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Game 41 Thread: PHI @ ORL

This is the rare opponent where I would not want many of their players for the Sixers (at least not with their current contracts.)

Asside from Howard, is their a current Orlando player you would want for the Sxiers? Maybe JRich with a more reasonable deal?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 17:41

Basically, the are sort of like Cleveland the year or two before Lebron took his services elsewhere.

I think JJ Redick wouldn't be a bad fit.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 18:02

Reddick has a somewhat reasonable deal for only 2.5 years more. But He's not really what the Sixers need right now. He's a specialist on a team that needs more than that.

He'd be a tremendous upgrade over Meeks, and a definite starter. I'd rather have him than Lou, definitely.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 18:07

I don't see Reddick as a "definite starter" unless you are talking a token Meeks/Hawes type starter.

If you started Reddick exactly where would that leave Turner?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 18:08

And I think Reddick is a product of playing on the floor with a dominant center. It masks his weaknesses on both ends of the floor. Meeks would be nearly as good for the Magic.

On today's roster, he's the starter. Sixth man if/when Turner eventually gets that role back. He's an upgrade to our current starter, on both ends. Can't really argue that.

Interesting Fagan note: The Sixers are 5-1 when Lou scores 20. A bit surprising to me.

They're also better when Lou takes less than 10 shots (8-9), 10 or more shots (8-13).

Stats like that don't really mean anything beyond the obvious. When Lou is on, his scoring helps the team. When Lou is off, he's a team killer. That's what happens when you give too many possessions to a streaky gunner with 27%+ usage rate. You live and die by him.

Jason reply to MW on Jan 19 at 17:48

Pretty much the most misleading stat i've seen regarding Lou will. Should be how many possessions he's taken in a game. That stat makes the reader go "oh, give lou will the ball, he must be good" when it's far from the truth. It's misleading because it doesn't say how many possessions he scores the 20+ in. I'm sure if you looked at the most possessions he's taken in a game i'm sure you'd see a stat that doesn't stand out.

tk76 reply to MW on Jan 19 at 17:49

Its partly a result of the Sixers lacking many way to win. The can't really shut you down defensively (despite their favorable D numbers prior to Iguodla's injury.) The lack shooters or post play.

So they need someone individually to go off- and Lou is often that guy.

They are also:
4-0 when Thad scores 20
5-2 when Jrue scores 20
2-1 when Meeks scores 20
1-0 when Noce scores 20
1-0 when Turner scoers 20

Interestingly, they are a combined 5-7 when either Iguodala or Brand scores 20. But 28-3 when someone other than Iguodala or Brand scores 20.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 17:53

Sorry, meant 18-3 (so there are some games with mult 20 pt scorers like Jrue + Lou.)

Still, that last stat is just bizarre...

5-7 when either Iguodala or Brand scores 20. But a combined 18-3 when someone other than Iguodala or Brand scores 20.

Not sure if he's the first one to break this story, but w/e.

"Wow. Prokhorov tells Nets to walk away from Carmelo deal..says decision is final."

from http://twitter.com/daldridgetnt

i'm somewhat impressed with Prokhorov.

When you spit in the eye of the russian meglomaniac with the biggest ego in the room, he's typically not going to react very well.

If the Nets are out of it, Denver's leverage has dropped to zero, imo.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 18:03

Melo should be fortunate that his life was spared by the Russian

I guess he'll have to settle for the mini-giraffe. He'll be glad he did in a couple years, the giraffe will age better.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 18:04

He wanted "dat one" and the Nuggests kept him waiting.

I'm doubtful he is a patient man. And i wonder how long he tolerates BK and his penchant for "near-miss" mega-deals.

tk76 reply to Jason on Jan 19 at 17:59

For some reason I don't think this is over until the deadline passes.

And the longer the Melo-drama lasts, the less happens with regards to other player movement (and Iguodala, if he is even on the clock.)

