait - young is incapable of finishing with his right?

I love seeing Nocioni's concrete feet on display.

Nice board by Thad. Didn't amount to anything. Turner active hands on the defensive end. Didn't amount to anything.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:34

Terrible 1st quarter. They're still on Christmas break. I sense a potential blowout here so far.

This is very disappointing. How do you not attack that matchup?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:36

Same reason he didn't attack Jrue w/ Nate on him the other night?

I guess. Frustrating.

Thad didn't read the scouting report. That was a deep one, but you can't play 4 feet off Harrington.

That was um, bad.

PHI 13, DEN 25 after one.

Yuck. How many more years until Jrue is consistently good and minimized stupid errors?

Could be 2 or 3, could be 0. Who knows?

Could also never happen.

team shot 6/26 in the first quarter.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:38

Good turnover created by Thad and rewarded with a slam on the other end.

Look at this fucking lineup.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:40

I prefer not to after I see the Mullet on the floor.

Harrington's done for the game. That's good, I guess.

Thad is the only one that looks like he got some sleep over the break.

1-3-1 zone for the Sixers. Kinda like it, I think.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:42

Good post-entry bounce pass by Thad to EB there.

Meeks had a guy playing way off him there. I think even Kapono though he would have shot it. I don't get it.

Fucking do something with it, Turner? Just god damned dribbling it at the top of the floor.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:46

It's tough to defend Collins for pulling him, but it must be frustrating to watch that.

Words can't explain how bad Nocioni was in that stretch.

Three on Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:46

I will be......that's 3 on Jrue. We have absolutely no semblance of a ball handler when he goes out or a creator. Turner just doesn't cut it.

zjrue needs to learn something about avoiding fouls.

I feel like every late December I am most frustrated with this team. Then resignation sets in.

How the hell was that continuation?

Did Thad block that?

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:49

Man, Thad is straight beasting it on both ends of the floor.

Nice drive and finish by Turner. How about a couple more of those?

And the steal, then avoids the charge. Good work.

yeah turner, maybe he can get it going

Welcome to the NBA ET. Been waiting to see you.

Thad is fucking on fire. Wow.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:54

Imagine if the midrange was more consistent. Only 24 percent from long twos range, and he takes 2 a game.

Why the hell doesn't Turner attack like that off a screen more? I know he doesn't have it one on one right now, but he should at least be aggressive when he's got a ball-screen.

Yeah, when's already got a half-step after the catch. Completely agree.

tk76 reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 20:53

Let's just hope he starts to from now on...

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:52

Amazing we are only down three. 26 of our 32 pts are in the paint. Thad is arguably the only reason we are in this thing.

Who's going to argue with you about that? :)

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:54

Well, EB has been pretty good so far too

What number was Shelden Williams drafted? Was he #2 that year?

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:55

Four I believe.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 20:55

#4 wasn't he?

What a waste.

Interesting. He's got Turner on Lawson and Meeks on Chauncey here.

Hey, Meeks hit a jumper.

Jodie hits the ones on the move, though the spot-ups are a different animal. Weird.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 20:58

Why did Evan back off Ty there? it was only 4 left on the clock.

Nice move in the inside by Turner after Ty blew the bunny on the other end. And one.

Well, Turner's shooting. I guess that's step one, right?

Someone mentioned this before, but Turner looks his best when the play has broken down and it's ragged out there

Yup, absolutely.

I think that's basically what the entire game was like at Ohio State last year. Wasn't their offense kind of like organized chaos?

Good to see some life from Turner. Right now though, his lack of any jumper whatsoever is killing him. I liked that play, no doubt, but it was really lazy defense from Chauncey. A good defender makes him take a pull-up 8-10 footer, which isn't a bad shot, but he can't make it right now. He's not a freight train on drives like LeBron so he's going to have to have a mid-range shot in his arsenal.

Ugh. They're free.

Jesus, Hawes. You fouled him, you heard the whistle. Finish the fucking play and foul him again instead of giving him the uncontested layup.

What was that?

james reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:04

was that suppose to be a floater by Turner?

No idea at all.

Meeks for three.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:04

Birdman looks like he may be choking from all that ink on his neck.

