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A Dreadful Loss

I was at the game, section 103. Fans kept berating Iguodala for only scoring one point. These same fans kept confusing Danny Granger with Brandon Rush.

Iguodala clearly looked like a shell of himself. A couple of his shot attempts came toward the end of the shot clock when his teammates needed him to bail them out with a contested 20-footer. He seemed to lag on defense. I never really saw this from him before and I would assume it's a combination of him being rusty and his achillies still not healed.

After Lou cooled down, he should've sat on the bench for the rest of the game, especially when it was tied 99-99 and they desperately needed a defensive stop. I'm not sure why he was still there, but that off-balance 20-footer he took with about a minute left just about sealed the sixers defeat.

Overall, the sixers appeared to lack energy, and as you mentioned, especially defensively. If I had a dollar for every open ten-footer the Pacers had, I could've watched the game for free.

•Oh, and one other question: What does Speights have to do to take the starting job away from Hawes?

He has to play with this type of effort every practice/game. I think the staff sees he is capable of this and is trying to get into his head. If this type of effort continues, I guess it worked.

I'm tired of these comments mostly because Hawes sucks every game - and he can't be much better in practice - because he sucks - so Collins double standard (Lou Williams) strikes again

Collins doesn't trust jrue during crunchtime bc of how many bad plays and critical turnovers hes committed. Not saying its right, but that's what he's thinking. And zumoff also mistook granger for rush once or twice last night, pretty funny

Wouldn't playing good defense imply breaking some sort of sweat?

In all seriousness though, Lou isn't a real basketball player.

AND I thought some of my trade suggestions have been questionable. Check these out..........


If it's Bleacher Report, it's not worth reading. That's why bleacher report doesn't show up in the weekly reporting. They have 'articles' that mention the sixers but I have no desire to contribute to their god awful site or 'business model' of using the slide shows to force clicks and impressions (but cut down on length of view)

Wow i and went on to read it... I mean who writes these things... It's absolutely ridiculous. Especially the Indiana offer. I mean Iguodala AND Young for the expirings of Foster and Dunleavy + a mid first round pick? Seriously? Who on his right mind would even think of this...

It's standard fare for Bleacher Report. They publish absolute dreck - and yet they get traffic - and investors it seems are still stupid - someone gave them 10 million dollars a couple weeks ago - i believe philly.com partners with them (which tells me enough about philly.com and what they think their 'viewers' want)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 16:38

they make WIP look high brow commentary

Recently this team has been described as playoff team who is "better than their record indicates" and on the rise.

This may be true... but I think this season has been defined so far by "bad losses" and inability to close games. An optimist says that this inability to close out "winnable games" shows they are actually good. But it can just as easily be seen a a defining character flaw of this year's team. A flaw that is common in teams that rely heavily on young, inexperienced players.

For example, Minnesota has a number of similar heart-breaking losses- and no one confuses them for being good.

Minnesota has a point differential of -5.9. Their expected win total is 12.

The Sixers differential is -.7. Their expected win total is 18.

So both teams are probably better than their record, but being better than a 9-win team doesn't really warrant much though, does it?

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 12:18

Well, minnesota has 6 less wins. If Minnesota had 15 wins right now, when they should probably have more like 18, then people would probably be saying they may be pretty good.

In reality Minny has 8 and should probably have 11. 11 is still a really bad team. 18, though, is not a bad team, that is 2 games shy of .500.

bb-ref has the Sixers expected W-L as 17th best. The TWolves are 26th best.

tk76 reply to Joe on Jan 12 at 12:29

I think that sort of misses the point I was trying to make. Obviously the Sixers are better than the T-Wolves. They have won 50% more games.

The point is both teams lost a bunch of freaky, heart-breaking losses- probably because both teams are led by talented players that lack experience. So both teams have their current records for a reason... and neither are "better than their record indicates."