Houston supposedly has been pressing a deal and is even willing to make a deal to rent him.

I think the Nuggets are stupid - they keep thinking they can convince him to stay - they're digging the same hole the Cavs did.

Or this is just brilliant marketing - drop out - no one shows up - and then the nuggets come back and you cut off their nads but still give them something

Nets commimg for Iggy?

Doubtful, they want a superstar for Brooklyn.

True, but thats 3 years away I think, so Avery Johnson might want to win some games before that

tk76 reply to Juan on Jan 19 at 19:01

Do you see that team winning all that many games with Iguodala? I think even if they got him for nothing (say Murphy and scraps) then it puts them a half a level below ATL or Chicago and a full level below ORL.

Avery JOhnson doesn't run the team

Apparently the meme is out, Lou Williams is the savior this franchise has been looking for since AI3 left town. Makes me sick.

Wait, what, what makes you say that?

Kate Fagan - disappointing again

Also "I wasn't here so we won't talk about the Turner/Iguodala thing" - that's just stupid

Not just her. It's been happening all over.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 18:05

Eh, Tom had it pretty well covered.

If Lou Williams is being touted as an actual piece, I'm glad. Better trade value, I trust Thorn to realize he's not.

Jason reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 18:10

Dear god, if Kate could build the sixers Lou would be franchise PG, and Hawes would be Franchise Center. I'd rather have Eddie Jordan as a philly beat reporter.

It's sad, when she started out she seemed really to know what was going on and not fall for the sixers nonsense spin and the basic idiocy of the philly.com fans - now she does her best to appeal to them

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 18:41

looks more and more like she just had a vendetta against Eddie Jordan, doesn't it?

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 18:55

Well she did. But are you implying she lacked cause?

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 18:59

well, she was hypercritical of Jordan. It became clear she didn't like him as a person. She was right to criticize his coaching, but she eats out of the hand of Collins because he gives her 10 minute sound bytes. I think a quality journalist is objective no matter the rapport with the subject.

She still thinks Hawes makes them better because of his poor mans Vlade Divac passing, and his ability to hit a jumper.

T McL reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:04

Agree that she is just taking Collins' word. Can't really blame Kate though, she sees him as a great connection in her industry. No matter what, it's her job and she has to get the readers/respect.

That's why blogs are such better resources nowadays, there is no motivation other than passion for the team (in many cases).

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:08

If I were a beat writer I'd be on cloud nine after switching from a prickly EJ to their current "great communicator" Collins.

Not only is Collins a breeze to interview, but as a media guy I'm sure he treats other media with more respect than they get from other former players/coaches.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 19:11

me too, but its alright to criticize a particular coaching move(haven't heard anything critical from her) I don't think he would even take it personally considering his media background

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:18

No he would laugh it off... and then crush her- ensuring he never gets a job in the media again... and then secretly laugh evilly Bwahahahah...

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 19:19

Should read: "ensuring she never gets a job again."

Regarding NJ and Melo:

Another BK mega-deal that never saw the light of day. I wonder how much patience the owner has for all of this bluster without tangible results.

OK, I've got the Orlando feed. Wonder if Goukas will mention this blog again w/out saying the name.

i like Lou. he's fun to watch, and no one can guard him.

sure the most fun is to watch a winning team, but if your team (we're all Sixer fans) really isn't great, then isn't it fun to watch individual performances?

I don't really enjoy watching him dribble the ball for 15 seconds, then pump fake, then take a bad jumper. If he's playing w/in the framework of the offense, which he did last game, then I'm fine w/ Lou. The iso "I'm just like my hero, Iverson" crap is a team killer, though. Hate watching it.

He's not fun to watch, he's a ball hog who stalls an offnse and can't play defense, and lots of people can guard him - if no one could guard him he'd start

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:03

for the Prohkorov fans. Claims he's never even been contacted by the Melo camp:

"Maybe he sent me an email, but I don't have a computer"

"Maybe the carrier pigeon got lost..."