Again with that ugly shot and the missed FT, he's not anything if he isn't getting to the rim.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:06

Dag, Turner can't shoot a lick can he....

Have your feet set, Meeks.

They wait until he has Chauncey on him to put him in the post. Don't get it.

Alright, much better second quarter. Need to bring that same energy after the break.

PHI 43, DEN 46

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:08

Pretty good 2nd quarter. Back in it at least.

Never though I'd say this, but, Turner makes me long for Lou to be on the court. Now, that's sad.

The jumpers were ugly, but he did contribute. 2 boards, 2 dimes, 3 steals, 0 turnovers. 10 shots for 8 points is bad, obviously, but at least he's doing something.

Alright, I'll bite.

I know he can't shoot a lick, but there is no way that quarter he just played should make you "Long for Lou."

Yeah. Outside of his J's (which are very flat and will use a lot of work to be effective beyond 18 feet), he's playing well.

At least he contributes when his shot isn't falling. Lou needs to be hot to not be a negative.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 21:13

Are you the eternal Turner apologist, or, just feel the need to "parent" my beliefs?

Whatever you want to call me, Turner contributed across the board. He took good shots, generally played the right way. Stuff that Lou Williams has never really done. Lou shoots 36 percent from the field too, so Turner is better than his average there. Turner played well there in that 2nd Quarter.

I was giving my opinion that Turner should be getting a majority of Lou's minutes. I'm not sure what that would make me, but if you would like to pigeonhole me and define me, let me know what I am.

OK, need the first unit to do much better than they did in the first quarter. Yes, I just stated the obvious.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:23

I mean, even Jodie has one rebound and one assist and Lawson even has 2 rebounds. One of those steals ET got was a player dribbling it off of Hawes' foot. You can luck into a couple of box score stats if you're on the floor 18 minutes. The kid, at this point, brings next to nothing.

Look, I don't completely agree with you, but that's been established. I'm just saying, he was good in that half.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 21:28

Cool, but if you call that good, I'd hate to see average.

I don't care about stats so much over the course of a half. Turner's looked aggressive, and hasn't been a net-negative on the court. Considering how he's played before, that's a step.

I also think right now Turner might be a better defender at his position than Jrue is, who right now I think is a bit overrated defensively, and this gets lost in his offensive struggles. So, when I say "he's able to contribute even when not scoring", it's not just about boxscore, but also defensively.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 26 at 22:44

Evan's defense is just as overrated as Jrue's.

Ugh, off Martin's head, right to Afflalo.

EB had a rebound there if he wasn't arguing. Doug needs a timeout.

Jrue needs to stay on the fucking floor and take over on offense.

Clear path?

Yup, Iguodala by a nose.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:26

Jrue looking nice early. Just no more fouls.

Jrue has 11 points in 8 minutes.

Freebies. Ugh.

There we go. 24-minute game.

err, meant 21.

neither snow nor zumoff understand clear path fouls?

Neither do Denver's announcers.

You fucking blow, Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:30

Sheesh Jrue. WTF was that?

He should've just put it up. That was ugly.

jrue has come out with purpose this half

Jrue is in complete attack mode.

Too much dribbling by Jrue that possession, and any possession that ends w/ a Meeks dribble drive is a failure.

Heady play by Iguodala.

blown freebie.

come on, say something to Meeks, please.


Wow, that was a veteran play by Jrue. He passed up a tough three that I thought he was gonna take. Looked at the clock, and saw he had 24 seconds on the clock, and used a screen for the 'and one.'

On another note, Jrue is an excellent bad foot finisher. He doesn't need to be attacking a certain way to finish.

That was a foul on chauncey. Thad w/ another J.

Chauncey has made some really lazy plays tonight.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:39

4 on Jrue, BS call though.

Fuck me. Bullshit call on Jrue, and he's done until the fourth.

interesting lineup

The P and R with Turner has to be lower on the floor. If it's out at the 3 point line, he's no threat at all and they'll just go under.

Make your FTs, everyone.

Lawson self destructing.

Jrue and Thad are carrying this offense. Take a look at the pts/fga for everyone else.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:45

Definitely. 29 on 17 shots for those two.

