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The Bulls are a horrible matchup for the Sixers everywhere you look on offense. In spite of that i think we have a shot at winning this one. The keys to the game IMO could end up being the Sixers frontline on both ends of the floor. Boozer is a weak defender and Brand and especially Young can eat him alive. I think this is a game that i would seriously consider playing small for really long stretches since Noah is out. Jrue staying out of foul trouble will be key as well. We'll see what happens but i will be optimistic and say 96-95 Sixers, first really close win of the season.

I would like to add though that the Bulls are going to make a splash in the playoffs as long as they are healthy. that's pretty good squad they've assembled, with pieces that fit very well (unlike the Sixers).


I know it has zero chance of happening, because 4 team trades are almost impossible to pull of, but man would that trade be great. That's at least my opinion...

yes, highway robbery is usually great for the robbers

Just wanted to know who is really getting robbed in the deal? Memphis maybe? Because it looks more than fair for Portland and Clevelend...

Oops, should've posted this here...

Pretty much just a straight salary dump for Memphis, right?

Fernandez and Hawes still mean something in NBa circles as young talent. I guess we can add our first round pick to Memphis as well...

Memphis also get much needed depth...

Hawes means something in NBA circles? Really?

Jason reply to Xsago on Jan 7 at 16:25

Cleveland turning Varejao into Thabeet and ET is ridiculous.

Just wanted to know who is really getting robbed in the deal? Memphis maybe? Because it looks more than fair for Portland and Clevelend...

johnrosz on Jan 7 at 16:01

why does everyone want to dump Turner after a quarter season, for 50 cents on the dollar?

Not that I think thats a bad trade necessarily, but I'd rather hold onto him and see what he can make of himself after a full season and a summers worth of work in the gym.

I don't want to dump him at all. You gotta give something of value in a trade though.

Scott reply to johnrosz on Jan 7 at 16:18

I agree. Turner has a good all around game and would be very effective if he could just hit a couple jumpers. I mean every shot is close but misses. Frustrating.

Collins is already saying how he wants Turner to remake his jump shot over the summer. There are some clear flaws in his shot. I think he's got the talent and the drive, he just needs more time to develop on an NBA level. A full off season to work on his NBA game and I really think he'll improve. I mean he better, after all these excuses I'm making for him.

Wow, it must be close to 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jan 7 at 18:21

I don't think many people want to trade Turner at all, it's just a very loud and small minority.

I totally agree with you BTW. We need at least two years of hard evidence that he can't play before we cut ties. Let's see what he can do next year after working on his jumper all summer.

I live down in D.C and my doctor, who is a moderate cleveland fan, told me he thinks Jrue Holiday is amazing.

This team is not Iggy's/Brand's or any one else.
It belongs to one and only :Jrue!!
So,for each player,the question need to be ask:
Is he a good fit to no.11?
Im not sure Evan does that.
Dont get me wrong,i think evan can be a good player:
Wining mentlity,can shoot the ball with hand on his face,excellent rebounder.
And ...
Well ,thats all i could see so far.
Plus i love Batum and the 0$ on Joel's next year contract.
But,7++ for varjuo and the problem name O.J.?
For iggy&evan?
No,i dont think so.

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