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:10

I guess if you have billions and personal servants you don't have to stoop to actually using a computer. You just ask your people and they get what you need.

Gold, wish sixers had an owned like him

What exactly has he done so far?

He talks a lot of game - but accomplishes very little

and hires billy king as a GM

The sixers owners are a lot like him

At least he is interested in his team.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:14

Prokhorov said this about the internet: "Too much information, it's difficult to filter it." Said he doesn't use it.

And we're off. Hawes loses the tip, shockingly.

Jrue w/ the steal on the double down on Howard, good defensive start.

Brand opens with two jumpers that Howard gives him. Misses both.

Shit. Turnover for Jrue, expecting Brand to fill the lane, but he didn't.

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 19:15

I feel we're gonna get blown out tonight for some reason.

look at the raw power from Hawes

Hawes with a sissy dunk off what should've been a lob from Iguodala. I'll take the points.

Thought that was a clean block by Brand. Guess Hawes got him with the flabby body.

Is this the worst 4 minutes of play by any NBA all season? nice shot Meeks.

Jodie Meeks Experiment - over - now - please

Man, have the sixers shot anything but a brick on their jumpers?

Hedo puts Hawes on a poster. That's brilliant.

See what Hawes just did right there with what should've been a dunk off a pretty pass from Jrue? Yeah, fuck him.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 19:25

Screw Stefanski for trading for him and also not drafting a big for Jrue.

Jrue for 3 and this is a 2-point game, believe it or not.

Jrue got that same roll in a recent game. Good touch on that jumper

an 18-footer off the dribble for Bass, that's a win defensively.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 19:23

why did Hawes pass up a dunk to do a 360 and throw a bullet at Elton Brand who was standing a foot away

Because he blows?

Turner second off the bench. For Iguodala, it looks like.

They're going at Lou, had to double in the post, didn't hurt them.

Terrible leaning shot by Lou after a pump fake on the other end.

I can't believe this game is 10-9 with 3:29 left in the first. Neither team can throw it in the ocean.

Finally they hit a jumper. guess that was the second.

Good foul by EB to prevent the lob dunk by Howard. Howard looked pissed too. I hope he goads him into throwing an elbow.

Anderson is in at the four. Thad in for the Sixers, should help minimize the problems of them having a stretch four.

Hawes just got so unbelievably lucky that wasn't an and one. Sissy foul.

Battie is the first big off the bench.

1st quarter appearance by tony battie huh

I knew speights was only playing until battie got back

Pretty drive and finish over Howard by Jrue. Then he picks up a cheap foul. And Anderson wide open for a corner three. Ugh.



Turner for a corner three, in rhythm.

Good work, Thad. Abuse him.

Fuck. Two on Jrue. I hope Collins doesn't sit him for most of the second quarter. He did that shit last time he picked up two in the first.

when thad puts it all together, he's gonna be 25ppg

I'd say a little closer to 30 ppg

he's awesome on broken plays and fast breaks

No he isn't

Because with the defense he plays he isn't going to get the minutes.

Jason reply to joeykey on Jan 19 at 19:40

He needs to develop a reliable jump shot before that is a possibility.

Excellent defensive first quarter. Offense wasn't what you'd like to see, but I'll take three more like that one.

PHI 21, ORL 17

good quarter. reminded me of the late 90s/early 2000s years. Ugly offense with good hard D.

Best part of that Thad drive was you could hear D12 yell "Come on, Ryan! Damn!" as Thad hit the layup. lol

Lou opens the second with a blown bunny.

SVG is going right at Lou.

Sad last play, no because it didn't go in, but because Turner was ready to carry it and Lou chut him down...

And Turner realizes Arenas can't spell D on the other end.

I'd love to see them go to that well more than once

wow evan turner with some sick post moves

what a block by lou will!!

