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Sixers Explode in Third, Hold On

This was probably the best game they've played all season. And it comes at a time when they needed to prove doubters that they are really capable to win any game at a given night. The next thing is winning the games you are supposed to win. The Sixers have done a really lousy job vs. below .500 opponents. That needs to be fixed if they want to make the playoffs.

Interesting stat:

The Sixers trail only the Bucks and Nets in the eastern conference in games played vs. .500+ teams. And their 6-13 record is not much worse than the record of teams ahead of them in the standings. Tho problem is the 9-8 record vs. below .500 opponents where the Sixers are far behind the top 6 teams.

Bottomline is we NEED to win the next few games and take advantage of the easier schedule.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Jan 8 at 10:19

Yeah, tonight is a good measuring stick. Pulling out a gutsy win against the Bulls would be hollow if they can go out and lay the wood on Detroit the next night. If they really have separated themselves from the bottom teams in the league then they should be able to close the deal on the back half of the back to back.

Lets put it this way: They need to go 3-1 at worst in the next 4 games if they want to realistically show progress in the standings.

Watched the game and I'm just wondering if it's by design that Turner is usually away from the ball in the half court offense. I even think I'm seeing Lou look him off when he calls for the ball. I don't think it's that Iguodala is holding him back but it seems for some reason he's just not involved in the offense.

Its funny but I've been waiting 6 years for Iguodala to play like Jrue Holiday is right now.

deepsixersuede on Jan 8 at 7:23

Brian, is Nocioni winning you over at all? He certainly has his flaws defensively but I am seeing why our coach wanted him here. It can't hurt our young guys being around him and I can't help but feel WHEN we make the playoffs he will have an impact in a game or two.

Would you trade Evan Turner and Darius Songalia for Danny Granger

tk76 reply to Sean on Jan 8 at 10:17

Yes, but no way Indiana makes that trade. Jrue/Iguodala/Granger would be tremendous... but a bit pricey.

CM reply to Sean on Jan 8 at 11:07

In a heartbeat.

Granger is the kind of scorer we hope Turner can be - his ability to put up points would open things up trendously for Iguodala, Holiday and Brand.

CM reply to CM on Jan 8 at 11:08


Philly in NYC on Jan 8 at 11:09

What do you guys think of this?...


This is similar to the trade that Denver and New Jersey are working on, but with Philly in place of Detroit as the third team. Makes a lot of sense. Philly would have to send a first round pick as part of this and may try to move Nocioni (and his 1 year remaining) instead of Songaila, but trading Iguodala would free up playing time and space for Evan Turner and money would be freed up in upcoming years. One key change from the currently discussed deal with Detroit is that Favors would go to Philly in this scenario but I think that Iguodala is considerably more valuable than Rip Hamilton so Philly can make an argument to receive Favors in the deal.

Philly in NYC reply to Philly in NYC on Jan 8 at 11:17

this is based on the params in this article (with Philly substituted for Detroit). NJ would send at least 2 first round picks as part of this deal to Denver....

I would be really intrigued by our starting rotation in a few years....Jrue, ET, Thad, Favors, ???
hopefully we'll figure out how to fill those ??? in the next year.

This is a completely different trade compared to the discussed trade with the Pistons. Denver doesn't really want Iguodala. They want Favors and i don't think there is any version of that deal where anyone other than Denver gets Favors.

Tom Moore on Jan 8 at 11:57

Meeks' jumper makes difference for Sixers:


This would be a nice trade, only if Orlando or Boston would fall for it


Jason reply to Shawn on Jan 8 at 12:33

Safe to say they wouldn't give up 3 players that actually crack their rotation, and one big in Jermaine O'neal that they need just because of his height, to get Nocioni.

CM reply to Shawn on Jan 8 at 12:37

nice for ORL, worthless for everyone else

", and he started sending a hard double at Jrue every time he crossed midcourt with the ball. "

What adjustments do the sixers need to make to counter this?

Also why not have Evan/Iggy/or Lou bring the ball up when Jrue is being doubled?

Alvin reply to Jason on Jan 8 at 12:53

If Lou brings the ball up it's offense over.

most overrated team Hornets, Suns

Up and coming teams Grizzlies, Sixers, warriors, Knicks

Hornets wont make playoffs
If sixers could somehow get a 2 guard and a center for IGGY it could be interesting

What do you guys think?

The Hornets were overrated when they were 11-1. They are not overrated anymore, i think they are good enough to make the playoffs.

I think the Knicks are the most overrated team right now. They just used a fairly easy schedule to their advantage. The Grizzlies are dangerous, but they are in a frail state right now. Mayo is probably on his way out, Randolph is in the last year of his contract, Gasol can leave after the season... If they solve those issues they will be dangerous, right now it's too much too handle.

johnrosz on Jan 8 at 14:11

Lou Williams has shown over the last 2 games that he can score the basketball in crunch time. Small sample size aside,is Lou the go to guy late when Iggy gets back into the lineup?

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jan 8 at 14:15

eh, Lou's OK, but as was said in the thread last night, he's nothing but a jump shooter when put into that situation. Jrue sure seems a worthy candidate, cause even if he is stymied by the defense someone else should be open as a result of his attacking or movement.

I remember last year during the end of game the Sixers were down by one point. Lou Williams was given the ball for the final possession of the game. He drove to the lane drew two defenders and threw a nice pass to a wide open Elton Brand for a dunk that he missed. Anyway, I have more trust in Lou to get to the basket, make a jump shot or get to the free throw line than I do with Iguodala.

eddies' heady's reply to Stan on Jan 8 at 16:52

Agree that I trust to do those things moreso than Dre, but Jrue is proving himself to be a strong candidate to take/create these looks at end of quarters/games.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jan 8 at 15:47

He probably should be, but last night was a perfect example of the rest of the team tightening up down the stretch. People kill Iguodala on here for his late game struggles like it's on him that he has to shoot it. Besides those two Lou baskets, the team had some really indecisive possessions, and then Lou bailed them out. This was protecting a huge lead too, there was much more margin for error. Hopefully Jrue turns into that guy, but he hasn't shown it yet.

I would probably let Lou go ahead and try, but that's a small and flawed sample size. There was no crunch time in the Wizards game, that was a pretty comfortable win. He did want the ball, which is a good thing. When he's attacking, he can get to the line.

Well, it's not as simple as is he or isn't he - guys like williams (or meeks) they're streaky - when they're hot they're awesome, when they're not - they shouldn't have the ball and collins needs to sit their asses down. They do one thing, and when they're on, good for them, when they're off sit em down.

This team doesn't have a super star, there should be no set player, or set play, for crunch time - a good coach would look at how the game is going, who is performing at the moment and what's been working and call the play for them.

Supposedly Collins is a good coach

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