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Fitting End to the First Half

PhillyFanMatt on Jan 19 at 22:17

I've never taken a loss this badly. FUCK FUCK FUCK

What did we do to deserve this?

Four point plays - not three

Gregg Murphy just called Lou Williams the player of the game on CSN

That can't possibly be true can it?

Gregg Murphy apparently doesn't consider defense in his decision.

Well, I was really impressed by Jrue's big shots down the stretch. Not a very efficient game for him (17 possessions, 16 points), but on the whole a good one. Lots of signs of life from Turner. Other than that... I guess I'm happy that we have a coach who's smart enough to not play Meeks and Hawes much? I'm never sure what I'm supposed to take from these games. The defense, I guess, but the fact that we got Howard to the line so much (22 attempts, twice his average) artificially made the game closer than it really should have been. Other than that we didn't really stop anyone. Certainly I can't think we're good enough to outrebound the Magic on a regular basis.

When a defensive tactic is executed to perfection, which was the case on Howard tonight, doesn't a team deserve some credit for that? And why can't that specific tactic be repeated?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 0:39

Yeah, you're right. But I'd think that next time they'd simply adjust and go to Howard less. They have so many options on the perimeter that you can never shut all of them down.

Well, that's the whole problem with Orlando, isn't it? They have all these guys who are great when Howard's drawing a ton of attention and they're getting open looks, but no guys who can really create good looks on their own. So if you're going away from Howard, so he doesn't have to go to the line, then how are those guys getting shots off (Unless Lou Williams or Thad Young is guarding them, in that case anyone can get a good look)?

I've never hated a player more then I hate Lou. He's holding us back as a team on so many levels. I think I'd be more excited then I was during the lottery if I found out we traded him. There's gotta be some dumb GM out there impressed by his numbers. Sadly, I doubt we are even looking to trade him.

I love Thad, but he kills us on defense even more then Lou. It's correctable mistakes too. A lot of over-helping or just being out of position altogether. Coaches need to get on his ass in practice about that.

Speights only plays 9 minutes? I understand the need for Battie today but why do we always have to play small? Thad will have a favorable matchup no matter what forward position he plays. Let's throw some big lineups at teams for once.

Jodie should be a situational player only. It's time for Turner to start. Jrue-Turner-Lou(sigh) rotating at the guard spots with Iggy playing the 2 when you want to go big or Jodie when you need a shooter in there. I think this team could start to really gel if Doug can just get his head out of his ass and set a decent rotation that the players can get used to.

Here's what I'd like to see....

PG - Jrue(35) Turner(13)
SG - Turner(15) Lou(24) Iguodala(4) Meeks(5)
SF - Iguodala(34) Young(8) Nocioni(6)
PF - Brand(28) Young(20)
C - Hawes(12) Speights(24) Brand(8) Battie(4)

whoops..wasn't supposed to be a reply

I think Lou hurts us more on defense than Thad. Thad actually played Bass well in the last several minutes. I too would rejoice at a Lou trade, though I don't expect it at all because Doug C. said "Lou is one of my best players" and clearly loves Lou (hence the final possessions). Stinks!

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 22:43

You guys are all misinformed, Lou Williams is a boss. He made his first mil before he even got laid. All you bandwagon bitches all up on his dick...

There's a blog for repeating already dead jokes over and over - this ain't it :)

Tom Moore on Jan 19 at 22:44

Pair of four-point plays produce OT loss for Sixers:


johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Jan 19 at 22:45

I'm begging you to ask Doug why he keeps going to Lou down the stretch

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Jan 19 at 22:45

hands and knees

Dude come on - now you're just making it way too easy for us

deepsixersuede on Jan 19 at 23:27

Hopefully our coach eventually learns that a] Jrue makes better decisions with the ball at the top of the key and b] Lou, like L.B. learned when A.I. moved to the s.g. spot, will be more dangerous on the wing.

I thought Lou, in the Charlotte game, did his damage without dominating the ball and that is how he should be used. He is a weapon if used properly and hopefully our coach figures this out.

