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Game 33 Thread: PHI @ LAL

Matt Moore, generally sensible NBA blogger for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and Hardwood Paroxysm, writes that this should be our New Year's resolution:

Commit to finding a superstar. Hinging your hopes and dreams on Andre Iguodala, who is the ultimate supporting player, will not get it done. The Sixers need a star for the fans to rally behind (and maybe buy tickets to see), and they don't have one. That needs to be their biggest objective, starting by determining if Evan Turner is ever going to be that player.

Moore always struck me as a self-important d-bag.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 22:40

Well, many writers tend to get that way when lots of people read them. Simmons comes off as shockingly arrogant whenever responding to criticism, and unlike Moore he rarely has a clue what he's talking about. Anyway, do you not think that we need a superstar to win, or do you think that JTI + young defensive big and some other supporting pieces could maybe get it done one day? Or maybe you think that Jrue (or even Turner) has superstar potential?

Short answer: I don't know what we have in Turner, and less so, in Jrue. I do have a problem with the blow it up and draft a superstar philosophy, because it's almost impossible to do.

Wow, I've got the Lakers feed in HD on league pass. Good for me.

So late prediction: Jrue goes for about 18 in the first half, Kobe covers him after the break.

And we're off. Hawes loses the tip.

Meeks is on Kobe, that's .... interesting.

isnt d fish involved with the players' union?

Yeah, i think he's the top ranking player, not sure what the position is called.

Wow, Artest is on Jrue defensively. Kobe is on Nocioni and Fisher is on Meeks.

Nice block by Jrue, then a bank on the other end.

Fucking Nocioni trying to run the break when Jrue was right in the middle of the floor. That's just stupid. Collins should be going crazy.

Turner is first off the bench.

Kobe is going off. Think he's happy Iguodala isn't playing?

Um, I'm not a doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure Meeks can't stay in front of Kobe. Hell, he can't even stay behind him.

Yeah, they need to get him out of the game, or at least switch him off to Fisher.

Turner for Meeks, I believe. They can't leave Fisher on Turner.

Or maybe they can. He needs to take advantage of that.

Down 10. Ugly.

Battie and Thad in for Nocioni and Hawes. Odom in for the Lakers.

Jrue for three!

There's nothing you can do if Artest is going to hit turnaround 18-footers.

Sixers FG 29% ...

Yep. They've gotten some good looks too. Nocioni and Meeks missed wide open threes. Battie blew that pretty feed from Jrue that should've been a layup.

Body language update: Turner seems to want the ball.

They can get back in this game but it's gonna take more than just Jrue making a real effort. And I don't ever again want to see Thad Young launch a jumper with 20 on the shot clock.

Jesus, Brand is drenched in sweat already. Turner looks like he just got out of bed. Pretty move by Jrue w/ the teardrop over Gasol.

Battie guarding Odom? Who thought that was a good idea?

The guy who thought going with Jrue, Evan, Lou Thad and Battie was a good idea when Gasol and and Odom were still no the floor.

No one on the sixers seems capable of guarding Odom -

Pretty drive by Turner.

goin small.

ET looks nice.

ET, confidence.

Guess it really doesn't matter who guards Odom. He's got a mismatch no matter who it is.

Keep going to the cup, young man.

Great find by Turner and finish by TY.

Ugh. Didn't think they played such a bad quarter, actually. Still down ten after 12 minutes.

PHI 19, LAL 29

Defensively they sucked and shit on the offensive glass and a lot of bad shot selections

SOrry, they were crap on the defensive glass, too many offensive boards for the lakers is what I meant

Xavier reply to GoSixers on Dec 31 at 23:09

Well, they had some wide open shots but Nocioni, Meeks and Battie failed.

PhillyFanMatt reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 23:07

Yeah wasn't too bad. Just have to hit a few more of those jumpers (Brand, Battie) they usually drain and it'd be closer.

PhillyFanMatt on Dec 31 at 23:06

Solid first quarter from Jrue and ET, both looking confident. The rest of the team needs to wake up though

I accepted defeat once I heard Dre wasn't playing, but have to like the play of Jrue on offense and defense, and Turner been showing some poise and confidence early. Even on that last offensive play Evan did a nice little half spin to get out of a bad spot, and would have gotten the hockey assist if Battie hit that little jumper.

Yeah, Battie missed a couple easy ones in the first quarter. No margin for error in this one.

Battie made some real positive contributions there on both ends./Snark. He looks about 80. Speights is sitting on the end of the bench saying "Shit, I can do THAT." With his moouth full of nachos.

