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Game 31 Thread: PHI @ GSW

If curry is still recovering from his injury, I'd put meeks on him since he'll be an easier cover - he was terrible on christmas

Bobcooney on twitter says no iggy tonight. 40 mins for ET?

Jason reply to Jason on Dec 27 at 21:58

lol nvm, Nocioni starts, will love to see him defend tonight.

Turtle Bay reply to Jason on Dec 27 at 22:01

No Iguodala? Great, this was a winnable game.

Jason reply to Turtle Bay on Dec 27 at 22:03

Luck evening out imo. Still winnable, not sure if meeks/nocioni starting is the best idea but DC doesn't always give his starters starter minutes. The Guards are just Meeks, ET, and holiday tonight right? Also Thad will probably play some 3 which i want to see.

Well this is just great news. Fucking Nocioni, huh? Is it Iguodala's achilles again?

The lineups and prediction have been updated accordingly above.

According to this, yes it's his Achilles flaring up again

Hey TK - is this normal?

I wonder how Ed REndell feels about this. Jeremy Lin would probably be playing and doing calculus at the same time (way to be a douche bag rendell)

Vegas says iggy is worth 1.5 points. line jumped from 2.5 to 4.

If I was a betting man, I'd take Golden State.

You think Iguodala is worth 15 points :)

40 minutes of Iguodala vs. 30+ minutes of Nocioni, on both ends = 15 points, minimum. Unless Nocioni somehow catches fire from three, then it's probably just more like 5 points.

League Pass has both feeds out here tonight, should I endure the sixers feed or risk the warriors?

I have a choice, going w/ the philly broadcast.

I've heard such bad things about Eric Snow though - not sure :)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 22:33

once you get past the uncontrollable, often unwarranted giggling, throughout the ENTIRE game...he's not awful. I've just never heard someone so easily amused in my life.

Oh, he's bad. No doubt about that. Tray hates Zumoff more than I hate Hawes and Nocioni combined.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 22:40

I loved the chemistry that Zumoff and Mix had back in the day. Not sure why CSN parted with Mix, he was great. Must've been showing up drunk or trying to work a little bit too much charm with the interns.

If showing up drunk got you fired, the phillies would have fired harry kalas in the 70s

Joe reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 22:34

I think Pickney was worse, but Snow is bad.

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 22:31

you'd think the Sixers would be a little bit more cautious when dealing with an achilles injury, wouldn't you? Why does he keep coming back prematurely? Or is this just a chronic type thing that proper rest won't heal in the short term. ugh

I don't know which is why I inquired of TK (TK76) who is a doctor (or at least plays one well on the internet), because maybe tendinitis is kind of like faciitis and keeps flaring up? Maybe the game last night (the altitude) made it flair up for all I know,

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 22:38

yeah, well if theres even like a 2% chance that tendinitis can lead to the rupture that Elton Brand endured, I would have Iggy out for as long as he wants. Doesn't make sense for him to gut it out on a team thats an 8 seed at best, and lets be honest, a rupture would ruin absolutely ruin this franchise.

They'd get an insurance exemption, which would keep them way below the luxury tax threshold for at least another year. Don't give Snider any ideas, though.

Here's my last-second prediction:

Turner scores 20+ points, the Sixers lose, we hear nothing but "Iguodala is holding Turner back" for the next two days.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 22:34

I think you'll gladly take that bickering for 2 days in exchange for Turner having his first quality showing in a while. won't you?

Considering it'll happen either way, yeah. Definitely.

So Collins is down 2 guys from his preferred seven-man rotation. Kapono isn't available either. He's going to have to find 96 minutes out of Meeks/Jrue/Turner at the guards and 48 minutes at the three out of Nocioni/Thad/Turner. Brand played 40 last night. Man, this is ugly.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 22:38

Is Brackins active?

I hope not. Guy looks like he could do some serious damage in limited action.

According to the yahoo box score pregame info he is

Quick questions: Since Sixers wins against teams missing player and/or playing second night of a back-to-back don't count, would a Sixers win without their best player on the second night of a back-to-back against a healthy team count as two wins?

Jason reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 22:37

lol what.

Comcast in studio heads were making excuses for the wins smart ass :)

For those who have both options for broadcasters, just be thankful you don't have to deal with Heinsohn or Sean Elliot, who are the two biggest homers in the league.