They should probably keep posting Turner up if they want a good look. If he gets a 1 on 1 chance with Lawson, he should use that spin move and get to the rim.

Yay, more Nocioni.

Come on Dre, this is embarassing.

2/7 from the line for Iguodala. i'm sure that won't come back to haunt them. Make it 2/8.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:47

Is a wide open 15 footer called a 'free throw' that hard?

I do enjoy watching Nocioni play perimeter defense, though. It's like watching a bad movie over and over again.

Overhelp by Turner there. Iguodala has Smith under control.

Finally got in the post and missed the baseline J. Bleh.

Jrue's gotta come back to start this quarter.


eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:51

Not so good ending to that quarter. Still calling a Dre iso to end the period, has to be some better options, no?

Pretty mundane third. Sixers had a nice run, then gave it all back.

PHI 66, DEN 71 after three.

Need Jrue on the floor to start the fourth, and hopefully able to say out there throughout it.

Hah, anyone else pick up the irony in Iguodala missing a "foul line" jumper to close out the qtr?

Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 26 at 21:53

I had a better feeling on that shot than the last two FTs he took.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:53

more isos for Iguodala at end of quarters please...

wonderful, nocioni dribble drive to start the fourth.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:55

Thad, son, you are on tonight.

Ugh. Bad start.

I'd love to tell you what lineup I want out there. All I know is it's not this one.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 21:58

Jrue, Turner/Meeks, Iguodala, Thad, and Brand. Ride that one until you can't.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 21:58

i hate this team, sick of this mess.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 21:58

Does ET think he's literally spacing the floor by camping out and just standing around at the 3 pt line....seems that's all he ever does,.. well, when he's not in Turner's corner, guess that's still at the arc though.

Fuck you, Nocioni.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:02

Minus 13 in 14 minutes. Damn.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:00

Yeah, Jrue, put them on your back and get back in this thing.

Meeks has got to give that ball up on the fast break.

Nice pass, thad.

Really looking better this year passing off the dribble. An incremental improvement, but each little step helps his effectiveness.

Meeks, you are such garbage.

Meeks HAS to give that ball right back to Thad. What an idiot.

Alright, down 6 with 6 minutes to go. Put the pedal to the metal here.

And please let Lawson keep killing Denver.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:07

I like our chances with this lineup he put in: Jrue, Meeks, Dre, Thad, EB.

I can say one thing in Meeks' favor: He makes his free throws, and on this team right now, that's an invaluable skill.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 22:11

But I shouldn't long for Lou.............

I'm not really longing for the 11 possessions he takes to score his 11 points.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 26 at 22:29

But yet, you long for Evan to take 11 possessions to get 8 pts with no trips to the line? Go figure.....

I long for a player who's not a defensive sieve, and also for Evan to get enough time to develop, since I think Lou's irrelevant to this team long term.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 26 at 22:42

In due time you'll see that Evan is irrelevant long term too. Patience.



eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 23:24

For myself, I don't need any patience with a guy who can't shoot, has next to no athleticism, no defined position, very limited versatility, and is already 22 years old to boot.

We just fundamentally disagree. No point going back and forth. Don't want this to be another Jrue vs Lawson distraction.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:11

Let's go.....2 pt game. Stops.

Maybe they should change their name to the Eighty Sixers. I always feel like the score is in the low 80s as we enter crunch time.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:12

Ugh, tie game and Thad commits a petty foul. If we could just get the lead.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:13

Thad gets it back w/ a foul line J.

These are all garbage, giveaway fouls.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:15

And Dre makes one of two......damn.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:16

Called TO in the middle of that possession. Wonder what Doug is going to come out with here? Better not be a Dre iso.

I know I argued for Iguodala the other night, but I didn't like that possession, even if he got Thad a good look. The ball should go to Thad at the start of the possession tonight. He's earned it. If not, get Jrue/EB in pick and roll.

Ugh, sorry my wife set off the fire alarm. I'm all caught up now.

1-point game w/ under 3 to go. 11 missed free throws, unreal.

Wait, did they count that hoop by Afflalo even though it was clearly after the shot clock expired?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:20

Think they took it back.

Yeah, they did.


eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:19

Jrue with the floater, up 3. Stops!

Ah, a Jrue/Thad P and R. Happy medium. Nice play, coach.

