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Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Holiday

Agree with the analysis. Brand was a beast in the 1st quarter, and then he barely played in the 2nd quarter as we lost the lead, and they didn't go to him at all in the 3rd. Collins needs to remind his guards to go down low to the big guy.

Flip Saunders did the same thing with Rashard Lewis. He was dominant, had 15 points 1 minute into the 2nd half, and then barely got the ball the rest of the game. Very odd.

Blatche is pure garbage, always has been. I would cry if we traded for him. Get Sean Williams, the guy is tearing up the d-league.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 23:03

Another thing that has to be said - there's absolutely zero chance Iguodala is 'holding' Evan Turner back. That much is proven more nights than not.


Trade him while you still can, Thorn. I mean, even Josh Davis can have a good game or two every 35 or so.

Tired act.

yeah eddy, I can see why your Turner thing is annoying.

Tom Moore on Jan 5 at 23:08

Sixers get overdue win over Wizards:


Tom Moore on Jan 5 at 23:11

Iguodala pregame: "It’s a big difference (how the Achilles feels after six days off). I haven’t had to deal with the pounding and playing a lot of minutes. Hopefully, I can get to a point where I’m not thinking about that at all, but I doubt that. ... Sometimes it feels really good and a couple hours later (it doesn’t). I don’t think it’ll ever be 100 percent. I just need to get where I feel confident and it’s not weighing on me when I’m not playing."

He said he'll resume on-court activity Monday, but doesn't know when he'll be ready to play in games.

johnrosz on Jan 5 at 23:31

I wonder what kind of numbers Jrue would put up if this team had a legit pick and roll threat in the front court

Very, very good numbers is my guess. That's a HUGE missing element on the offensive end. I'm thinking about a post on this, but seriously, think about how many lobs Dalembert got for dunks last year, and think about how many times it's happened this year? Maybe once or twice?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 0:29

That reminds me, what the hell happened to Speights athletic ability? I thought for a time he could be that athletic big they could use to dive to the bucket. He used to be pretty entertaining above the rim, its just not there anymore.

Weight gain plus leg injuries, I guess. He's fairly earthbound now.

Diving to the bucket off pick and rolls was pretty much his entire offensive game (with o-boards) in college. my how times have changed.

Lol Vince Carter, with 1:20 left in PHX/Lakers drops a huge defensive rebound, then down 4 with 10-15 seconds left, he has a 3 blocked. Was pretty funny to watch. You could feel/hear the Phoenix fan base just lose all hope after his shot got blocked.

Jason reply to Jason on Jan 6 at 1:14

Wow box score checking, Deandre Jordan 14 pts, 20 rebounds, 6 blocks :O.

I thought Jrue's defense on Wall was just ok. he should have used his head more, though much of the living-in-the-lane Wall was doing was mostly a team defense thing plus his ridiculous speed.
Honestly if I am Doug Collins, I tell Jrue; "When in doubt, go to Brand". Its the one thing this season we have actually been able to depend on offensively.

Nice to see Holiday coming into his own.

Chi town
Their size will give us problems with the small lineup that DC loves, but at least they won't be hitting jumpers like the 06 Suns on Friday.

Is the fan version of Synergy (http://www.mysynergysports.com/ right?) available for purchase? It says if you want to get the full version "click here" but it just brings you back to the same page in a different tab.

deepsixersuede reply to Jason on Jan 6 at 7:20

D. Jordan seems to be blossoming in the last month or so, maybe Kaman becomes available, but not for Iggy but a package of Hawes, an expiring and a pick.

It looks like Jrue is becoming a legit scorer and with Turner and Iggy able to act as facilitators at the 2 and 3 we need a center that can score the ball. Hopefully Spieghts grows into that.

Could Thad become a pick-n-roll target for Jrue? He seems to be stronger this year and would it play to his strengths or would they rather keep him facing the basket and attacking.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Jan 6 at 8:11

When did Turner start facilitating at the 2? Or anywhere for that matter? His assist numbers are pedestrian, like the rest of his game right now.

Kaman would be interesting, not sure how I feel about having the former clippers bigs as the sixers Starting 4/5. Doesn't seem like it would end well for the sixers and Kaman's production is way down and he's been hurt all year and I don't know if he's healing or if he's in an Iguodala situation with constant pain. I would be ok taking a flier on him for expirings, but giving anything up would be embarrassing.

I wonder if Dalembert would be available for expirings. I know he's an expiring but if he yells loud enough maybe they would just let him go for free for locker room reasons. Maybe wishful thinkig.

Jason reply to Jason on Jan 6 at 11:31

Just as I posted this realized that there is no way the sixers would give up expirings for Kaman. Would put us in a luxury tax situation again next year right? They'd have to take back Nocioni or some other contract so I don't see Kaman being an option at all.

Kaman is kind of garbage anyway. Garbage with a bad contract. I'd rather stand pat than make that kind of deal.

James reply to Brian on Jan 6 at 13:42

I agree. No more getting former clippers players for way more than they are worth

how bout blake griffin?

suede: Thad is an ISO specialist to the core. Pick and roll is possible if he has the discipline to wait but he's a monster scorer left alone by himself, why mess with it?

nice article, keep it up!

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