They havelost a ton of tough games becasue they lack experience. That probably bodes well for the future, but does not make them any better today. Unless suddenly their 20-23 year old core starters grow up quickly and start playing beyond their years.

So essentially, you are what your record says you are. That's your argument.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 12:49

I took it more as "veteran teams" close games better and thus are better than their efficiency difference.

Sometimes I jump to conclusions, though.

tk76 reply to Joe on Jan 12 at 13:08

Yeah, closer to that than someone saying they are "unlucky" or better than their record.

I think they lose close games for a reason, and its important for them to learn to overcome that. Whether that means simply better coaching, more experience or something bigger like acquiring better talent that helps you win games when they matter.

There is a reason I harp on this. I don't care if fans are heartened by being "so close.' I worry that the front office feels this way- and that it blinds them to this teams major faults in terms of talent level and construction.

I don't think they are better than their record. Far from it, actually. I look at this roster and I can't figure out how they won't lose 50 games. But I believe they've played better than their record, possibly significantly better.

When a young team outperforms expectations, it's not crazy to think there might be some valuable pieces here. My point is that if you look at the 15 wins, you'd think they've played some horrible basketball and there's nothing worth keeping, nothing worth looking forward to, whereas if half of those losses above had been wins, this team is .500 and people (Sixers fans included), may have a different outlook on the team and some of its players.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 13:20

I agree. But it is common for teams "like the Sixers" to play well most of time time- except when the chips are down. Again Minny and GSW are extreme examples. Those teams have some tremendous pieces (Curry, Love) and actually a fair share of solid role players. But they flop on their faces more often then not.

That is how Larry Brown can come in, insert a mediocre vet or two to add stability... and all of the sudden you have a 45 win team.

The problem is, the Sixers don't actually havcee all that much talent...

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 12:47

I think there is a lot more luck than you think there is.

The Spurs should have won 55 last year. They won 50.

This year they should have 28, but have 32.

OKC, a very inexperience team, is +4 from where they should be, while the Lakers are -1.

tk76 reply to Joe on Jan 12 at 13:09

OKC is young, but I would not call them inexperienced.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 13:10

And more importantly, they have a high level star. The Sixers have some talent, but not enough.

My thoughts exactly. Decent teams don't lose to the Pacers at home after a couple of days rest. They find a way to beat the Pistons on the road, too.

And of course they're terribly inconsistent. I've had occasion to get excited about this team in the last month, but games like yesterday's and the atrocious last few minutes of the Detroit game bring me crashing back to earth.

If you look at each game individually, you can make the case that there's something to inexperience.

- Cartier Martin three to tie vs. Wash - Luck. That's just a horrible shot that fell.

- Garnett pick layup vs. Boston - Inexperience more than luck. Maybe just personnel.

- Turner missing 2 FTs, then Jrue fouling Wall on the 40-footer - inexperience

- Lou missing 2 FTs, then Austin Daye getting a wide-open three - Inexperience on the defensive end, I guess. Lou isn't exactly inexperienced at this point.

- I'm not sure what you blame last night's loss on. They were up 2 with 4:33 left in the game. Indiana scored on each of their last 9 possessions, 19 points total. Is that inexperience, luck, crappy personnel or a combination of all three.

- In the second Boston loss, the Sixers had two possessions down by 2 points in the final minute. Turnover and blocked shot, both by Iguodala. Inexperience, roster or luck?

- at Atlanta, second game of the season, Josh Smith hits a three w/ 47 seconds to go, basically puts the game away. Probably not such an anomaly (he's shooting almost 40% from three so far this year). Nocioni has a three to tie at the buzzer, gets it blocked. Luck, inexperience or personnel?

- @ LAL, Sixers down by 2 with 1:00 to play. They get 4 shots in the final minute (all while down by 2 points). 2 missed threes (Jrue and Lou), 2 missed two-point shots (Thad and Turner). They also get 2 offensive rebounds. They don't hit any of the shots. Luck, inexperience or personnel?