I wish Speights was still athletic.

if turner had dished that a little higher it woulda been a dunk

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 19:45

I love when ET plays with CONFIDENCE.

Shit, you can't double that weak shit P&R with Redick and Anderson. That's just stupid.

Turner is showing nasty passing skillz

Nice. Defense to offense!

Absolutely love the way Doug is working rotations tonight.

Great basketball so far. Need to find a way to sustain. I love when Hawes is on the bench.

dang speights fightin D12 for boards!!

Man, did you see the position Speights let Howard get on that play? Ugly.

so wait...what are the excuses that elite centers have, for being terrible freethrow shooters? i can't remember.

Hands are too big.

nice timeout Douglas

That and being unwilling to go 'granny style' because it makes them uncool

Get a timeout and get Jrue in for Lou, Doug. Lead is in peril.

Nelson is eating Lou alive.

Put Turner on Jameer, even with two fouls rather have him on the PG than Lou. Turner is being wasted guarding JJ.

Jason reply to CB on Jan 19 at 19:57

Jameer is way too quick for Turner.

whoa pretty much all the guys on the leaguepass ad were on the USA team last summer. just sayin.

Need to keep their head above water through this ORL run. Jrue is back in after the timeout, my guess he's back in for Turner, which makes zero sense.

Anderson can't guard Brand. No prayer.

inside-outside game with D12 is murder on the 76ers

Too many freebies for Dwight. Put him on the fucking line.

Why the fuck is Kapono coming in the game?

CB reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 20:04

To punch JRich in the face.

Good enough reason for me.

3 on Dwight. It'd be nice if he spent the night in foul trouble.

Battie and 1!

cmon El Busto

Jrue running some offense here. Neither Lou, nor Iguodala on the floor with him.

Aaaand, Collins yanks Jrue for the final two-plus minutes. F me.

Ugh, nice work, Kapono.


are you f*ckin serious

There goes the lead.

WTF is this lineup? Awful.

Heh, Lou fouled shooting a terrible three. What the hell was Anderson thinking?

I'm assuming that Kapono is in there so that Iggy doesn't play too many minutes. Should try Thad at the 3 instead.

Well, looks like they're going to escape with the lead. And Jameer's hurt, not sure that helps the Sixers, though.

Iguodala can't buy a freebie.

WTF is up with Iggy's FTs this year

I'll take it.

PHI 48, ORL 44 after the first half.

Gotta say, a solid first half and Collins really shuffled the lineup. Everyone should be fresh in the second half. I hope Collins takes advantage of that and keeps the pressure on.

AI9 needs to tag along with Thad next time he goes to the Mark Price school.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 20:14

would be wise to come out of the locker room attacking the goal, try to get that 4th on Dwight early if you can

Jason reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 20:24

Putting Brand/Hawes back out there makes it very unlikely that Dwight picks up a quick foul.

A couple very good trends. Only 5 threes attempted and they've gotten to the line 19 times. Now if they can repeat that and hit better than 63% at the stripe in the second half, I like their chances.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 20:26

ET deserves to start the half but he won't.

ORL broadcast just said Jameer will be back in the second half.

Pretty play to open the half, Meeks bricks the perfect look at three.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 20:30

whats new

Brick, brick (o-board), turnover. Not a great offensive start.




Ugh, they just really can't buy a hoop and nothing's going to the hole. Jrue needs to go at Nelson, maybe run a play to get him in the post?

Is there some sort of weather issue in florida tonight - this game seems EMPTY attendance wise?

And Jrue comes out. What the fuck?

Lou Williams super star

Did Matt GOukas just say 'whacked in the first round'

Come on Matt - that's my line :)

iguodala no handle tonite

Meeks corner three. About time.

How about hitting a pair at the line, Iguodala?


Iggy looks slow and clumsy

This game is very ugly - two ugly ones in a row for the sixers?

Ugly is actually good when you're overmatched. The uglier the better.