When was Keith Smart a head coach before this season?

There's Brackins, he's not wearing a suit, so maybe we get to see him. Wonder if he gets in the game before Speights.

Alright, Hawes wins the type, almost accidentally.

Aaaand, Hawes turns it over on the first possession.

"ball friendly"

Nocioni blown bunny.

It looks like Jrue is on Curry, Meeks on Monta.

A nice ugly start on both ends of the floor for both teams

Damn man, way too many of these starts recently. How did Jrue miss that?

How did Elton miss that little 6 footer (or so) it's his bread and butter

Gadzuric is still in the league?

Ugh, that blown bunny by Jrue touched every centimeter of the rim before spinning out. MFer.

GSW might be the worst defenseive team I'm ever seen.

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 22:44

that might have been the worst minute and a half of basketball ever played

Aaaand a Nocioni dribble drive ends in a charge. Shocker.

Shooting just like they did at the start last night.

Nocioni and Hawes have it going tonight!

I can't even say get Hawes the fuck out of there, they don't have enough bodies.

LOL Nocioni almost knocked that easy rebound out of bounds.

Nocioni and Hawes are destroying any chance of success right now.

Yup. Double-handedly.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 22:47

Alright Jrue, don't foul him jump shooting now.

If Jrue doesn't create for this group, they just have no prayer.

Nocioni says look at me know

That's a fucking kick!

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 22:49


How is that call not made?

Bad officiating in the NBA - i'm shocked

clearly a kicked ball

Nice hands, Meeks.

Dribbling against a zone is typically a good idea.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 22:51

Why is Jrue helping off there on Curry? He was wide open.

Didn't Thad go off in the first half of a game against these guys last year? He may need to play 38-40 minutes tonight.

I hate when Meeks puts the ball on the floor.

You can sub Nocioni and Hawes into that sentence as well.

Every time Dalembert took that shot from the top of the key I hated it, even when he made it, I don't like it any more when Hawes does it

Turner and Thad first off the bench

And they went small. I guess they can bring a big in next, move Turner to one of the guard positions, but Meeks/Holiday are going to have to play heavy minutes.

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 22:52

jodie meeks is horrible

Jason reply to johnrosz on Dec 27 at 22:53

I don't understand why shooters are so against shooting 3s.

I know the sixers get the ball back - but that was another non called kick

3/12 from the floor with 5 turnovers. Awesome.

The good news: 3 assists on 3 made field goals. At this rate, they'll have 23 assists on 23 makes.

I wonder how Curry does defending the post, might be worth a shot to put him in there with Turner or Jrue.

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 22:55

Nocioni, well done. Can they just leave him in California

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 22:57

Whew, Thad gets to the line but Jrue should have shot that first shot in the lane instead of trying to dump it off.

Nice work, Thad. Turner should've taken another dribble and tried to dunk that.

Wow Thad is like controlled chaos almost on that drive

Heh, Jrue was trying to dump that off and got the foul/hoop.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 22:58

There you go, Jrue. Steph can't guard you. Put them on your back kid.

Thad might need to score 40, let alone play 40 minutes.

Jrue just put two on Curry. Tray is smiling somewhere.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 22:59

Yeah, Jrue to the line again.

Yeah, Amundson has no prayer on Thad. Jrue's in attack mode again, nice.

Reggie Williams in for curry


Now he's just showing off

man...thads been lookin great


eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:00

Atta boy Thad. Same energy as last night.

Jrue should have taken that 3

Great find by Jrue. Meeks for three.

Turner got smoked on that backdoor.

Why is he on Ellis anyway?

It was a switch on that play, I think. Jrue pressured the ball in the backcourt, then I saw him pointing toward where Ellis was. Pretty sure he was telling Turner to pick him up and he just took the ball coming up the floor.

sixers are really clickin

Getting all good looks

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:02

Would like to see more of that two-man game btw Jrue and Thad tonight.

Sixers on a 17-4 run

Can't really quantify how well Jrue is running the show right now.

Another great pass by Jrue.

Seems like the game kind of turned when Nocioni's ass hit the bench. Probably has more to do with Thad, though.

Jrue has 6 assists already.

Iguodala is holding him back

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 23:04

this looks like a videogame.

not to go eddies headys, but jesus christ Evan, you are starting to scare the shit out of me

Terrible Turnover for Turner. Jesus Christ.

third times the charm, ref makes the kick call

Really bad sequence by Turner.