So that's 8 losses that pretty much hinged on one possession, one way or the other. Four against solid, veteran playoff teams. Four against pretty bad teams, who are just as inexperienced as the Sixers, for the most part. If what you're saying is true, how inexperienced teams lose these games and their record is indicative of where they are, then why are Washington, Detroit and Indy immune to these issues?

Cartier Martin, Austin Daye, Darren Collison, John Wall. Those guys all made key plays, lucky or otherwise, how much experience do they have?

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 13:16

I see what you are saying when you look at those key plays... but big picture I think quality vet teams minimize stupid mistakes during the course of games so that their winning margin is not razor thin. Mistakes happen all of the time. The 72 win Bulls made stupid mistakes all of the time- but they overall had the talent and execution to where one or two dumb mistakes did not cost you a game. Most critically, good teams know how to close out the ends of quarters- not just the ends of games.

Its not simply an age thing. There are vets who play like rookies all their careers. Their are guys like Durant or already have enough experience to play winning basketball (and/or have such great talent that they can overcome dumb decisions like how MJ could change his ming miiod-air with his crazy hangtime.)

Fine, count those four losses to good teams as losses no matter what. I still don't see how you can chalk the other four up to much more than luck considering both teams are (a) bad and (b) inexperienced.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 13:37

No, its not luck. You play good basketball throughout the game and it takes "luck" out of the equation.

How many "bad" or "unlucky" losses do we have to see until it is clear that this is their modus operandi. If a batter has a terrible average with runners in scoring position it means something. And if you find ways to lose and consistently snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory it says something about your team.

My point is, what is the significance.

-Is it something that Collins will fix with good coaching as he better acquaints himself too the team?

-Will they outgrow these mistakes with a bit more experience- and if so how long should we expect?

-Do they need roster changes to clean this up (a respectable shooter or decent big." Are we talking small moves or franchise altering ones?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 13:37

BTW- sorry to sound like a broken record.

Good teams play close games, so do bad teams. What, specifically, about the Sixers makes them lose more close ones than other bad teams with similar talent levels and experience levels?

Do we know for a fact that the sixers lose more 'close ones' than other similarly bad sub 500 poorly built teams?

I don't know, I mean 0-8 in games decided in the final minute, for the most part. Can you be worse than that? I think they were similarly pitiful last season.

The only win I can remember in that situation was when Dalembert blocked McGrady's three at the buzzer, but that may have been the previous season.

Wasn't there a game in LA that the sixers won with an iguodala heave? Was that last season or the season before?

Two years ago.

Meh, all i remember is driving home from class and hearing the replay on the car - couldn't place the years.

Reasons the sixers might lose close games that have to do with the team:

1. No 'star' guaranteed to draw fouls
2. No pure shooters who can step up when needed (if you believe in such things)
3. No solid low post big men to go to get fouls as the game comes down to the end of the game
4. No good 3 point shooters
5. Too many players in at the end foo the game who can't play defense with a lick

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 14:44

A 20 year old PG? 22/23 year old SG? 22/23 year old center (who are lousy.)

I'm supposed to know what you mean I'm sure, but i'm a bit at a loss

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 15:02

Reasons they lose more close games than other "bad teams."

All really good reasons. They're all almost essential to winning close games. #5 is a real killer.

Joe reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 16:41

"No, its not luck. You play good basketball throughout the game and it takes "luck" out of the equation.

How many "bad" or "unlucky" losses do we have to see until it is clear that this is their modus operandi. If a batter has a terrible average with runners in scoring position it means something. And if you find ways to lose and consistently snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory it says something about your team. "

Why did the Spurs with pretty much the same roster lose so many close ones last year and now this year they are winning a ton they shouldn't.

Luck is a major factor in sports. Without it, one could easily choose the winner for any game with really high accuracy.

Tom Moore on Jan 12 at 13:56

Lack of a go-to player and questionable decision-making are the things, IMO.