Four on Hawes. What the hell will we do w/out him?

smart to foul Howard, no?

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 20:42

Just dribble the ball will ya, Lou? There's no shot clock you know..........

oh my GOD that was AWFUL. also - turner needs to take that 3 at the top of the key. his man was slouching away from him. he can hit it.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 20:43

anyone get a count on how long Lou just dribbled that ball

That's top notch basketball right there, re: Lou Will's shot clock violation

mgfields on Jan 19 at 20:45

Evan sometimes plays like there is still a 35 second shot clock.

4 on Howard. Big.

Dwight Howard bails out Tony Battie

That's one of the stupider plays all year


Sick drive and finish by Turner.


Um - whre the hell did THIS Evan Turner come from?

And another, this time with the flush!

YES! Jrue on the floor and gets the timeout after Turner strips Hedo. Excellent, excellent hustle.

wow, how are the sixers getting to the basket at will?

Dwight's on the bench.

we can concede that there is no way he had possession for a timeout right?

Yep. Jrue was first on the floor, that's why they gave it to us.

Doug Collins is a genius

It's great to see our centers get up to about 11.5 feet to try to block Turkoglue dunks.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 20:51

So...why can't Jrue and Turner split initiating the offense 50/50, with ET being the Roy-like penetrator and Jrue being the spot-up perimeter shooter?

Or why can't we wait for Evan Turner to adjust to the NBA before forcing Jrue to sacrifice a strong part of his game?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 21:00

And why does ET have to be Ray Allen?

Jrue doesn't have to sacrifice JACK. He'll get his chances to score the ball...with ET being the facilitator. I just don't understand why Jrue has to be the "inbitiate the offense 100% of the time" PG and Turner has to be the "come off of screens and shoot jumpers" SG - that's all.

Lou Will whenever he wants.

Turner shouldn't have settled there.

Nice job, Jrue.

Turner still needs to learn to take quick shots behind the arc. He has an opening to shoot and holds too long/hesitates. it is a pleasure to watch how easy it is for jameer and lou to finish aroudn the rim.

Good lord - the magic desperately need even the semblance of a back up center - give em tony

layup after layup no D12 -- true brian

Yeah, Orlando doesn't miss Gortat at all. This won't be an issue in the playoffs.


Big end to the third.

PHI 70, ORL 43 after three.

Let's go, 12 strong minutes. Finish this.

sure glad Lou insisted Turner give him the ball for the last shot there. what a joke

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 20:55

Lou's shot selection to end quarters is downright horrid.

ET did not look pleased to have to defer to him on that final sequence

Lous shot selection is horrid usually

always down on lou. i dont get it.

I wrote two rather long articles about why i'm down on lou

Lou sucks - lou is the new willie green - willie green had good games too - overall he sucked and i wanted him gone.

You don't seem to remember lou's bad games - only the most recent good one - take his entire career - not just a game here or there - he's a useless ball hog who can't defend

i dont know, man...i like Lou. he's a scorer and most of the time he's fun to watch, imho.

Turner and Jrue have combined for 14 boards.

Whenever Howard gets back in, don't change the game plan. Keep going to the hoop until he picks up his fifth.

JAson reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 20:58

So this, let's not start this quarter like the 3rd.

Man, Speights just doesn't fight him for position at all.

I was fine w/ that shot by Lou. He was deep, but open, and any pass would've resulted in an incredibly rushed jumper unless he found someone for a backdoor.

Jesus. Ryan f-ing anderson.

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 21:00

JRich had a foot out of bounds didn't he??

Fucking Lou. Call the timeout now, Doug. Don't let them lose the lead.

Lou's defense might be the worst in the NBA. 2 straight defensive debacles.

man Howard just creates defensive breakdowns. man oh man.

He didn't create that. Lou just ran away from his man.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:02

have to recognize the hot hand, Thad is scorching, gotta go to him until he misses one, probably 2

Brand's turn to foul Howard.

