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Taking On the New-Look Suns

Court_visioN on Dec 29 at 14:40

iguodala = 15 point swing? not disagreeing with you there.

It's not just Iguodala. It's +40 minutes of Iguodala, -40 minutes of his replacements (Nocioni and Turner).

Does Speights stay buried on the bench ? Does Evan get his head out of his behind ?


Tell me again how you feel about Varrejao?

Ford says the entire Cavs roster is 'available'

Can i answer :)?

I like Varejao. He is a unique player, who can seriosly help our team IMO. However, i would not give up Jrue, Turner or Iguodala for him.

Will one of Hawes, Speights, Lou, Meeks or Young + an expiring be enough? From what i've heard the Cavs have decided to go into rebuilding mode...

Speights, Meeks and Songaila for Varejao?

If Lou is back, I would seriously consider starting Thad at SF and play him the bulk of Iguodala's minutes. The ageless Grant Hill is still a tough cover, but he isn't a 3-point threat, so Thad's overhelping wouldn't hurt.

Williams could play vs. Suns; Iguodala listed as game-time decision:


deepsixersuede on Dec 29 at 16:09

Another good opponent for Turner to break out against. Do you think Pheonix wants to keep Lopez and Gortat? And if Lou and Meeks switched roles now would it help?

For some reason i have a good feeling about this game with or without Iguodala. I don't like the Suns at all, they might be the team in the worst situation in the entire western conference.

Evan, this is it. You have to break out tonight...

The suns are in a bad situaation cause they have a crap owner who got rid of the good GM and then screwed over his roster.

Nash needs to be traded but won't be - and Nash won't ask.

And no - Evan Turner doesn't have to break out tonight.

BTW - That picture up there - does Blake Griffin always look that befuddled?

Yup i called it :)

you were warned on Dec 29 at 19:23

Since it's obvious that were going to trade Iggy shouldn't we do it before his Achilles pops?

high scoring game

this is weird. where are the 76ers fans? is my internet broken?

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