First of all, I just found this site a month ago and really enjoy you guys comments. Brian, good job on the site as well. Been a sixers fan for about 15 years and I live in Alabama. I have seen every game on league pass this year, which means I've heard the opponents commentators almost every game and 90% of the time that have no clue about the sixers, especially boston's. Tommy point!!!!! On the positive side tonight, the last two offensive plays we ran at the end of regulation were the best we ran all season, because Iggy and Holiday got 10-12 foot jumpers. These losses really hurt, but last season really sucked. Wrong coach and incorrect use of the personnel and bad habits continued to form. This team is really young and needs a consistent voice who knows what they are talking about like coach Collins and patience. He did try to get away from the Lou iso play tonight( well except for the last play!!!!???) I hope if they trade iggy they can get value, like a shooter, but I wouldn't mind if iggy stays. Losing games like this will
help this team get better and most of all do a better job of communicating on defense. By the way Ima Boss!!!!!!

tk76 reply to William on Jan 19 at 23:47

Welcome. Agree with most off what you are saying, except we all know that Lou is the only boss.

Welcome aboard, William. Hopefully this game won't make you want to turn in your fan card at the door.

well we did choose to root for the washington generals... i mean sixers.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 23:42

Meant to be a reply to Marty.

What more does Jrue need to do during these games to prove he can handle the ball in winning time? And how about running a play when the clock is winding down instead of just going iso? Collins is terrible.

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 19 at 23:51

Collins is a terrible in game coach. I'd love them to replace Curry at the end of this season and get an assistant coach that can help Collins out during games.

johnrosz on Jan 19 at 23:59

Favorite moment tonight, Lou dribbles the shot clock out, had to have the ball for 12 seconds easily

Did he at least work in a pump fake on that play? I can't remember? I just know he dribbled in place for the final 6 or 7 seconds with Dwight Howard on him 20 feet from the hoop. That was impressive.

If anyone needed a pick-me-up...DeMarcus Cousins Update!!!!!!!!

The game isn't over yet, so this line can get even better, but with 8:29 left in the fourth, here's Cousins' line:

2/11 from the floor, 1/1 from the line, 4 turnovers, 3 fouls, 5 points.

That's 5 points on 15 possessions for the big man.

Jason reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 0:08

Wes Johnson got a DNCP on monday, and has only played 3 minutes vs the clippers.

The good news is that he'll be past his prime by the time his rookie deal is up.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 0:17

for all the Eddie's Heady's hate, I still think ET is going to be a really good player. I know it's a big IF, but if that shot improves he's got the kind of all around game that can have a major impact on a team.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 0:32

His Turner comments hurt my health by the day, and I would bet I'm younger than most on here. I don't respond, but he wasn't exactly terrible tonight judging by the box score. 10 points on 10 shots isn't great but, it's not horrendous either. 8 boards and 2 dimes are nice too. Am I right with that he played alright?

Anyone blaming Turner for anything besides missing the shot at the end just doesn't understand basketball. It was a one point game. Yeah give the ball to Lou Williams, who scored 19 points on 17 shots. Great solution.

johnrosz reply to Rich on Jan 20 at 0:45

he's been playing solid D and rebounding. Looks more comfortable in transition. Very easily could have had 4 or 5 dimes.

I was terrified early on when he just couldn't get anywhere on the floor. Now he's at least getting the shots he wants.

speeke reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 5:14

That's the thing I'm most happy about with ET. He was a playmaker in college and if we coulda finished around the rim better (Thad and Speights i think) he woulda had 4 or 5 five assists to go along with solid if unspectacula all-around game.

I look around the league and I get the impression that a lot of rookie shooting guards take some time to adjust to the league. Remember Michael Redd? Couldnt shoot at all when he came out of OSU. Demar Derozan up in Toronto, couldnt do anything last year and recently he's been scoring around 20 a game. JJ Redick took a few years to adjust, James Harden struggled mightily early this season. Steph Curry (more of a PG) and Landry Fields both play in up tempo styles and maybe that helped smooth their respective tranistions. A guy like Tyreke Evans (PG/SG hybrid) was given the ball and the green light right away, Turner's had to adjust to seeing the ball less and carving out a niche. I'm just saying let's be patient, ET has shown flashes and he's always been described as a hard-worker. Hopefully his outside shot and finishing will improve and then we'll have a good to great all around player at shooting guard.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 20 at 0:46

Oh, stop it. Turner's mediocre game hurts your health by the day, you just don't admit it. Just like it does mine when I tell myself he was the #2 pick. And you don't have to remind us about anyone not understanding basketball, as only you do we know.