Damn it andre - that time - don't passa

iggy looks terrible keep him out.

Yes - in a close game you should bench your best defender

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:05

ew Iggy wtf was that garbage

Jrue to the line. Come on, need these.

And five on Howard. That's huge!

magic w/wo howard is like 2 different teams

How does Turner keep winding up on Anderson?

he's not their best defender tonight chief. he's sore and slow.

He's still their best defender 'chief' and I'm not sure how you can diagnose via television

since Brian said "in rhythm" earlier in the comments i gotta say "and we're on the see-saw"
leaguepassis home broadcast we dont get Zumoff

Why didn't the shot clock reset? That ball was on the rim?

Doesn't matter.

Come on, Jrue. Take over.

JTI on the break together!

unbelievable the way anderson is killing us

EB with two blown bunnies and getting smoked by Anderson.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:10

Lou for Turner.

This game is over.

think it's good to get lou in there with howard out. as long as lou attacks the hoop.

Nice to see that the sixers make Boris Diaw, Kwame brown, and Ryan Anderson look like all stars.

That's what happens when you trade Sam Dalembert for Spencer Hawes.

Can't buy a stop.

Jrue with a sick play to stop redick on the break.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:12

Elton is playing like dog shit

Can't deal with a hard-fought "moral victory" tonight. we need this.

WHy do they need it?

The season isn't over - win or lose it won't impact their season - which at best is a first round loss in the playoffs - why do they need it

or do you need it?

Probably have another two minutes maybe until Howard comes back in. Gotta keep getting to the hole.

Get Lou out of the fucking game.

offensive lineup (like we even have a defensive lineup)

ET and Jrue have been the 2 best players. Please give them the ball for the rest of the game and not lou.

Nope. Lou and Iguodala.

Eb + Lou = us losing this game.

Lou has looked good, so has Young

You're the only person who thinks Lou has looked good it seems

Big defensive play by Iguodala there.

Turner in for Iguodala, huh?

great help d by brand. can we finally get a hoop here please

Nice drive, Lou. Howard's afraid to foul.

that foul was incredibly unnecessary

thad doing exactly what he shouldn't (shooting a contested jumper).

Jason reply to MW on Jan 19 at 21:23

Thad has for the most part been a jump shooter today. Don't think he's attacked the rim very much today. Might be shy because of how bad he was vs Charlotte.

Can't buy a hoop, again. Get the fucking board off this missed FT, please.

Brand's done. And I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. Sixers have scored like 2 points in the last five minutes and they only trail by 2. I can't figure it out.

Brand fouling out isn't a bad thing imo.

Why not go right at D12? It's fucking mind boggling.

In the NBA when the super star has 5 fouls - is it more or less likely the refs will let him get away with stuff instead of fouling him out?

they give him a longer leash, usually. I don't think the refs like Dwight, at all, though.

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 21:34

Same superstar with 13 technical fouls. Refs are not going to favor him

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:22

Elton was awful tonight

Keep an eye on when Jrue gets the ball how long is left on the shot clock.

Huge fucking shot by Jrue.

Nicely done Jrue

YES JRUE!!!!!!!!!!


Hey look

Jrue can make shots with under 2 minutes to go

Look at that doug you putz

Yes Jru. Brian, I know you're psyched to see Jru in there in the last minute.

Now why go away from him?

Nice make by AI9.

Bye Bye Dwight

6 on Howard. Adios!!!!!!!


Dude - that old man was awesome


3 point lead doug - that means defense is important

Love the shot of the old dude kvetching about D12's T. Yes Iguodala. Not sure why you were on the bench - winded?

He's sitting down during a time out and people are complaining

JFC already

It's kind of sad. But Battie is responsible for Dwight drawing his 5th and 6th foul.

give it to Jrue give it to Jrue give it to Jrue

give to lou here i assume to try to give them the dagger? would be nice to see jrue get a shot

And a Lou isolation. Come on.