SISSY HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sissy Hook drops. Another assist for Jrue.

sissy hook!

ET wants to be a pg soooo bad



I'm Jrue Holiday

This is my team

Jrue is on pace for 32 and 28 dimes.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:08

Jrue 3!

Really good comeback after Thad was inserted into the game. Were down 16-4 but go on a 21-4 run. Hope they have enough left in the tank in 4th quarter at this pace though.

Well, you aren't going to see a much better quarter from your PG than what we just saw from Jrue. 8 points and 7 assists and only 1 bullshit turnover that was actually a kick.

PHI 30, GSW 25

Any chance Collins tries to get 48 minutes out of Jrue?

How much do they charge for that csnphilly ipad app I wonder?

johnrosz on Dec 27 at 23:10

ET's head must be spinning. Nelly ball has broken out

Shit, here comes Nocioni. And for Jrue nonetheless.

Turner at the point, no other option.

Jrue bench, Nocioni in, Turner point guard

Udoh in

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:11

Uh-oh Jrue just went out.

Sissy Hook!!!!!!1

Turner is gonna have to play better in this stretch with Jrue out. Thad needs touches. Ah, a sissy hook drops.

I don't get why guys are suddenly deadly from three when they go to GSW and Phoenix.

Meeks dribble drive, ugh.

Turner's jumper on that break was a bad shot, he was completely drifting to the baseline, need a better look in that situation.

It's tough to keep up in the game thread when the game is played at this pace.

Mark it zero! OVer the line! Mark it zero, Donnie.

Vlad Rad has no prayer against Brand.

Ragged play. Just keep a lead until Jrue can get back in, please.

ETs first jump ball?

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:17

Come on Doug, get Jrue back in the game he only played limited min last night.

Turner's garbage at backup point.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:19

Dammit, he still didn't put Jrue back in after that timeout.

Couldn't. Turner was jumping it up.

Nice pass, Monta.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 23:21

Well, he could've b/c he still left ET in when he brought Jrue back.

Yeah, just saw that. Oh well.

he won the tip!! our little boy is all growns up!

Carney in the game.

wow this is really ugly

Good to see Carney has the same 1 on 1 offensive repetoire.

Heh, I was thinking the same thing.

EB needs more touches.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:25

Good set-up Jrue to EB.

Pretty play JH to EB for the 12-footer.


Udoh has really good shotblocking skills/instincts.

I'd love to see more pick and roll with Jrue. Too bad we don't have many bigs who actually roll.

At least Nocioni hit the rim on that corner three. Gotta start somewhere.

on the defensive end, does anybody else hear one of the 76ers really talking out there? who is it? ET?

Can't tell. I'd prefer he stick with Curry instead of yelling, if it is him.

Nocioni w/ the dribble drive.

That was on Thad, who wandered off of Carney to help on the pick and roll then drifted and never got back. It was Turner's rotation to switch to Carney, and Thad had to rotate over to Curry. There was plenty of time for those two rotations.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:27

Thad, Thad, keep it going, whatever it is.

Can't leave Curry, Turner. Ugh.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 23:30

God he really is an overhelper.

pugnacious = belligerent, Zu

Nocioni with a tough man drive.

The ball shot by the Mullet there looked confused that it went in.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:30

Hasn't Turner had enough run, DC? Get Meeks back in there, he'll at least shoot it after camping out at the line or get to the line off his funky dribble drives.

Well, they're trying to go to Turner in the post w/ Curry on him. Bad entry pass by Jrue.

I think I'd stick w/ the Thad/Carney matchup, though.

6/10 from three for GSW.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:32

SHit, sweet spin by Jrue for the layup.

Wow, pretty move by Jrue on the give and go w/ Thad.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:34

Damn, Thad what a brick.

What the heck was that by Noc at midcourt? he had other teammates back behind him to defend

That's the toughness we get with the Mullet.

That wasn't really a great play by Nocioni. Thad and Jrue were both back on defense, it was 1 on 3.

How many steps does Monta Ellis get when he plays at home, 6 or 7?

They're doubling Jrue. He's going to make them pay for that.

I feel like 3 Sixers are on the court... Thad, Brand, and Jrue. No one else seems involved.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:35

They're not calling squat on EB in the post, he's getting mauled in there.

