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Game 42 Thread: PHI @ CHA

I guess the great thing about competing for a playoff spot with other sub-500 teams is that you can lose games and yet stay in the race. Its sort of like a war of attrition in that its not who wins as much as who loses less.

Let's see if Kwame looks like a world beater again.

Let's hope this is not another heartbreaker like last nights game. If it is, you might be hosting a suicide hotline instead of Sixers Beat.

More like a reverse suicide hotline. You guys would have to call in to talk me off the ledge.

T McL reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 18:13

... well, it would give the blog some good press..

lol A+.

tk76 reply to Josh on Jan 20 at 17:56

I think there is a greater chance of the Sixers getting blown out.

Although they have bounced back well from earlier heart-breaking losses.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 18:47

I almost feel like the Sixers are punting when they let Lou iso to end a quarter.

Why not just let the clock run down to 1 and kick the ball into the stands?

I wonder if we are ever going to see the time when Jrue or Turner consistently get the ball at the end of the game. Lou SUCKS, and it's not like Iguodala is much better...at least let the young guys get the experience. I am so fucking sick of seeing Lou Williams play. I wanna kick him in the nuts.

Tyrus Thomas is a late scratch w/ knee issues, or so says my Google Alert.

The Bobcats announcers would trade for Lou. Let's make a deal.

I really love League Pass.

That was ridiculous.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 19:09



johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Jan 20 at 19:10

i didn't hear it, i just imagine this is what opposing commentators say about Lou

Line of the night, "Here's the third man in our broadcast team, Stefanie!."

Stefanie didn't seem thrilled to be called a man.

Maybe we should convince Lou to focus all his attentions on rapping so he stops some of our hatred (and losses)

Hawes loses the tips, then loses an offensive board to Kwame. The Bobcats score on the second attempt.

The more things change...

Jrue w/ a bullet pass to EB for a 4-footer, nice.

Don't think you can go under those screens, Jrue. Augustin 2/2 from three, make the adjustment.

Jrue for three, pretty play.

Then Augustin gets right to the rim on the other end. Ugh.

Clean up the D, Jrue.

Hawes with an ugly fucking turnover on what should've been an easy dunk and an assist for Jrue. Fuck you, Hawes.

11 points for Augustin already. Jrue can't lose him when he's this hot.

Jesus, Hawes. You're fucking useless.

Atta boy, Jrue. Make up for that turnover w/ a steal in the backcourt.

Is anyone guarding DJ AUgustin?

Man, I thought the Sixersh had poor attendance.

Percentage wise they have the worst home attendance in the league :)

Collins switched Jodie onto Augustin, put Jrue on Jackson.

And Hawes fouls Augustin on a made three. I thought we saw enough of that last night.

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 19:21

Man, Jrue got extremely lost/caught up on those screens there when Hawes had to go out and contest and foul Augustin.

Wasn't Jrue. Meeks was on him since the timeout.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 19:24

Looked like Jrue to me, when Augustin leaned in for the contact on Hawes Jrue was scrambling over late to get back to DJ.,

Nope, Collins switched the matchup. Jrue realized he was open, don't know where Meeks was. Caught in the wash probably.

Come on dude - it was evan :)

I just lost my feed for a second. OK, it's back.

Hawes was out of control, but you can't fucking lean like that. He went like 2 feet out of his way to draw the contact.

Speights does that he sits the rest of the game

at least.

aaaaand Jrue gets the hook. Wonderful.

jkay reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 19:27

yeah it's pretty frustaating to be a Sixers fan.

All depends

lowered expectations - the key to being a sixers fan

And Hawes gets put on another poster after Augustin abuses Lou.

Lou/Jodie/ET/Brand/Hawes is not a lineup i enjoy watching.


johnrosz on Jan 20 at 19:27

Hawes is dreadful

You are a weak bitch, Hawes.

Hawes has played more minutes in this game than Speights did last night.

Not quite, but he will.

fuck me, feed keeps crapping out.

Nice play by Lou, drawing the contact and finishing.

Speights for Hawes, mercifully.

Only one game on league pass tonight and they can't give both feeds?

Yeah, that's odd.

Nope - not odd at all

I just checked - the flyers have a game right now as well - when they have games at the same time - The Flyers get to be on "CSN" and the sixers get shunted to 'CN8" which is some sort of local comcast acccess thing that they don't show on league pass, at least I think that's what it is - someone in philly can verify the game is on CN8 instead of CSN?