We need a score here. Magic are never out of it b/c of the three ball.

Hit 'em both, Iguodala. We need 'em.

bailed LouWill out

turner in for D. nice job by lou on that play

Nice. He hit 'em both. Close this shit out, motherfucker.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:30

huge run, direct correlation to Elton on the pine?

I'm sick of Lou's isos...

bebopdeluxe reply to Xavier on Jan 19 at 21:33

In that particular situation, I had no problem with a Lou iso...they ran a nice play and got to the line.

They didn't run a play - lou got trapped and Iguodala bailed his ass out by being fouled

Xavier reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:34

thanks to AI9

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:31

Wow - executing a play in the guts of the game.


Jason reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:32

That's not execution.

bebopdeluxe reply to Jason on Jan 19 at 21:34

You don't think Collins drew up that two-man with Iggy?

I do.

In what aspect of sixers basketball this year that you've watched indicates that any plays are drawn up involving lou in the last 2 minutes passing the ball? He doesn't know how

Iggy hits both. That never happens. Is this a sign of better things to come?

Never huh?

Terrible call. Absolute shit.

Come on. Gotta put it away at the line.

Argh. They're free.

why did the sixers not even try for the rebound off the miss? Doesn't it seem like whenever the sixers need an opponent to miss a foul shot, they miss it but then grab the o-board? and we don't even make an attempt

i know we dont want to give up a 3 but we can't just give them another layup like last possession.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:34

those are ET's free throws

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 21:35

F ME!!!!!!!!!!! WHy reach Iggy?

This team is completely cursed. I swear to fucking god.

Lou iso for the win/overtime. We're going to overtime.

Xavier reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 21:39

hahaha! you were right.

Wow...just wow

Don't you have to touch a guy to foul him? What a call

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:35


OMFG! that's not real, isn't it?

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:36

he fouled him

No he didn't

i know you guys don't want to hear it, but im giving to lou here.

How'd that work out for you

oh right he picked up his dribble and heaved a shitty 3

Did he touch him? Didn't look like it there. Whatever. Can't even make it close in that situation. Stupid fucking play.

Ryan anderson's pick on thad was more of a foul than Iggy's reach in.

ohhh my godddd how did that not drop


Shocker. no one else touches the fucking ball. Fuck you, Collins.

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 21:38

A fall-away? That shit had to rim out, you just knew it would.........sheesh

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:38

Good call, Brian.

Jrue for another tough shoot

This has to be a joke

Is this your idea of a joke god? just strike me down now

A fall away three. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!

Why don't we go to Jrue there? Why Doug must you love Lou so much?

Willie Green gave him the pictures

Guess it's time to bench Jrue, huh Collins?

Howard is out. This is advantage Sixers. Just mercilessly drive to the fucking hoop.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:39

I can't WAIT until it is ET that is taking that shot.

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:41

hope you're not holding your breath

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 21:44

No - I'm not holding my breath. It is just very clear to me that Evan Turner will be a WAY better option to take that shot (hopefully sooner rather than later) than Lou is.

Don't you agree?

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 21:46

Sure, I'd agree, if Evan Turner could get his own shot. Right now, he can't.

We were lucky that it bounced really up or we wouldnt even go to ot

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:40

that doesn't even happen if TEAM LOU knocks down his god damn free throws

Turtle Bay reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:42

I wouldn't exactly blame team lou for this one. 4 point play is unforgivable.

Yup - you're right - that stupid fucking three by lou at the end with time on the clock was forgiveable.

There's nothing you can do if th eref is calling imaginary fouls

They are gonna put time on and we're gonna get screwed on a tip in b/c that's what kind of dagger this game is gonna be.

.3 seconds. That's a catch and shoot, right? Doesn't need to be a lob. My bet is a corner three for the win.

Jason reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 21:42

Pretty sure that it's .4 needed for a Catch and shoot.