3 balls killing us. ugh

That's 3 on curry and that should be a tech

Three on Curry. Sixers get last shot, Curry should be getting a tech.

Thaddeus - that was terrible

I'm surprised Curry didn't get T'd up there. I kind of agree with him, could have been a no-call.

Thad took too may jumpers down the stretch there.

I was surprised too, didn't realize he already got superstar privileges in the NBA

The NBA loves scorers.

Poor second quarter. Sixers getting absolutely killed by the three (GSW 9/13 from deep in the first half)

PHI 49, GSW 55

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:37

Sorry, but Turner makes me laugh. Several times he just stands at the arc with his hands up as if he's a threat to knock down a 3. The guys, of course, just ignore him.

ive never seen a player raise his hand for the ball as much as turner

eddies' heady's reply to jaypiddler on Dec 27 at 23:48

I think he's just pointing his finger and saying "phone homeeee...."

Hmm...no irritating switch to Rick Kamla during halftime, that's nice

I've got about 51 possessions in the first half. Way too fast for the Sixers on the second night of the b-2-b. Need to slow it down a little in the second half, chase GSW off the three-point line.

Collins has his work cut out for him, way too much help on drivers in that half. It's weird too, because it didn't seem like the Sixers were getting blown by on defense. Lee was just shooting jumpers too.

Collins really shouldn't go with that same starting unit at the beginning of the third. Keep Thad on the floor for Nocioni. Can't have another slow start, they'll be down by 15 in the blink of an eye.

When's the last time a sixer coach did such a sacrilege in a non injury situation?

He's done it at least once this season. I think Hawes didn't start the third in one his more pitiful games.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 27 at 23:46

Totally agree. How can he not bring Thad out to start here? If he doesn't I'd guess he'd say he would have no scoring punch with his 2nd unit with Lou out and Noc and Evan invisible pretty much.

I thought he would give Speights some burn with Dre out but even Battie hasn't seen time.

Understandable against the Warriors a little though, they aren't exactly burgeoning with big men and the one 'quality' guy they have is out tonight.

This game has reminded me how much I dislike David Lee though

Off topic: Sixers have the worst free throw defense in the NBA.

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 27 at 23:49

I guess I should explain that. Teams are shooting 79.7% against the Sixers. The NBA average is 76%. That averages out to a 1 point per game difference. LOL.

I was wondering what the heck you meant :)

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 27 at 23:51

TO clarify further because I did a bad job again.

If teams shot 76% against the Sixers they would have scored 30 less points this season or 1 point less per game on average.

Just a funny little thing.

Now the question becomes do the sixers foul more on average than most teams, or do refs just hate them and say they're always in theact of shooting :)

They foul because they don't have a shotblocker. It's by design, for the most part.

Percentage against, or number of free throws attempted by opponents?

And the Giants WILL NOT go to the playoffs - that's nice

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 27 at 23:49

Huh? Can't they still get in with a win and Pack loss?

ESPN told me the Giants were out - but that's ESPN - so they might be wrong :)

Yeah, that would get them in. Wow, Green Bay is plus 141 on the season and only 9-6.

Alright, here we go. Nocioni is in there, of course.

Ugh. Nocioni is so bad.

Another ugly start

Thank you, Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:55

Whoa, nice block by Meeks.

Jrue for 3!!!!!!!

Hmmm, I don't like the lack of direction on offense to start. Seems like they aren't confident on that end. I know Jrue made that three, but that wasn't a great look. If anything, put him and EB in the pick and roll.

There is nothing uglier than a Meeks drive to the hole. Absolutely nothing.

Great job, Hawes. You fucking boob.

did you hear that guy yell - "this aint the pac-10 hawes"

Meeks really is a terrible finisher.

Tech on Hawes who barely said a word compared to the crap Curry did in the first half

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:57

A tech on Spencer, but not one on Steph earlier. ugh

Anyone else hear that chirp from the stands? "This ain't the Pac 10, Hawes!"

Yeah I caught that.

"This aint the PAC-10 Hawes"- Random Heckler

Blown bunny by Nocioni.

HAHAHA Nocioni. Come on you fucking bum.

eddies' heady's on Dec 27 at 23:58

Meeks for 3....

and a putback on a blown one by Noc

What could be better? Maybe Evan Turner missing a jumper or 2 in the next couple minutes?