Damn, Jrue needs to move his feet. He should've cut Brown off on that drive.

ET for three (i think).

Big play on both ends by Turner there. Thad for the +1.

PhillyFanMatt on Dec 31 at 23:10

TURNER! Great stuff on both ends

Boom, Evan Turner.


8-0 run for the Sixers.

Nice fucking pass, Meeks. God damnit.

Come on Jodie.

Alright, that's enough of Battie.

PhillyFanMatt reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 23:12

Get him out of there!

Without AI9, NO ONE is allowed to run the break except Jrue and ET. OK, maybe Lou. Everyone else: get rid of the ball, even if it means losing the numbers.

Seriously. It's not an advantage if Nocioni or Meeks has the ball. It's pretty much a guaranteed bad shot or turnover.

Xavier reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 23:18

with Nocioni in, it's an O. Foul guaranteed.

I miss AI9 :(

That's your mismatch, Blake guarding Lou. Attack it.

Ugh. Bad plays on both ends.

Another drive for Lou. Keep doing it.

Good D by Brand there. Pau fouled him on the rebound.

Now that I'm actually watching this team play a whole game, I get the problem with Meeks. He basically needs to bang in a 3 every other offensive posession he's out there to make it worth putting up with his lack of other contribution on both ends. That's just not gonna happen too often.

Jrue back in, so is Kobe.

Lou is on fire.

Man, Lou is abusing those bad PG defenders.

Ugh. Three on Thad and Collins is going really, really small.

Nocioni "guarding" Odom now. Pitiful.

Fuck. Meeks to Nocioni on the break. 0 points, of course.

Get Meeks the fuck out of the game immediately.

I will murder Meeks and Noc.

Hawes in for Noc, Turner in for Meeks. Nocioni looked pissed.

They need to recognize matchups. That time Jrue had Fisher on him, Lou had Kobe. Instead of getting the ball to Jrue, Lou tries to split a double and coughs it up. Poor recognition.

Hey, we've come a long way pretty quick if we're thinking "Hey Turner's had enough rest, get him back in there..."

JRUE!!! +1

Yeah Jrue, love when he has body control. Him and Evan have to do that style of body contact since neither has elite explosiveness.

Man this franchise fucked up not drafting Ty Lawson. What were they thinking?! (:

PhillyFanMatt on Dec 31 at 23:32



Nice pass by Hawes, nice cut by Jrue.

OK, should get the final shot after this FT. Let's go in down by 5 or 6. Get a hoop to end this half.

Not ET's finest moment there...

CB reply to Vaughn on Dec 31 at 23:35

Yeah Lou kind of surprised him it seems like.

Ugh. ET turnover. But the Sixers get a break. Will have 3.3 seconds to get a shot up. Come on, hit the shot.

Alright. They won the second quarter, and got within 4 at one point. Solid quarter. The Lakers are at least going to have to play hard to win this game.

PHI 44, LAL 52 at the half.

We didn't play good on both ends and we only trail by 8.

Jrue + Lou + Turner + Thad = 16/28 for 38 points.

The rest of the team = 2/14 for 6 points.

So Phil Jackson is a HOF coach? How come Odom doesn't get the ball on every play?

Jackson's a HOF coach because he knows how to keep several good/very good/excellent players happy. Odom probably has the smallest ego on the team, which might have something to do with it as well.

Also, it's not like we've been particularly good at guarding Kobe or Gasol, either.

good call

OK, back to it.

Let's hope Meeks and Nocioni don't kill this team. I'd hate to see them get down by like 15 real quick.

why does Nocioni have to play again? I forget...

Nice D, Meeks.

Sissy hook drops.

Turner at the scorer's table already. I like it.

Our present halfcourt defense is reminscent of the Washington Generals.

I hate Artest

Threes are keeping them alive. Still down 10, though. Need some stops.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Happy New Year

Jrue with a nice runner.

Good ball movement. They just can't do anything to slow down the Lakers' offense when their starters are in there.

bad matchups without Dre in the game - Odom is too big for Thad or Brand

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:06

Looking at them struggle to get the stops they need to mount a serious run, I fail to see how Iguadala wouldn't fit with Jrue and ET. Collins needs to find a way to make it work.

Nocioni on fire.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:08

Very effective double by EB gets us a stop. More of that.

Sick find by Jrue and really nice catch and finish by Hawes.

Jrue got handing out dimes!


nice catch & finish by Hawes? miracles do happen

Iguodala looks like Hugh Hefner with that velvet blazer on!!

5 assists for Jrue so far in the third. 8 for the game.