Seriously, I really admire all the hope you have for Turner. With every moderate stat line that he throws up, it is grasped with all the might of both fists, that somehow, someday, he's going to put on the magic cape and be the savior/hero/superman/go-to scorer/#1 option. I can appreciate that from afar.

Thank goodness I don't subscribe to it - for my health.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 0:50

the thing is, your infatuation with Turner is beyond just about everyone else here. We enjoy it when he does something to give hope. You write 3 or 4 paragraph posts after just about every game reminding everyone that you think he's a nothing basketball player. Everyone gets it, and maybe you're right.

Like Brian stated earlier, your guy Wes Johnson has been horrible too. Would you rip him endlessly if they had taken Johnson?

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 1:12

Anyone that was taken with that high of a pick and played like a 2nd rounder would be very deserving of criticism from me.(sans maybe Favors b/c of his age)

So what if my Turner observations are beyond everyone else here? I can express the levels of my disappointment as I'd like. You say I'm reminding everyone, but see that's where you're wrong, I'm reminding myself. The site's called depressed fan - what makes you think I'm not one? Or a more deeply one because of that pick? Just because it bothers you, annoys you, antagonizes you, or whatever other personal-taking angle you can come up with - that's your issue, not mine.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 1:39

fair enough

I know I mentioned you because johnrosz invoked your name, sorry my bad. Still, the stuff you say about my thoughts on Turner are so unbelievably untrue. Like they couldn't be more misconstrued, the superlatives and everything.

Why does anyone that doesn't like what you say about Turner have to feel the complete opposite way you do?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 20 at 1:16

Why does anyone that doesn't like what I say about Turner have to be so obsessed with what I say about Turner?

The superlative statements, the glee you seem to take in saying he sucks (although you often claim you are disappointed, interesting way of showing it), the baseless statements that 'he sucks' or 'he's garbage' that don't really contribute in any way, the remarkable consistency of your remarks when he doesn't play well (or even mediocre), putting words in my mouth when I disagree.

Those to name a few.

Anyway, you answered a question with a question. Answer mine now: When during our disagreeances have I said "He's going to be a franchise savior?"

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 20 at 1:51

You didn't say that specifically. The comment was written in the context of "hope", not the superlatives being focused upon. Maybe I should have said 'some of you' instead of "you". It was just said above this that he was going to be a really good player.

So you falsely accuse me of putting words in your mouth, yet you have no issue putting emotions in my body? (the glee interpretation)

Maybe we can have a beer one day and have a laugh or two at all the supposed antagonistic uproar over a 22 yr old rookie.

"So you falsely accuse me of putting words in your mouth, yet you have no issue putting emotions in my body? (the glee interpretation)"

No, I don't have issue thinking you have glee, which is what I said it 'seems.' Read one of your posts about him, seriously. Almost everybody else who complains about what you say has the same thoughts.

I love the "You put emotions in the body part" too, like I'm doing something terrible. This is a couple posts after you described my supposed hope for Turner being a hero/savior in detail. Guess what you did there? Put emotions into my body!

In reality, I still think he can be a part of a good team, but because I disagree that he shouldn't be traded on the spot it seems (again seems, don't quote me, your posts are all I have to go by) to me that you think the exact opposite of what you think- Namely that he's an MVP, because you have made posts claiming he's garbage.

I love these updates! They make me feel like going out for all you can eat pancakes. In fact, I think the Sixers should sign Marcus Cousin from the D-League to replace that garbage stiff we have at center. And then we can have DeMarcus Cousins updates and Marcus Cousin updates.

It's really tough to find perspective after witnesses exactly how they lost that game, but if you can forget the end result, they really played an excellent game. They did exactly what you should with Howard (22 FTA, only 5 FGA, and you have to think their constant rough play w/ him had something to do with him fouling out). They held Orlando to 8/24 from three, 33% for a great three-point shooting team. They absolutely dominated the glass, grabbing 91% of available defensive boards and tacking on 8 O-boards on the other end. They only turned the ball over 13 times.

Iguodala played a spirited overtime period, though I wish he didn't have the added motivation of that mind-boggling foul that may not have been a foul at all. Jrue converted two huge hoops in the final two minutes before being marginalized the rest of the way.