Hey, they called a walk.

Brackins about the check in, Speights eating kibble in the doghouse and Hawes picks up an offensive foul.

The refs have decided that they ddin't blow enough whistles in the first half


Brackins will not be shy.

Craig Brackins gives up an offensive rebound on his first defensive possession. That seems about right.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:00

Meeks running the court.

Bracking sighting.....he's got to be better than Turner, no?

Did speights beat up collins grand kid or something? Brackins is lost

Not a lot of movement in the offense. Jrue should just attack whenever that happens.

Get Nocioni the fuck out of there.

Come on, Nocioni. Jeez.

So what big money owner needs a power forward?

If they have any direction on offense they should score. Something as simple as a Brand post up will work, but they'll be hurt by running Nocioni off a few picks and Jrue realizing "Oh shit, there's 8 seconds left on the clock."

If they don't have any plays to run - that would be on the coach, no?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:08

There's always talk of him simplifying the offense, but at a point I think he needs to call some plays more often. Too many lazy possessions. He's more worried about the defense anyway, which is fine, I'd rather have him lean that way than the other.

There's simplifying and then there's calling nothing. It seems like no one has a plan in the half court (which I've become used to over the past few years :) )

Nocioni got burned on that one too.

A flurry of old-man moves and the power layup!

Brackins dribbling reminds me of Sam

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:07

we need a timeout Doug

Or they don't

Can you see them looking to help off Nocioni when Brand has the ball? Even when Nocioni is on the weak side of the floor, they're looking to run his man at Brand.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:08

Meeks is keeping us in this 3rd quarter.

This is dangerous. Brackins/Hawes front court.

Thad sat too long in the third


That three was on Brackins, who gave up the O board to Udoh.

Thad barely making an effort to get in the shooters face didn't help

What kind of contest was that, Thad? Come on, man. You're better than that.

11/16 from three for GSW.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:10

Well, just stand there and look at Monta will ya Thad? damn

Boy, the perimeter defense sure takes a hit when Iguodala is out, doesn't it? :)

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 28 at 0:15

Yeah. I was all prepared early in the first half to be like, "see, we'd still be good defensively with him gone."

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:13

BS call there on thad.

That wasn't a foul on Thad.

Nice job by Jrue on the previous offensive play.

Um - where was the foul?

Hmmm, don't know about that foul that Ellis drew there. Looked like Thad was straight up.

You know, I don't think sitting Turner the entire second half is an option, Doug. Get Brackins out and go smaller again.

You know who might be useful in the game? A big man with some range and posting up skills against David lee and Louis Amundson.

If only the sixers had someone like that on their bench right?

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 0:17

If Brackins isn't scoring (he shot on his one touch), he isn't that useful. I don't think you need to start him with the Battie treatment (start in the 3rd). If you are gonna play him, give him a shot in the 2nd and see how he plays.

And o course Thad wasn't fouled on the other end, I don't mind when refs suck, I'd just like them to CONSISTENTLY suck

Jrue started that possession a little late for my liking. Would have liked a simple 2 for 1 there.

When did the H in homage stop being silent?

Turner in Brackins out

Dear Doug

You can't win this game without Jrue Holiday on the floor

Much better defensive quarter. Need Jrue to step up and put this team on his back if they're going to win.

PHI 71, GSW 76 after three.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:19

Didn't gain but one that quarter. Please run two-man game w/ Jrue and Brand or Jrue and Thad, Doug. The one-on-ones aren't going to get us the lead.

That's one drunk biker chick with a bad dye job

Gotta play Speights if you wanna win - that's what I think...


If that's your plan PUT IN SPEIGHTS you schmuck

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:22

Two straight looks for hawes. sheesh

Hawes in the post 2 times to start the fucking quarter. Come on.

Make that 3 baby

Three times. Fuck you, Collins.

Speights makes two of those I betcha

Two terrible Hawes shots to start the quarter, beautiful.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 28 at 0:23


enough touches for hawes

Thank you, Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:25

Maybe that heckling fan can yell to Turner "This ain't the Big Ten Evan!"

Jrue wasn't in rhythm on that three.

Did they just foul a guy on a three?

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:26

Fouling fucking jump shooters two times in a row. ugh

Come on Turner.

So it's ok when Brand fell for it?

