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Bad, Bad Lou

Actually Brian, the Turner/Jrue blunders were both in the second Washington game. The first one was a brutal collapse too, but the 2nd one was worse.

johnrosz on Jan 9 at 3:57

the missed Turner free throws were after the missed Iggy free throws to seal up the game. think its fair to put him on the hook for the washington disaster as well.

The Birds? whoa Brian I thought you were a Giants fan. Heck yea!!!

Bad, bad defense down the stretch. All of those easy baskets by Prince was the main reason they lost. Inexperienced team not able to close out a bad team. Its all part of a an overall picture of an inconsistent, but improving team.

Yeah that was brutal way to lose, but overall it is still encouraging the way the Sixers have played recently. Lou has had some games where he came through big time for us, so I really don't want to kill him now. I just hope two things, that Iguodala can come back healthy for the rest of the year and that Thorn can find a way to get a decent big man. With that the team should be solidly in the playoffs and could be a tough out when they get there.

it wasn't just Lou it was Doug Collins fault also.

Spencer flaws on Jan 9 at 12:09

hey who was guarding turner tonight?

mgfields reply to Spencer flaws on Jan 9 at 12:44

I think McGrady.

Spencer flaws reply to mgfields on Jan 9 at 16:52

well at least he played good against a taller defender.

Latest reports I've seen have Iguodala back for Tuesday night, hope it's accurate and 100% healthy when he comes back

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 9 at 13:26

I'm a little worried about that. It seems like one of those things that doesn't really go away. Maybe someone or TK (isn't he the doctor?), can explain it further.

Ok here is what we have The sixers are winning at home They have a very good coach, They have some good young players They will be 41-41 and the 7th seed this year..

And if they could trade iggy for a reliable 2 guard and a shot blocking rebounding center they could make some noise in the playoffs... BE OPTIMISTIC.... Last nites game is just another learning situation on a team that has no players who have ever won at this level

Which of the top 3 teams in the east do you think they could beat in a 7 game series.

Winning a game or two isn't making noise, winning a series is making noise.

There's a difference between optimism and delusion about the reality of the team. The sixers you talk about being 41-41 and making noise should not have lost last nights game

And Collins was out coached by a putz who lost his team weeks ago

AJ reply to GoSixers on Jan 9 at 14:40

Agreed. And making the playoffs and getting swept or winning one game, even if nice, shouldn't be this team's objective. I mean, making the playoffs while not playing Turner and playing Lou or Nocioni too much would just be detrimental to the team.

Let's make some way in the Iguodala trade front. I know Iggy is a good player, but he is not a good fit with the team and not in the plans. A good young player, a pick and salary cap relief would be nice.

How come that opposing teams are always able to take good shots with few seconds left, while the best we can do are fallaway 18 footers, contested jumpers (see games @Was, vs Atl) or prayers from half court (@Was again)??

Collins has to do a better job in those situations. And players should hit some, of course...

That three wasn't a 'good' shot - you just knew it was going in. What you have is a common fan occurrence - a selective memory that pays attention only to one set of results and then says it 'always' happens.

Like with Kobe Bryant and his clutch shooting

uhm, Sixers are 1-8 in close games this year (2-8 if you want to throw the Bulls game in), and 0-3 in OT. Looks to me pretty close to "always".

If my "selective" memory is missing situations in which we hit decisive shots in the last possessions and won games, please remind me.

As for Kobe being "clutch" or not, I know the story pretty well and won't debate it here, I just hope we will find a reliable option for the last shot.

Maybe you feel ok with Iguodala, Lou, Nocioni etc shooting them, I'd still take Kobe over our guys. But maybe it's me beeing fooled by the hype :-)

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 9 at 14:23

Last night was a little too good of a look. He was open and there was a way too late contest by Lou. They needed to guard the three point line better, and Lou/Turner miscommunicated on that screen.

The Cartier Martin shot was more an example of just bad luck.

Just last night Meeks got a great look in OT with about 10 seconds left off a dead ball.

true. Good shot, but not decisive unfortunately.

Okay we trade iguodala our best defender sorry folks iguodala isn't the problem and he definitely shouldn't be traded

I don't think anyone will say Iguodala is the problem but you must admit he's definetly not the answer either. 14,6,5, 43% FG, 66% FT. Has missed 12 games. He's not really setting the league on like most thought he would after what he did over the summer.

Did you see Collins not only said the loss wasn't LouWill's fault but also that he "loves" him and that he's "one of my best players." OMG, this is a bad sign for the future.

The loss was in fact the fault of LouWill and Nocioni. Everyone else on the team played well. Collins just loves LouWill.

Please explain to me how anything Collins said negatively about Williams to THE MEDIA is a good idea? Doug knows it's lou's fault, lou knows it's lou's fault. There's nothing to be gained by throwing him under the bus in the media or bad mouthing your own player in the media. Didn't anyone learn ANYTHING from Jordan being the coach last year.

Fair point, but identifying him as "one of my best players" is a bit ridiculous. If I thought Collins were just saying that to be nice, I'd be cool with it, but it seems like he honestly feels that way. Lou gets the last shot when Iggy is injured, Lou doesn't get taken out when he plays poorly (unlike others), etc. Collins treats Lou differently than the others, that's my problem.

Overall I still think Collins has done a great job, and I am so grateful for him over Jordan. But that doesn't absolve him of any criticism and this is a point where he is wrong.

Spencer flaws on Jan 9 at 16:53

did anyone see what kind of shots that speights was taking?

Your right iguodala isn't the answer but hes definitely a good piece to have.

elf reply to Marcus on Jan 9 at 17:15

Iggy´s is an excellent peace to have, but on a team such flawed he is too their best chance to get a young big and balance the roster..
´cause EB is gonna burn out playing so many minutes and playing many of those minutes at center along Thad or Noce, not really help on those battles under the tin..

This team needs him to be more than a "piece". A very expensive piece at that. We can get that kind of production out of Turner or Young. We need the 07-08 Iguodala.

18 and 10 with 2 assists and 2 blocks on 14 shots for Cousins, in just 28 minutes - 7 points in the last 3 minutes. He did have 4 turnovers and 5 fouls (one of which he was told to take at the end of the game, and only one of which led to foul shots). Ed Davis, in the same game, had 3 blocks in 14 minutes.

deepsixersuede on Jan 9 at 20:12

I think Lou and Iggy are tied at the hip; For those that want Iggy to stay, I included, players like Lou and Thad, who score points quickly, are needed here. A great defensive team still needs to score the ball and for Jrue, Evan and Iggy to be this teams big three we need guys capable of bailing this team out by scoring points quickly. I , for now on, will try to look at Lou's strengths rather than what he can't do.

Lou is shooting 38% from the field. His game is getting to the line. Do you really think that come playoff time, teams won't correctly guard Lou?

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