Tom Moore on Jan 12 at 13:57

Video: Turner on being more aggressive, trying not to defer to veterans as much:


Tom Moore on Jan 12 at 14:02

Video: Collins on Iguodala's return changing team dynamics, Turner's progress:


johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Jan 12 at 16:43

Tom, can you please ask Doug why Jrue and the rest of the squad defer to Lou in crunch time lately? We're all dying to know, its cost them the last 2 games.

Jrue plays solid PG,facilitates for 3 and a half quarters, then the other 4 guys stand around and watch Lou force bad shots in crunch time.

So frustrating. The ball stops moving.

Rumors abounding that Iverson has a career ending injury...

The Sixers are 15-23 and in position for the 8th seed. That is sort of ridiculous, is it not?

Teams with a sub 40% winning percentage should not be in position to make the playoffs midway through the season in any sport.

Then again, there are the Seahawks...

When over half your league makes the playoffs - you run the risk of losing teams in the playoffs. The NBA playoffs are too long...they space the games out too much and are too obsessed with maximizing the ratings as much(I don't even think it works) when it comes to the finals.

Cut the playoffs to 12 teams

Top 2 in each conference get a few days off - other 8 play a best of 3 in 5 days series.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 15:55

Or at least make the last 2 spots "wild cards" so that you don't have a 50 win team missing out in one conference and a 36 win team making it in the other.

A 50 win team has a chance to actually do something, while the other team (ie the Sixers currently) are merely fodder.

I don't disagree with your wild card idea - but what that would usually mean is that the two wild cards would end up playing opponents from the other conference. The wild card from the west plays the one seed from the east?

I don't advocate reseeding 1-16 overall because it eliminates conference identify mattering in the playoffs.

Then again, I adovcate a radical schedule change that makes 'division' games more important. In the NBA division games make up the lowest percentage of overall games compared to the NFL, MLB, NHL

I am done giving DC any credit until he realizes that Lou Williams is awful in the 4th quarter and stops playing him. If he wants shooting, he should play Jodie. If he wants seperation, he should put in ET.

Would love to see what lou's +- is in the final 6 minutes of games that are close. Not including games where we are down 9 and lou hits a few miracle 3s and we lose by 1. I am talking about games where the sixers are tied our within a possession. I really think the NBA game is way too fast for him to do anything but shoot. He has no court vision whatsoever, misses passes, the only time he seems to pass is if someone is wide open due to a blown coverage, and even then his passes leave something to be desired for.

Check out the team defensive rating with Lou on the floor during clutch situations.

Also, compare Lou's "clutch" offensive numbers to Jrue's.

I wasn't going to say anything ;)

I made my case about lou already - everything else just pretty much reaffirms it - he's a one trick pony who shouldn't play when that trick isn't working.

Tough i'd love to know how they get those 5 minutes stats :)

Jrue and Brand have both been excellent in those situations. Lou has been horrible, Iguodala even worse.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 16:45

Jrue has been a good scorer.

But As I talked about last night, his passing and TO numbers are really poor as compared to his normal assis and TO rates.

This could be due to scheme (he does not get to run the offense down the stretch) or it could be nerves/inexperience. Maybe a combo of both?

But he is a great shooter/scorer in those late game situations... at least when he is not forced to jack up last second 3's...

When you're moved off the ball and never touch it until there's 5 seconds left on the shot clock, would you expect his assist rate to go up or down? What about his turnover rate?

Blaming it on nerves is pretty silly considering what actually happens on the floor, coupled with his success scoring and shooting.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 17:35

Jrue has made some lousy decisions with the ball l;ate in geames. And not always with the shot clock going down.

I'm not saying he kills you like Lou has recently... but I'm not going to make excuses to completely explain away his late game mistakes. But I agree that he's been put in a worse position than he is normally.

Who would you RATHER see makking the mistakes at the end of the game - the one dimensional short shorting guard or the barely 20 point guard with massive upside?

Who benefits more LONG term from learning from those mistakes?