Lou Williams self-destructed in crunch time, missing a key FT, forcing a couple bad shots and turning the ball over multiple times. He also committed a bone-headed foul that was just as damaging as Iguodala's. People are going to forget about Lou's foul on Redick, but Iguodala had put the team on his back and turned a 3-point deficit into a 2-point lead to that point in OT when Lou gave them a four-point play. Maybe, just maybe, a performance like this will get Collins to re-think his playcalling in crunch time.

Shoulda beens suck ass, but I guess you can take some solace in the fact that barring an absolute miracle, the Sixers beat the Magic, at full strength, on the road tonight. See if that helps you sleep tonight (I know it won't do the trick for me).

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 0:23

Agreed Brian. For some reason, they seem to play to their competition. I had night class and only caught the 4th quarter, but I thought their only chance would be an artificially high shooting night. Boy, was I wrong.

What do we think of the foul on Iguodala? Looked like nothing to me.

I didn't think he touched him from the replay, but you have to be absolutely sure. And maybe once you hear the whistle, you don't just contest the shot, you knock him over so there's no chance of a four-point play, though that's probably asking too much. Just get up on the guy and put your hands straight up in the air so it isn't completely uncontested.

Lou's foul was worse, and it was blatantly a foul.

TruePhan reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 23:18

Iguodala's foul I can live with. Just like any foul from him or Jrue, it was a result of excellent albeit aggressive defense. Those two and Turner as well get so many phantom calls called on them when on defense it's not even funny, yet on offense Iguodala could be thrown into the stands and it wouldn't be called. I'm beginning to think it's a Philly thing.

Lou's foul was unacceptable on so many levels. It was a result of the same laziness and lack of giving a shit about doing what it takes for his team to win that he displays in every single game. That's why he misses free-throws and layups, because he doesn't give a shit. Jrue, Iguodala, Brand, Meeks, Thad, Hawes, and even Speights all play the game right and try, and they all do give a shit. They shouldn't have to deal with this shit. Iguodala already went through it with AI. AI would never miss an easy layup though and he actually cared about winning. He just wanted to always be the one to win it for them.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 0:49

Is it really an excellent game if our offense was awful? Holding your opponent to 90 points at the end of regulation should really win you the game. Easily. It's reached the point where we have to play stifling defense just to make it to overtime. While I think there's a certain ceiling to what this group can achieve on offense, you'd think we could do better.

You really crack me up. Barring a miracle, 90 points would've been more than enough to win in regulation.

I mean, would it kill you to admit that maybe the Sixers played a pretty good game? You don't even have the injury or schedule thing to fall back on. They just outplayed Orlando on the road.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 13:06

They played a pretty good game but only scoring 90 through regulation is kind of lousy on our part. I mean, shouldn't we be able to do more against their stable of incompetent perimeter defenders?

The sixers are incompetent from the perimeter so teams can lay off them thus cutting back on the ability to drive as easily compared to teams that have outside threats. The sixers have none really

Oh, and my new pet rookie, Davis, had 6 and 11 tonight, on 2 shots. Averaging 11 and 10 over the last three.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 1:03

I thought after last game we had decided that our number 2 pick was the designated ice the game free throw guy?

ET was wide open, he could have been the guy going to the line.

I'm not saying ET would have drilled them, but I am saying that I knew Lou probably wasn't going to hit both.

Alvin reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 1:08

maybe he isn't "one of our best players". Or maybe cause Lou wears #23 jersey.

I'm clutching at straws here, it defies logic.

TruePhan reply to Alvin on Jan 20 at 23:39

The problem is that the Sixers drafted a scorer who was ridiculously raw at the only thing he could even actually do and then didn't develop him or throw him into the fire and force him to learn by doing. He's yet another Billy King-drafted raw, athletic player. Only problem is you shouldn't ever draft a player out of HS if he's that raw, especially if he's got the attitude/work ethic problems everybody knew Lou had before the draft. It doesn't matter when he was drafted. He will always see himself as a player who got drafted out of HS and he'll always think he could've dominated in college. Had he gone to college, he would've been in for a rude awakening.

Always finding new and worse (better?) ways to lose a game.

The name of this site was a masterstroke. It totally encapsulates the drama of following this ball club.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 1:57

Bad Lou will continue to be a detriment to his team until Doug puts him on a shorter leash.