JEsus, DJ Augustin already has 14 pts.

30 points in the first quarter for this bobcats team. That's dreadful. And the quarter isn't over yet.

Nice shot, Wallace.

PHI 27, CHA 30 after one.

Terrible defensive quarter.

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 19:35

Terrible defensive quarter. Jrue having to be switched off the opposing point guard isn't a good sign at all.

That went both ways. Jrue was losing Augustin, and CHA was posting Jackson on Meeks. Pretty terrible play across the board.

DJ 14 pts
Diaw 4 assists
Kwame brown 4 pts, 4 boards.

And these announcers are the worst in the league.

So apropos of nothing because I Just saw her SNL rap - but Natalie Portman is just awesomesauce

preggers, she's ruined.

Your wife isn't home is she?:)


That made me crack up

BTW i think we need to bring some levity to these terrible games that we have to watch - some how - or some of you might seriously need the prozac :)

This is backed up a little bit by the stats (33% w/out AI9, 39% w/ AI9), but just from observation, I swear Jrue gets much, much better looks from three when Iguodala's playing w/ him. That wide-open corner three being a prime example.

And Jrue still on the fucking bench to start the second. God damnit.

Turner shouldn't have tried the up and under there, just go right up with it and shoot over Carroll.

Iguodala looking better from the line. Jrue still rotting.

Corner three for Turner off Lou's penetration. Nice play.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 19:43

is ET limping?

Couldn't tell through the red I'm seeing.

Hawes coming back into the game before Jrue. I'm boycotting this game thread until Jrue returns.

So Jrue plays 25 minutes a game now? WTH is Collins doing?

JTI in the game. Let's see how long it lasts.

Nice AI9 to Turner on one break, Turner to AI9 on the next.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 19:49

flashes of Iggy and ET being able to play together

it's nice to see. But I don't consider ET/AI9 being able to run a fast break as a sign of them being able to play together.

That was a nice little stretch for Iguodala and Turner.

Hawes was checking in....

Hawes comes back with a touch foul on Jackson for the and 1.

CB reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 19:52

And loses a rebound.

and Hawes grabs a rebound like a sissy and immediately has it poked out of his hands. Get him out of the fucking game.

Jrue w/ the lob to AI9 for the slam. Nice.

lobs have been so rare for this team. too rare.

Hawes out. Thank God.

Jesus, Augustin can't miss.

Doug needs to turn on the "No Layups" sign.


Jrue gets pulled for missing a quick jumper. Because Lou never does that.

Good, they're finally doubling Augustin on the P&R.

And Jrue is out for "closing time" of the first half. Fuck me.

THere's a great song called closing time - but really - it's lou time -

Lou with his his patented D on Augustine. Ole!

Guess that's why Lou doesn't pass.

f-ing Lou Williams

Nice work, Lou. Turnover, then fouls Augustin and lets him make the layup on the other end. Excellent.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 20:05

Like I said earlier:

I almost feel like the Sixers are punting when they let Lou iso to end a quarter.

Why not just let the clock run down to 1 and kick the ball into the stands?

LOL! It's gotten to the point where I just laugh at Lou when he takes the final possession, burns the clock, and makes a terrible decision.

Did you see yesterday at the end of the 3rd quarter when Turner didn't want to give Lou the ball on the final possession? Let's make Turner the coach at the end of quarters instead of Doug C., because Doug C. just doesn't get it.

Lou is an epidemic.

PHI 50, CHA 56 at the half.

If they don't wake up, this is going to be a blowout.

It seems that every time Lou makes a mistake, he gets rewarded with more minutes.

It's really odd how much Doug C. loves Lou. Calling him "one of my best players," not caring about his atrocious defense, somehow not noticing his horrible execution of final possessions. One of the things I like about Doug is that he's very attentive to the game, often making subs when he sees something going wrong (unlike Eddie J. and Cheeks, neither of whom I was certain actually watched the game). But Louis Williams is exempt from this, and it's horribly frustrating because he hurts the team in so many ways (ball-hogging, phantom defense, terribly low percentage shots).

It's not that odd

substitute previous coaches and 'willie green'

Yeah, I guess I just felt that the previous coaches were terrible with everyone. It seems that Doug C. is relatively on point with most of the roster, but way way way off on just one, Louis Williams.