Doesn't mean much if they can't get any stops on the other end, though.

Man, the fireworks are still going off. They went all out in Prospect Park this year.

OK, need to take advantage of their bench and finish this quarter strong.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:14

That's that "playing without the ball thing" they said Turner can't do.

Shit. Terrible close to the quarter so far. need a hoop badly.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:17

No shortage of ass courtside at a Lakers game.

I thought I was the only one that noticed!!

Ugh. Terrible, terrible defensive quarter. Good offensively until the final 1:30 or so.

Barnes with a loose ball foul at the end of the quarter. Free throws for Nocioni.

PHI 73, LAL 82 after three.

Lost the third by 1 point.

Jrue had 6 dimes in that quarter, and I'm not really sure he played any different than usual. It was just Nocioni and Hawes making shots instead of missing them.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:21

Would be nice to have Elton Brand for this game.

gonna be tough to come back on the road in this building

I think Kobe sits to start the fourth, usually. Need to get this game to like 5 points before he comes back in.

Nice. Keep attacking, Lou. +1

Ugh. Nocioni.

Back-to-back turnovers for Nocioni. Collins yanks him immediately.

Back to back bad turnsovers. Bynum looks like Gary Coleman!

Good D. 24-second violation. Come on, put some stops together, damnit.

6-point game. Let's go, damnit.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:26

Yeah. It's Good Lou. Ooh, nice hands, ET.

OK, five-point game, Thad going to the line. I think Jackson gets Kobe back in during this timeout.

Yup. Kobe's back in. Make him a jumpshooter, don't let him start driving to the hole.

Three-point game, come on MFer.

Great board by Thad.

Great fucking D.


Young 1 in 3 tip in. BIG!!

That's fine. Make Kobe shoot jumpers.

Tom Petty likes it.

Good timeout. Need a hoop here in the worst way.

Great effort by Turner on Kobe.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:37

If I had never seen Jordan, it would be hard to conceive of a wing player any better than Kobe. I hate the guy but his game is utterly complete now.

Yeah, he's Elgin Baylor and Jerry West combined now

Good aggressive drive by Turner. Now hit the freebies.

Turner hard in the paint.

Got lucky on that Barnes three.



Come on, tie this shit up.

Turner rushed his last two shots.

dala rockin the turtleneck

Ugh. Two great looks for Turner to tie it up. Come on. Gotta get over the hump.



Lou dominating the ball. Not what we need right now.

Come on, nut up and get a stop here. Let's go.


Thad to the line for the tie after a HUGE dunk on the break. Sink it, Thad.

Wasn't a dunk. Still huge, though.

Thad sinks it. Tie ballgame.

Vaughn on Jan 1 at 0:47

Wow. We may actually get to shoot for the tie or win at the end.

Brand is in the Lakers pocket tonight. He hot steals.

nice Thad

& he ties it

Turner isn't playing bad D on Kobe, but if it was Iguodala, he wouldn't have 31 points right now.

Let's see who steps up in the clutch.

I want a Jrue drive on this possession. Pass or shoot.

Three for the win?

They can review who that went off of.

That's off Barnes.

Bad shot by Lou. Great, great hustle by Thad.

Fucking bullshit. Have to foul right away. Maybe they miss one shot, we get it back w/ 1.5 seconds to go. Something like that.

I don't think I'd guard the inbound pass. Have someone playing centerfield instead. Foul right on the catch.

Home court advantage x10.

Kobe's sinking both of these. Ugh.

Do we really need the MVP chants in fucking January?

LA fans are so predictable

Oh well. Game, set, match.

PHI 98, LAL 102

No question about player of the game tonight.

I don't think the Sixers could have played any better tonight. Kobe was the difference without Iguodala to guard him even though Turner played him tough. New Orleans game is big for this team to stay focused.

Had chances. Lou, Turner, Jrue, Thad all had their moments, and each had a chance at the end to bring them the tie/win.

Honestly, they did about 100 times better than I expected after hearing Iggy wasn't going to suit up.

Marcus on Jan 1 at 1:02

That's cool it hurt us not having iguodala if hes in Dre definitely contest a lot of those turn around jumpers by Kobe. Good job sixers I like what I am seeing from them looking forward to the rest of the season.

As untalented as nocioni is, I like how quick he is with his decisions on offense, if Iguodala was given that role this team could thrive.

Thought Lou was good up until the final 6 minutes of the game.

Jrue 88 pts, shooting 58% with 32 assists in last 4 games. Just incredible, he looks more comfortable than he did in Summer league.

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