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Good Riddance, 2010

nice list Brian.
I'd add Manute Bol's death as one of the saddest moments of this awful year for Sixers fans.
Have a great 2011 you, your family and everybody else that loves this crazy team.
Let's put it this wasy, it can't get much worse (just wanted to end on a sweet note, LOL)
Take care

oh, and if you want another encouraging sign, Hawes' 2/2 from the line @ Pho was the second time this year that he hit both FTs... isn't that awesome ?

Court_visioN on Dec 30 at 14:43

we have one more game in the calendar year!

I'd like to add Douog Collins hiring to the good news of 2010 and as some hope for the future. He got this team to buy into playing defense again and he really seems to give a shit about the team's success and the indivdual players. And in his interviews he's always candid and seems like a genuine good guy. I'd love to play for him.

Yeah, how could you forget the best thing that happened to this team in '10? The return of Doug, who I believe will be remembered as one of the great figures in Sixers history - he will cement his legacy when he finally wins his first championship. He's simply one of the great people in basketball history, IMO.

Turtle Bay reply to Charlie H on Dec 31 at 1:02

+1. His passion for this team alone means a lot for the Sixers fans who are invested in the same way every single game. I want to see him on the bench for a long time.

Add a 2nd vote for Manute's death as a negative and the Collins hire as a positive.

Manute was the man.

Collins is (IMO) doing a great job. He seems to be holding the young players accountable and making them earn their time. The team is playing better defense and he's having better results despite the widely panned Dalembert trade and getting little production from Turner thus far. Most importantly, he's gotten Brand back to a high level of production - as an organization you have to get something out of that investment.

Thank you Brian. It's been such a relief and a pleasure to have this site to go to when the Sixers are playing, or during the draft or the lead-up to the season in late summer....just about anytime actually. The Sixers are my only sports obsession, and this place is a godsend.

The game threads are great.

T McL reply to Charlie H on Dec 31 at 1:00


Thanks Brian for the good year. I always wonder if your family thinks you are insane for working this much on this site, or if they are just as crazy about the team as you are

Heh, the kids are too young. My wife isn't really a sports fan, but she's really supportive. That's going to be put to the test tomorrow night, though.

deepsixersuede on Dec 30 at 23:33

Brian, you do a great job making this site "ball friendly". And yet another reason to trade Iggy, his replacement got a double-double. More Nocioni please!!!! :)

OldSchoolFan on Dec 31 at 15:12

Brian, Thank you for organizing this site. I appreciate the ability to read about the Sixers all year round with a few fellow fanatics.

And to you and the others who post articles, thank you for your time, mis-spent as it probably is.

May you all have a happy and safe new year.

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