Clearly the one dimensional 2 guard...

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 20:28

I want to see a Hawes/Nocioni P&R. Or Dongalia for 3.


His porn name?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 21:15

It was accidentally coined at your old haunt. you know, the Ballers...

Ah...no comment

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 16:15

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. His crunch time stats are even worse than I thought.

wow. Jrue should really be given the ball in the final 5 minutes. I would rather have Speights just shooting 18 footers. Jesus, I love how incomplete the 21+ second shot clock stat is. It doesn't show how he dumps the ball off to someone like IGuodala to chuck up a contested 3. I really think that ET is still our best option for the final possession of the game, most of his shots he puts up in the course of the game i think he could get off during the final possession just due to his ball handling ability.

Man. I can't take Lou. If this team even makes the playoffs and Lou is still given the ball in the final 5 minutes the sixers are getting swept. No doubt about it.

Do you think Doug sees a shorter version of himself in Lou? I'm beginning to think that he thinks Lou is the only guy we have who can get hot and give us quick points at crunch time. And he won't play him at the 2, so Jrue is the odd man out. Jrue absolutely has to be in there at the end of the game.

I think keeping Jrue in and putting Kapono at the 2 would work better than this.

Jrue/Turner/AI9/Brand/Young is my end-of-game lineup every time. If the opposing team is very big, I put Speights in for Young.

What you say about Lou's court vision and the speed of the game are good points. Also, he doesn't seem totally committed to his teammates - too aloof.

tk76 reply to Charlie H on Jan 12 at 17:16

I think Lou is the best one on one scorer on the team. So maybe he has the best chance to be a decent "closer."

The problem is "the best closer" is still lousy. And the iso style of offense kills the flow for all of the other players on the floor.

Regardless of what they try, they are going to struggle in late game situations. They need to find the most effective offense. But without a star offensive player or great low post big they are sort of limited.

I do agree with most in that Jrue should be groomed as the closer. Even if he is not quite the iso player that Lou is, he makes up for it by being an infinitely better distributor. And if Lou is on the bench then Jrue often will have a physical mismatch against most PG's- forcing a double team. And you should be able to generate good ofense off of that double team.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 18:38

Lou is the best one on one scorer on this team. I think it's a misnomer that this team's best option is to find one guy, a "closer," to go get their points by himself at the end of games. If there should be a guy like that, you can make an argument Jrue should be that guy anyway.

That's straying off the main point though:
1. Jrue is the best offensive player on the team and he should have the ball in his hands during crunch time.

2. The team also runs best when they are moving the ball and picking the guy on the floor who has the favorable matchup because there are usually 5 capable scorers on the floor.

3. Jrue is also the point guard and the other players get the ball in better spots when he initiates the offense.

It's really a no brainer. There's no conflict between the points. Jrue doesn't have to be a straight iso or pick and roll guy late in games, just let him have the ball. He'll score AND pass in the flow of the offense.

I'd love to see the Sixers go after Camby. His interior presence would be the difference between losing and winning the close ones. Ever since you put up the post about Portland maybe looking to move him I thought he would be the perfect fit. It would be nice to see the Sixers winning a lot of battles on the inside, and the team defense would be elevated right away. It's really only a one more year on the contract so it doesn't hurt you long term. Not sure what Portland would want but I'd be fine with putting Thad, Lou, possibly Speights in a deal, some teams will overpay them before too long. So lets get Camby if we can, he may be the one game changer out there, and he's been tremendous this year, as always. I don't think the upgrade from Hawes to Camby could possibly be overstated.

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 12 at 18:04

I don't think this team could survive the loss of offense if we gave up thad for Camby. I also think that Brand really benefits from having Speights/Hawes being capable of shooting 15-18 foot jumpers which lets him focus on being more efficient and in a better position. Thad is our 3rd best offensive player im o, and if Brand had to start taking more 15-18 foot jumpers which would make him much more inefficient and hurt his future trade value. I just don't know if Camby's Defensive presence would compensate enough for the loss of Offensive production.