Well he's way way off in the other direction with numerous players

And it ain't just Lou - Hawes plays way too much too

If Jrue did that shit he'd get yanked and then benched the next game.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 20:11

Here's the question:

Who's the first guard off the bench in the 2nd half?

It SHOULD be ET, with the whole trying to defend, sharing the ball, not killing the team thing he has going right now.

Something tells me it will be TEAM LOU though

I'm worried about Thad. Seems to be bad this week. Orlando pts were almost all from Jumpers. Terrible on monday.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 20:15


for those who want to let out their frustrations...

I'm the commenter guitarfer, wonder how long it takes for Lou's people to remove my comment?

lol. The scene of him yelling at his friend about not using his tickets is awful.

johnrosz reply to Jason on Jan 20 at 20:24

yeah...those tickets are a real hot commodity...

What does he mean by "do business".

He had to poop?

I mwean that's what it means when i talk my dog out to do his business

OK, need a quick start to the third. Thank God Hawes is back out there to miss sissy hooks, huh?

6-0 run, fueled entirely by defense. Don't lose site of that shit.

Hawes is having a great game (notice the sarcastic font i'm using)

Nice, Jrue. Make Augustin work on the other end, and pressure the hell out of him way out on the floor, make him give it up. I'd like see some doubles thrown at him, too. Make someone else hit a couple shots.

and here i thought iggy was having a good FT game.

me too.

it bugs me that the courtside seats next to the sixers bench are empty.

Did you see how empty it was in orlando last night - all those seats next to both bneches - nuemrous rows back were empty - that's shameful

Turner is the first guard off the bench, good sign.

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 20:34

Why has Dre regressed so badly on a 15 ft shot that is free? wow

Hawes may as well just get out of the way when someone drives. He's so fucking pitiful.

2nd half FTs are becoming very frustrating

JTI on the break. T to J to I for the oop!

does speights not realize his jumper isn't falling tonight? he isn't the guy who deserves to be able to shoot himself out of a slump

Speights will be pulled at the next whistle for the rst of the game i bet

Ugh. Brand had Jackson on him and did nothing with it.

Closing time in the third quarter. Take a seat, Jrue. It's Lou Time!

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 20:46

That last possession where he threw the 3 up. disgusting.

Our bigs are so bad Nazr looks like a good big against them.

And this team is a lot less painful to watch when you expect them to lose.

Our bigs are pitiful in this game. Hawes has been awful (as usual?). Speights keeps shooting (and missing) but has 8 boards. Brand has been lackluster.

I'd take a Nazr turnaround on EVERY possession.

dribble, dribble, dribble, brick. i think i've seen this show before.

PHI 68, CHA 74 after three.

Weak finish, not surprisingly.

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 20:46

Speights casually tries at the rebound and allows Nazr to get it for the putback before the buzzer and slaps the heck out of the ball after it comes out of the basket. Wish he would go after the boards with the same aggression he just hit that ball with.

He still better at it than Hawes. But yeah lack of effort by Speights on that play.

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 20:47

starting to question Dougs sanity

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 20:48

nice touch by Lou not to attempt the heave at the end there. Don't want to hurt that 38% clip

Doug Collins will resign for 'health' reasons at the all star break

That's my prediction

I'm surprised speights is still in the game

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 20:52

He's missed everything and has made poor fouls (trying to draw charge twice) but he's been as active on the boards as Hawes and Brand combined.

Shaun freaking Livingston went past Lou like he wasn't there. He could have walked in there if he wanted to, Lou is useless like that on D.

seriously, they just walk around him without even making a move. Just dribble straight, he's not stopping you.

Nice move Thad.

When Nazr makes that shot - you're screwed

Come on. Contested 15-footer by Nazr. Please.

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 20:55

Man, it's funny as hell how much ET just stands there with either his hands up or out in front of him. lol...he's been doing it all night tonight

I like how you deny that you make gratuitous Turner-hating comments, and in fact express shock when called on it.

Oh it's not hatred - he's just smarter than the rest of us and understands that no one else on this team does wrong and that after 41 games Evan Turner is already a bust (but derrick favors and wesley johnson are not)

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 21:06

Damn guys, leave the wigs and heels in the closet tonight please? No bitchy-bitchy now...