What does it say to guys like Speights, who don't get on the floor because of bad D or a lack of defensive effort. Yet Lou gets to bomb away at a volume that even Speights might have trouble duplicating. He plays zero defense, doesn't pass...all the things that supposedly keep Mo from getting consistent minutes.

Doug has been pretty fair in his rotations, but the double standard for Lou is starting to become a joke.

I know Dei Lynam has to ask cupcake questions because she works for the team, but what's everyone else's excuse?

Forget about Lou. I've got a better example for you. Early in the third quarter, Jrue turned the ball over once and missed a 16-foot jumper. At the same time, he was playing very good defense and grabbed two defensive rebounds. Collins pulled him from the game only 3 minutes into the quarter, clearly responding to this "poor" stretch from Jrue.

Yet in the fourth quarter, Lou turned the ball over twice in a 23 seconds and missed 3 of 4 shots. In overtime, he Turned the ball over once, had his shot blocked once, committed a terrible foul and missed both of his shots. Not only did he never go to the bench, but he kept getting his number called.

That's not even accounting for the numerous times he either got beaten badly on the defensive end, or just completely lost his man, like he did with Jason Richardson for a big dunk in the fourth.

Jrue is on a leash that keeps shrinking while Lou is apparently made of teflon. How do you deal with that if you're Jrue?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 2:26

It's frustrating, but Doug seems to be the definition of an old school coach. The way he's brought Turner along is reminiscent of how picks were brought along before money/draft status dictated playing time. I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I'm fully confident he's going to eventually sort it all out, and get the best out of his players. I think he expects Jrue to be great, might be why he's so hard on him sometimes.

I really just want someone, ANYONE, to ask Doug why the hell Lou isn't held to the standard of defense, moving the ball,and so on, that the rest of the squad seems to be held to. I understand the value of having a guy who can get to the line, create shots, etc...I really do, but it just exacerbates the erratic play of a volume scorer when the coach ignores his faults.

Again, I don't want to lose perspective. The way Doug gets this team to defend sometimes, with the gaping hole they have inside, it's astounding. He's a good coach, just frustrating. I'm hoping these patterns are just because he's truly using this year as an "evaluation period" as he called it back during the hire.

Shawn reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 11:05

I'm pretty sure he's trying to showcase Lou before the trade deadline. that's the only way this makes a lick of sense. Problem is, Lou's got too many years on him attached to his contract.

Anyone who has paid attention to the sixers for an extended period of time and remembers Willie Green might have a different thought.

I don't believe they are 'showcasing' Lou - i think this is just asinine

Once again, the game thread and the commentary is full of LouWill lament, and then I look at the box score and he is +13 for the game in 38 mins., better than any other player on the Sixers or Orlando. I'm still trying to work out how it all fits together. Is it that LouWill is theoretically killing the Sixers with poor shot selection and weak defense, except that the rest of the team is so nervous about what to do on offense that they play much better when he is in the game? That sounds a little silly, but I'm looking for insights.

speekeasy1@yahoo.com reply to izimbra on Jan 20 at 5:24

definately an interesting stat. I don't think Lou's played bad I just think the frustration is more about Doug giving him the ball so much in important situations over guys like Jrue who might not yet be a better pure scorers but definately are supeior in creating open shoots for teammates (including Lou).

Did you watch the game?

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 11:20

I'm not a fan of these pithy comments from you. You have a lot of good things to say - don't attack posters because they have a different opinion.

It was a simple question, if one only looks at the box score and then comments about people going off on lou without actually having WATCHED the game, their opinion on how lou played carries little to no weight, so all I did was askif he watched the game, because if he didn't, he has no ground to stand on regarding the way lou played, cause he didn't see it.

As for my 'pithy comments' - learn what pithy is - and remember this - I don't care what you think about me - and if what I say bothers you so much - get off the internet because you take it too seriously

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 11:39

It's not necessarily what you say that bothers me, it just inhibits debate - you could have said something like, did you watch the game? here were certain parts of the game where the stats don't tell the story of lou's contributions, or lack thereof. see that was more productive right?

the comment section has a habit of getting in bitch fights, see eddies vs rich above.

eddies' heady's reply to Shawn on Jan 20 at 12:01

yeah, they get caught up in the heady's 'hate' and they run to put their wigs and heels on. It's catty to me too. Although lately, really pretty funny.