Also I don't think there is anyway the sixers could get him for expirings due to the fact the sixers would be 63 million commited with him next year and still have to pay Thad+their First rounder.

I agree with you that Thad has been a very good scorer this year, and that may actually give him some decent value in a trade. I'd still rather the Sixers not give him 40+ million or whatever it's going to take to resign him. I think it would help Brand actually to play more minutes at the 4 next to Camby, it would take some pressure off him on the defensive end as well. Camby has a Def.rating of 98, his D-Mult. is .93, and his Def.reb rate is 36% which is off the charts. So yeah I would take that defensive production over Thad's offense in a second, but to each his own. I see your point of view as well and have no problem with it. :)

I don't think I'd be comfortable giving up Thad for just Camby. Thad's going to be a productive player in this league for awhile, and he falls in the 'valuable piece' category. I'd be down with Lou or Speights for Camby. Something like this:


You could throw Speights in that deal as well too. Pretty sure Portland wouldn't do that though.

I see what you're saying but wouldn't you have to put Thad in the deal to get it done? If I was Portland I wouldn't be interested in just Lou or Speights. I don't even know why they really want to move Camby, but we've heard that they are looking at it. He's even somewhat valuable as an expiring contract in the next season. For some reason I feel that Thad is a valuable player at 3 million and a not so valuable player at 9 million, which some team will offer him when they look at the free agents and over-value his scoring.

They can't overpay Thad, that's for sure. If they could get him to a deal similar to Lou's, I think I do it at this point. If they feel that's not doable, then you could move him for Camby. Long term, I'm willing to take the gamble of Thad leaving for nothing than picking up Camby. Camby's great, but he can't fix the team with big holes he's on right now. He might guarantee a playoff spot with the Sixers, but not much else.

Ok I'm with you then, but it's not gonna be any fun holding our breath for 7 days while we wait to see if the Sixers match a 4 year, 40 million offer sheet to Thad from some deseperate gm! Also you are right, Camby is a great player. Check this out, of the players who have played at least a thousand minutes this year, Camby is third in the league in wins produced per 48 with a .377. Third in the entire league, Yikes! The guy has never gotten enough credit for being one of the best big men in the game.

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 12 at 19:23

I don't think any team is going to offer thad 4/40. Off top of my head i doubt the Clippers would, doubt the timberwolves would. Doubt Houston would. Doubt NJ would. Washington won't based on Ted Leonsis method.

Maybe Cle gets ridiculously desperate but I really doubt that. I wouldn't be shocked if Thad is back on the Qualifying offer tbh.

Yeah I guess thats a possibility especially with a new salary structure in the league. But I would still be very surprised if Thad didn't get a decent multi-year contract offer from some team. It might not be as high as forty but I bet it would be close. You could also throw Indiana and maybe Sacramento on your list of teams there. All it takes is one, right?

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 12 at 19:46

I really don't think Indiana would. Kings might, but they will have a top pick again this year.

I don't think any team will offer a 4/40 year. They might offer a 4/28 or something that the sixers can reasonably match.

Tom Moore on Jan 12 at 16:38

Story: Coaching, teaching continues for Collins even after games:


Interesting that the Daye three was Nocioni's fault, and Turner actually listened to Collins' plan and executed it.

With all of this Thad contract talk...

Does anyone know which teams will have cap space greater than the MLE? Assuming, of course, that the cap is of relatively similar size and the MLE still exists in the new CBA.

My objective being: Are there teams with adequate space to make a >MLE offer that are a "fit" for Thad?

CM reply to CM on Jan 12 at 20:08

To answer my own question...

It looks like the following teams have the most potetial cap space:

New Jersey
New York

That's a quick and dirty list, not taking ito account cap holds and the like.

Until the lockout ends (January 2012 at the earliest is my prediction) and the new CBA is put in place - it'll be hard to gauge the value of the players on the open market until you see what's out there.