I'm not going to get excited about Jrue taking over. It's not going to happen anymore in about 3 minutes.

Yes Jrue take it over.

Jrue and Iguodala. Those are your playmakers. Fucking forget about Lou, please.

Predict the line up out of the time out quickly

Lou and four guys who will stand around watching?

Hey Doug - Elton Brand can't out rebound Kwame Brown - it's general mathematics

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 21:04

That is true, but sadly, do we want Hawes or Speights in there?

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 21:05

i sure hope Lou isn't back for crunch time

Wow - lou isn't in yet

Then again still more than 5 yet - it's not lou time

Here comes Lou!

eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 21:08

Dre loves to jump before passing for some reason and that used to always plague Lou the last few years.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 20 at 21:09

Man, come on.....I love how you make redundant Iggy-hating statements and no one seems to care about those. gotta love it

Thad is a man possessed.

Please, please, please, please let it be good Lou tonight for crunch time. I've accepted the asinine philosophy, let's just hope Lou is making the bad shots while he's killing the offense (which has been clicking the past four minutes or so).

Lou stood up off the bench, I cried, now my couch is wet with my tears.

Fuck me. What a pretty move with the empty finish. God damnit.

Did Iggy miss that day of 8-year old basketball practice when they told you not to leave your feet if you aren't going directly to the hoop, or at least know where you're going? I'd say about half of his turnovers are a result of making bad decisions while in the air for no reason.

Half of his zero turnovers tonight?

Shh - let them whine and bitch and moan impotently about irrelevant and non factual pieces of information - and think they're funny with their name calling and their inability to recognize their own hypocrisy -their cracking me up

Garrett reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 21:16

You guys are a bit out of control with your defensiveness here. I'm not hating on Iggy, but that's definitely a tendency of his that he should work to eliminate. He doesn't turn the ball over much (especially this year, under 2 a game), but when he does, it's often because he's left his feet.

You made a blanket statement that I bet if you bothered to look up even a little you would find to be full of crap, I'm not defensive, i'm amused by fools and charlatans, that's all

Stay away from the hyperbole


Going right at Lou on the other end.


PhillyFanMatt on Jan 20 at 21:15

Why can't we have a little luck after last night? How about they foul Lou on a made three to put us back in the lead? Come onnnn

How about just a foul on a missed three?

2/3 from the line? Can he possibly get all three?

PhillyFanMatt reply to PhillyFanMatt on Jan 20 at 21:16

I'll take that. Hit these

Plenty of time, don't need a three.

Yep, 2/3.

PhillyFanMatt reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 21:18

Now we need lightning to strike twice are you kidding me...im starting to hate the free throw line more and more

Of course...

Well, Collins put Turner in for defense, same result. Henderson is unconscious. Can't blame tonight on Collins, Lou hasn't had the ball to this point in crunch time, either.

When he made the first two I KNEW he'd miss the third. What the hell with Augustin then Nazr then Henderson making everything?

because you're a pessimist

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Jan 20 at 21:32

Yes I am. I'd like to blame this team for that though.

Free throws don't matter when Gerald Henderson goes into BEAST MODE.

Ball game.

PhillyFanMatt reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 21:22

I can't watch this happen two nights in a row

What the hell was that play supposed to do?!?!
Collins does indeed do some things well, but he must be one of the worst in the league in late game situations.


well that was terrible...why use 15 seconds of the clock if you're going to take a 2? either go right to the hoop or wait on a 3...

taking 2s at this stage, it's a lost cause.

Is our plan really for Augustin to miss both AND make a three without a time out?

There was no plan.

He didn't have a plan b - he didn't want to distract from plan a

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 21:26


These close losses have happened so much that they don't even bother me anymore. I'm totally numb.

Thad is your player of the game.

SixersBeat in about 35 minutes. Call in, vent your frustration or just listen to my dejected monotone knowing I'm slowly dying on the inside. Should be fun!

Thad was awesome in the fourth.

Horrible defense. They ran that same curl play for Henderson twice for easy looks.

At least I didn't have to suffer through "winning time with Lou" tonight. It was nice to see Jrue and Iguodala be the ones to miss big shots at the end of the game. We have to be the worst team in the league at closing out games.

mymanjrue on Jan 15 at 19:12

jrue pulls up for the three off his own board and DRAINS IT

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