Joe reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:30


Just checking

Don't you guys play against Louis Williams enough in practice to not fall for that pump fake?

25 points for Dorrel Wright. Wonder if he does that with Iguodala on him.

Danny J on Dec 28 at 0:27

Yeah, Turner is bad. Really bad. We clearly need Iguodala, if only to keep Turner off the floor.

That was a god awful offensive set.

You brought Brand in - why not go to brand in the low post - he's slightly better than Hawes

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:27

Shit careless pass Jrue. Come on.

Lazy pass by Jrue. About to be 12. I don't think they can get enough stops to come back.

The warriors won't stop shooting the three, it's not in their DNA, all the sixers gotta do is defend it

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:30

Yeah, it doesn't look likely, but the Warriors seem like they are able to cough up a lead.

That was like a highlight reel of Thad losing guys on the perimeter for threes.

Are you kidding me? Who were you passing that to?

God Jrue was great tonight, but those were two really lazy passes. Can't brainfart twice when you're down.


That Altitude change with Denver, it's kind of unfair to force a back to back like this

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:37

Oh yeah, I mean he's the least of our worries. I kind of hold him to a high standard and lazy decision making has been a problem from time to time.


Couple stops, come on.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:34

LOL.....Turner still holding his hands up. EB acted like he never saw him.

Foot on the line there. Not that it matters.

Nope - it was a three

When you shove the guy away with off hand and don't get called for the offensive foul - that's pulling a Jordan

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:35

Dag Thad, you looked like when Hedo pulled that in your grill in Game 4 I think a couple years back.

Boy that was a nice stop and start move by Turner, shot just rimmed out. Just didn't play any defense for most of the night, which is probably par for the course when Iguodala doesn't play.

Turtle Bay on Dec 28 at 0:36

We're playing at their pace. Oh, and we definitely needed Iguodala's defense in this game.

13/20 from three. unreal.

Brand must be gassed. Hawes in for him.

Speights ain't ever playing again :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:41

What has he done that's so terrible, exactly? The guy's, what, only four or five times more talented than our actual starting center. Who can't really defend either.

I don't know - but seriously - if he can't get in tonight - when's he going to get in?

If the goal was 'go to the low post with a big man' - put the guy in who can play in the low post well - neither hawes nor speights can defend - but Speights is better offensively.

Hey look - the sixers have their own lawlers law - they give up 100- they lose?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 0:45

I wish Lawler did our play-by-play. And yes, if the idea is to counter their small lineup with size, it would definitely make sense to use size that can actually score.

So you really are a masochist

Speights must be the laziest mofo on the planet if Hawes looks like a hard worker next to him.

Why is Hawes back in?

Damn it Jrue- drive every time - they can't defend

Can't go under the screen w/ Curry. Got lucky there. Of course they can't get the board.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 0:41

Of all people Radman got the ORebound... uggggghh

Bad News: Hawes is a terrible free throw shooter.
Good News: He never gets to the line.

Well, Turner can rebound.

The sequence was Evans like :)

I think they were in a matchup zone on that last possession. They had no clue how to play it, Thad was guarding nobody, and Jrue was alone in the corner with two guys. Rad Man easily screened Jrue, and that's a layup for Curry when he's that open.

So Jrue, Brand or Thad for POTG. Who do you guys have?

Who was most responsible for that short run in the first half where it looked like the sixers had a chance. Pick him

I go with Jrue

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 0:47

Brand, Jrue had way too many costly turnovers.

Agreed. Jrue did the most, but Brand did the least to piss me off.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 0:48

Can't be Jrue with all those turnovers.

Seems like Brand to me. 15 and 16 in 30 minutes is impressive.

In all fairness, he only had 5 turnovers. I'm not counting that kicked ball.

That still leaves him with 6.

And it was still a bad pass, regardless of whether it should have been a turnover or not.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 0:58


Silver Lining: This loss doesn't count because Iguodala didn't play!


in my defense, I thought they were going to lose even before finding out Iguodala wasn't playing :)

Hey, here comes Speights!