Only if you're uptight and perpetually 'read things' into what people say cause you have your own agenda and personal feelings towards an anonymous internet poster. Personally, I said exactly what I wanted to say. I'm sorry if it offended your delicate sensibilities.

No, I didn't watch the game. I'm literally just asking for insights and not trying to be ironic or pull anybody's chain. How was it that this guy managed to infuriate everyone while going +13 over 38 minutes? It's meant to be a real question.

He had a much stupider and obviously a foul on a 3 pointer that gave the magic a 4 point play in over time, Iguodala's was barely a foul if a foul at all - Lou decked Redick after the ball was gone

He ran the clock down numerous times just standing there - hoisting crap shots (in overtime)

The last overtime possession he dribbled until there were about 7 seconds left and fired a god awful 3 - couldn't beat his man but he didn't look to pass

and he missed key free throws that could have made the game not as close

Oh yeah - he sucked defensively like he always does

He was good in the first half, really good actually. He didn't really screw up until he came back into the game in the fourth. In the final 11 minutes, including overtime, he was pretty destructive. 3 turnovers, bad shots, missed shots, dribbling the air out of the ball. Even over that stretch, the team as a whole was even (they were down 1 when he came back in, lost by 1 point).

Not sure how many people know about this site - or look at it - but check this out


The problem is that the 'big game' player was crap in the fourth quarter

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 12:54

could you explain how popcorn machine works? I'm confused.

The way I look at it - is that it breaks down each players runs and gives you a 'net' for those runs

Highlight the red bars and see that lou was in for the first 2:01 of the fourth quarter - with a -6

He then played the last 6:23 with a +1

In overtime he played the whole 5 minutes with a -1 (as the sixers lost by one.

So yeah lou had a +13 for the game - but in the fourth and overtime he had a -6

PS - this might help too - they have a help page


TruePhan reply to izimbra on Jan 20 at 23:27

If you didn't watch the game then you shouldn't be talking like you have a clue. GoSixers was 100% right to call you out. Lou played like shit, and everybody who watched the game could obviously see that. Pretty much everybody here is here for almost every single game, and if you're not even watching the Sixers then you really have no place speaking about them as if you do.

Oh, and +/- is a ridiculously bullshit stat.

regulation and then overtime. With 17 seconds left and the Sixers ahead 90-86, Andre Iguodala switched onto Jason Richardson near the left wing and guarded him as he brought the ball to the top of the key. At this point, Richardson picked up his dribble and Iguodala appeared to reach in and catch a little piece of his wrist. You can see the referee immediately call the foul, and Richardson appears to subsequently elevate for a clean look at a three pointer. With the foul already called, and Richardson elevating for an open three pointer, the wheels of Sixers' doom were in motion. Richardson, as he often does, drained the three pointer, much to the delight of the people remaining from Orlando's sellout crowd. Game tied and Lou Williams missed a three pointer at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Sixers made a few plays, but delivered another four-point play to Orlando when J.J. Redick hit a three pointer from a spot close to Richardson's. Needless to say, two four-point plays in about a 3-minute span aren't a recipe for victory. In the final seconds of overtime, Iguodala missed a kind of in-between shot and then Evan Turner, who grabbed the rebound, drove into the lane and missed a difficult shot that looked kind of like a hook shot.

Dear Kate Fagan

Call out Iguodala for his foul on the 3 pointer but neglect to mention who made the foul on the 3 pointer in overtime that turned into a four point play?

Seriously - do the sixers just sign your checks now?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 12:56

I think I read about the Lou foul in the article in the sports section, which she wrote. That's just from her blog, right?

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 23:35

That whole paper's sports section is a joke. She seriously should never ever have been given a job, and for that matter neither should've an asshat like John Gonzales. The way she ran a smear campaign against Stefanski, Jordan, Iguodala and Brand and praised Lou when he played like absolute shit last year is beyond disgraceful. It's one thing for people on here to do so to Eddie Jordan or anybody else but a journalist is supposed to be objective and is never supposed to just shit on players and people who know more about basketball than she ever will the way she does. It's no different at CSN or really anywhere else these days either. They're all a bunch of pandering idiots who make everything about themselves and have their little inside jokes. They forget that it's not about them.

The only legit writer for basketball now is Cooney and even he speaks out of his ass at times.

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