I think you need .4 at least to do anything but just heave it like they did don't you?

Jason reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 22:05

All the lou will hate needs to be directed at Doug. Lou's just doing what Doug wants.

everyone should just pack the lane here. no way they can volleyball spike in a outside shot.

Their announcers said they had one timeout before the last play. They just called two timeouts in a row. Someone's wrong.

TS reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 21:44

I think their announcers might be worse than ours. Be wrong on time outs and fouls all game.

Jrue and Iggy were shooting better and DC still like to flip coins with Lou...

I see Lou was on the floor. For his awesome defense I believe.

Thank christ.

that shot would not have counted.

That was still way too close for comfort.

PHI 90, ORL 90

Show some fucking balls in this overtime, huh? Howard's out. Just jam the ball right down their fucking throat.

My girlfriend just asked me, after watching the last 10 minutes of the game with me, "why are you so mad, they're going into overtime at least".

I wanted to shit and punch a wall.


I suggest being single for a while
or xanax

I can't believe that shot didn't fall. It seemed like one of those nights.

why is nobody bad mouthing iggy for that bonehead f-ing foul? our best defender.

TS reply to MW on Jan 19 at 21:47

They are probably burning an effigy of him at the Philly sports board for that and the airball.

Very happy with most of what Collins does, but that Lou and the end of quarter shit HAS to stop.

Super-small lineup, but at least Jrue's on the floor to stand in the corner.

I know it was a freak situation, with that 4-point play. But then again, why is Lou still our clutch-time free throw shooter?

Watch Lou cost us this game in OT...again.

Nice job, Lou.

Come on Iguodala, hit these fucking freebies.

Get Lou out ofthere. Please.

thanks, guess i just missed that brian. mental mistakes bother me 100X more than missing foul shots at the end.

He didn't touch him the ref made a shit call

what it seems like is that Andre Iguodala bothers you and louis williams is a perfect basketball player

the sixers have six points in over time

who has em all - and some key rebounds

Who just FOULED JJ Redick on the 3?

Get the fucking ball out of Lou's hands.

Great job, Lou. Great fucking job.

James reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 21:52

1. Have a close game
2. foul a three point shot
3 ???????????

How much more do we have to suffer until we see Lou on the bench in crunch time when he's handing the other team the game???

can we trade lou a team we don't like?

speaking of mental mistakes.....

Lou just trying to lose us the game.

Lou taketh away way more than he giveth back.

Hey now that the carmelo stuff is over - maybe they can trade lou

It would be a miracle.

Someone please ask Collins why Lou is his point guard in the most important times of the fucking game. Jrue made two huge fucking plays down the stretch, he's barely touched the ball since. I hate life.

going to say this....barring heroics, this will be our worst loss of the year. given the opponent, the momentum, the way the team played defense for almost all of the game.....this will be the worst.

Losing to the wizards


in over time

worse losses

Orlando is at least a better team than the sixers

the wizards just suck

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 21:53


For Sale: Gunner who raps and loses games with selfish play. Will occasionally win you a game. Still in his prime.

Wonder if Collins is going to dust off Kapono so he and Lou can run a two-man game.

eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 21:55

Turner should have passed that, he was rushing.

There were very few seconds left on the clock - every player would have done the xact same thing

Evan could drop 30 on 15 shots and you'd say he should've passed more.


eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Jan 19 at 22:39

the good thing about this is we don't ever have to worry about ET dropping 30. ever

It's nice to know you so dependably prove to people what they're saying about you

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 23:09

Dag, Magee, you so dependably prove you're not a man of your word- twice. Thought you weren't responding to me ever again? You just can't help yourself, can you? lol

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 19 at 22:07

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Your incessant ripping of Turner is one of THE most annoying one-note acts that I have EVER seen on an internet board (and as jem can attest, I have seen some DOOZIES over the years).

GoSixers reply to bebopdeluxe on