Nice move by Collins putting Iguodala on Chauncey.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:20

EB has battled his ass off tonight on the glass, on both ends.

Come on!!!! Finish this fucker off.

Thank God for Lawson, huh?

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:21

Terrible possession there w/ EB having to create.

Ugh, a dunk by Nene

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:22



Jodie finally hit a spot-up! Beautiful.

finally meeks

Had to double Jrue to stop him, and he hits Meeks wide open for the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE THREE!!!!


And the fact that the Sixers are on the right side of match-up where the home team had to travel off a back-back while the road team is rested.

The Sixers have certainly been on the wrong side enough.

They're buying time, letting the tired Nuggets catch their breath. Fucking BS.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 22:28

glad that Doug did all he could to put the ball in Jrue's hands during crunch time. that's huge for him.

I hope Collins told them not to leave Smith, Afflalo or Billups in that 10 minutes.

Smart foul, Lawson.

Turner for Brand, small D here.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:31

I'm glad Doug decided to get Noc and Turner's tired asses out of there in that fourth quarter. We were down around double digits I think when they both eventually went out.

Hit the freebies, Jrue. Put a fork in 'em.

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:34

Really weird thing about this road trip: Every single team we have played so far has been without major players. Not sure if it's good that we're only 2-2 though.

I was waiting for the "these wins don't count" comments to start pouring in.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:36

Oh, they all count. Just that if we really have arrived we should be 4-0, at the least 3-1.

I don't think it's unfair to say that the quality of the win is less because of missing players. I didn't feel very good about how well they played through three quarters. The 4th quarter was nice, but the first three without Carmelo shouldn't have happened.

Jrue or Brand for POTG? Thad carried them in the first half offensively, but at the end of the day it's either Jrue's offense or Brand's defense/rebounding.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:35

Brand for me, he had some big blocks too.

Jesse reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 22:43

Brand. Defense was great. Jrue couldn't stay on the court until the 4th quarter.

This. As great as Jrue was, we need him to be able to stay on the court for more than 25 minutes. Brand affected the game consistently throughout.

I agree. But in this case with back to back games is not that bad the resting time he got.
Also, ET should play 15-20 minutes every game, no matter what..

Nice win. I'm not sure how great it was because Denver didn't have Melo. On the other hand, it was great because Jrue and Thad lead the way. Meeks did have some really nice moments down the stretch and Turner played 27 minutes and had some nice moments. Young guys lead the way, which is a strong sign.

Nocioni, Battie and Hawes were terrible, but I don't really care about them.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 26 at 22:37

Forgot about EB, the only vet that I really care about how he plays. He's your POTG.

sixers broadcast has jrue and thad both as potg

I'll vote for Brand.

Shawn reply to tk76 on Dec 26 at 22:38

Brand fo sho

eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:39

Side note: So, Doug trusts Jrue enough to give him the ball tonight at the end but didn't trust him to have it vs the Celts and a few other times this year (don't remember the specific games), instead giving it to Dre.

Collins has been reading Fagan...

Jrue's decision making has been very suspect at times down the stretch. This game was big for him.

johnrosz reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 26 at 22:45

that was a nice play, how come they don't try to run 2 man game with Jrue and Thad more often?

Rich reply to johnrosz on Dec 26 at 22:49

Don't know, but that was a great play. I liked that they ran some off the ball action to spring that pick late. That way the defense really had no preparation for what was coming.

there was a good chance they would have fouled iguodala if he got in the lane. so bc of the way he was shooting from the stripe all night i have to think collins wanted no part of that.

johnrosz on Dec 26 at 22:44

Eddie's Heady's, still wish they took Lawson over Jrue?

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Dec 26 at 22:45


johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:48


well that is just ridiculous

Turtle Bay reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 26 at 22:56

You. Are. Dumb.

Tray reply to Turtle Bay on Dec 26 at 23:12


Turner looked better today, though I wish he would get a jump shot and move more off the ball, instead of just calling for it all the time when he's open on the three-point line.

I think the jury is still out. I like both players, altjhough I doubt either will be a star in this league.

Tom Moore on Dec 26 at 23:31

Sixers mile high after win in Denver:


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