If there's some GM willing to give Thad a 5 year 50 million dollar deal (or some asinine nonsense) - let them - he's a nice scorer - but what else can he do?

Thad - is like lou - he does one thing - he's just on a rookie deal so it's ok.

When he starts making more money - people will hate him more ala Andre Iguodala because they will expect him to start doing things he doesn't really do - like having basketball intelligence

Jason reply to CM on Jan 12 at 20:48

Sacremento-They have a top pick and will probably end up with a pick that fills the thad role.
Indiana-Wrong system, already have granger and george. Have Hansborough.
Houston-Have patterson who i think is better than Thad. They'd really have to think thad is a 3 which i don't think any team does at this point.
New Jersey-Wants to spend money on someone who sells seats/makes melo happy. Thad will not.
Memphis-Not a position of need. Have Rudy Gay who some havce compared thad's stats too during off season.
Minnesota-Not a position of need.
New York-Wrong System.
Denver- Based on how badly they want to save some money on getting rid of melo and not taking any salary back I don't think they will offer Thad a big $$$ contract.
Toronto-Doubt Torontos Public School Pension fund wants to spend 50 million on Thad.

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 21:01

Guess Collins fell in love with Fosters Toughness.

tk76 reply to Jason on Jan 12 at 21:16

And I would cry.

Although the Sixers would have two beers on the team.

Fosters: Australia
Speights: New Zealand

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 21:20

And all of Collins talk about the need for "hustle" makes me afraid of him trading for Foster or Hansbraugh. It could be his new Ruffin...

COme on y'all - check out the source of this crazy trade rumor - have a laugh

CM reply to Jason on Jan 12 at 21:26

I see SAC and DEN (minus Carmelo) as the best fits and most likely to offer a contract that would be a "tough match"

I don't know if I could stomach a deal for Thad that averaged over $6M per. I don't know if paying for projection is what is in this organization's best interest at this point.

Jason reply to CM on Jan 12 at 21:32

I really don't think he deserves a contract paying more than the MLE. But i'd still sign him to a 4/28 4/30 deal. I think he'll still have trade value come 25/26. Thad is still very very young, some of the players that are going in this draft are the same age as him. And I have to tell you, he would be a top 10 pick in this draft no doubt. Whatever deal the sixers give thad (if one at all) it should be front heavy to keep him trade-able later on.

tk76 reply to Jason on Jan 12 at 21:33

Of course top 10 picks are paid a lot less :)

Collins after Wednesday's practice: "Andre being back, it changes the dynamics of our team. Probably, in retrospect, hindsight is always 20-20, had Noce been healthy last night, maybe we would've had 'Dre get a few more practices under his belt before he played. After the fact, we're all very, very smart."

Happy thought of the night:


Players at or abobe Jrue's current 14.8/6.7/3.8 in the entire NBA this year:


And only Jrue and CP3 have less than 3.4 TO's per game (Jrue only 2.8).

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 23:08

Amazingly, the average age of that list is 23.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 23:11

Go back a full 3 years and the only names you add to that list are DWade(1X), Deron(1X)and Arena(abreviated season in '09.)

If only Jrue was not at the bottom of WS/48. But also the youngest on the list.

Jason reply to tk76 on Jan 13 at 0:13

Say that Jrue keeps these numbers up, is he worth a max contract? I'm already afraid of his next contract.

tk76 reply to Jason on Jan 13 at 0:17

At least it will be under the next uber-restrictive CBA.

Heh. If Jrue is worthy of a max contract at some point, i don't think that's something to be upset about right now. It probably means his progression has been amazing.

And another excellent night for DeMarcus Cousins. For only the 7th time this season he had fewer than 3 personal fouls. Excellent.

3/9 from the floor, 2/4 from the line for 8 spectacular points. He also turned the ball over 5 times.

Pettiness never helps ones argument, take it from me - I know :)

See lebron travel last night and not get it called?

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