Speights in - Collins must be conceding

Dirk goes down in the first quarter - Dallas still wins in Oklahoma City

Iguodala misses the game - Sixers lose to Golden State

Good Teams vs Bad teams - just saying

Wait, so it counts as two losses? I'm having trouble following your scoring system. Is this like a tie? Or an overtime loss?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Dec 28 at 1:00

And the Celtics won all those games without Rondo. You know what's curious though - we read that the front office doesn't want to turn off the fanbase with a total rebuild, but what fanbase are they talking about? The Sixers have about the status of the city's professional soccer team, and the vast majority of the people who do watch either hate Iguodala or think he's a good player but realize we're headed nowhere with the current roster and want to tank. So who are they really doing this for? Are they eternal optimists who think that contention is just around the corner of every 2-week stretch of decent basketball? They do notice that the team's comprised of a handful of third scorers and guys who look like, at best, potential third scorers, right? I mean, the Warriors just held us to 95 points. At their pace and with their defensive ineptitude, that's absurd. They've only done that five times all season - us, the Clippers, the Jazz in the first week of the season when the Jazz were awful, Minnesota, and Milwaukee, the worst offensive team in basketball. And checking the box scores, in most of those games the game wasn't played at GS's pace.

The Sixers actually slowed them down. 93.82 possessions.

Speights' body language says something like this: "Fuck you coach, how have I not played before this? I'm not playing hard whatsoever."

Tray reply to Rich on Dec 28 at 1:09

He has a point. It has to be upsetting to be snubbed in favor of Spencer Hawes.

Rich reply to Tray on Dec 28 at 1:17

No doubt, Brackins too. You could just tell that's what he was thinking though.

A hoop here and my prediction was perfect.

Or some free throws

Nice prediction brian :)

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:51

Your prediction of the score was 110-95. ha

OK, no hoop for the Sixers here and I nailed it.

Jrue locks up the POTG with that turnover, making my prediction picture perfect.

PHI 95, GSW 110

Court_visioN on Dec 28 at 0:53

wow. good call Brian.

So obviously Iguodala is important, but his absence can't be the excuse for such piss poor defensive execution on 3's, especially if they've been doing well at it all year.

A lot of it was Iguodala's absence. A lot of it was overhelping. A lot of it was just an unbelievably hot shooting night for GSW. Even if you give a team 23 perfect looks at three, they aren't going to hit 15 of them usually.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 1:01

A couple of threes Wright hit were contested well too. He was just feeling it.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 0:54

But sorry to say, your last-second prediction of Evan scoring 20+ and the outcry from those saying "Iguodala has been holding him back" didn't come close to fruition. Whoever they are, they can now see it's Evan holding Evan back.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 1:00

Ah, fuck it.....might as well show some glee.....


Trade. him. please.

I gave him too much credit in saying he was nothing but a backup point guard. He's garbage wherever he plays, as of now. Straight garbage.

See, that's it, right there, and you won't even admit it.

You're gleeful that your team, which you're so into that you obsess over its winning meaningless games with players who couldn't survive a contender's training camp (neither Meeks nor Hawes is good enough or promising enough to be the 12th man on a top team's bench), screwed up the #2 pick? Feel free to root against anyone you want, but something's awry here.

He looked really shaky in the first half, but Turner is going to need to keep playing to feel more and more comfortable. At the end of that game, he finally looked like he was just playing, not reacting.

and he got some good looks that just didnt go down, he cant stay this cold forever. i cant say that meeks is clearly a better option at the 2, though meeks did look less one-dimensional tonight.

Rich reply to jaypiddler on Dec 28 at 1:33

I don't mind Meeks getting minutes. He plays hard and does provide a skill that the team doesn't really have. He also does stuff that drives people crazy, like whenever he tries to create off the dribble, which is becoming far too common. He can play though, that's no big. The guy that drives me crazy is Nocioni. Even if Turner plays the first half he did tonight, that's not really a downgrade from Nocioni at all. The same could be said for Bad Lou.

That stop and go move he used to shake Wright was nice. I want to see him play to see if he can use those strong change of direction moves to free himself for jumpers more. He seems to have a few of them when he decides to use them. There is no reason he should not play 20 minutes a night. If we are at the end of the year and he's still showing nothing with regular PT, then we can start making full judgments.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 1:27

If you're accused of bashing and showing glee, might as well go ahead and do it..... however staged it was...

I mean, seriously, I have to laugh at the botch of the pick, cause if I don't, I'll friggin' cry - for days.

No - make that weeks.

Wait - probably months.

Shit, more like years.................

Tom Moore on Dec 28 at 1:40

Sixers unable to be road Warriors:


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