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SixersBeat Episode at 10:00 PM (Eastern)

Question for you guys:

Brian keeps implying the Sixers are "unlucky." While I contend its mistakes due to inexperience or stupidity that lead to the hard luck losses. Obviously its a combo of both- but beyond increased experience, why should we expect the trend of blowing close games to change anytime soon.

Sorry, just saw these comments here. Didn't answer on the show, but I'll answer here.

I have no idea why we should expect these horrible, horrible losses to turn into wins eventually. You'd hope that young players learn from the costly mistakes they make in crucial situations and don't repeat those mistakes down the road. That's the maturation process. Will it happen? I hope so.

You'd also hope that by trial and error, Collins will find something he can go to when a hoop is desperately needed in the half court. Again, learning from what went wrong to figure out how to avoid it.

that's the best I can come up with.

So right now what are the young players learning aside from 'don't give the ball to lou'

Lou is 'physically young' I guess but he's been in the league long enough - he is what he is - the young guys aren't going to learn how to win in 'crunch' time if Coach (tom) collins keeps letting lou be in charge

Do you still see Jrue as an above average defender right now?

At times, he's way above average, but he's got holes he needs to address. I'm still bullish on his defense for the long haul because (a) he's got the physical tools to be a great defender at the position and (b) he takes it seriously.

Tonight's game is a pretty good example. He was horrid in the first half, in the second half, he really pressured Augustin and he wasn't committing ticky-tack fouls to do it.

(c) - he can't even legally drink yet
(d) - he's better this year over last year (in my opinion) and the best defender of any guard on the team - no reason to think he won't continue to improve :)

johnrosz on Jan 20 at 22:20

I'd like a public appearance from Thorn.


He isn't going to say anything relevant and reporters aren't going to push him or collins over questionable moves (they haven't already) because they can't risk embarrassing them and losing access

Thorn hasn't made any questionable moves yet.

Are you nervous about Thorn at all tho? I mean the guy is like 70 right? Maybe he's sort of in semi-retirement, you know, I'll only come out if there's a deal to be made. Thats kinda what happens when people get to that age. You think he even bothers studying advanced stats or anything like that? I'm sure he knows about em but does he really care? Or is he the type of guy who just thinks like Melo is a top ten player in the league for example? I don't know, would be interesting to find out. Maybe he'll come on SixersBeat at some point.

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 20 at 23:31

he came out and said he thinks they need a superstar I believe, right around the time the Melo rumors were started. I believe the article said he envisions building around a guy like Melo

oh my goodness... wow I'm so glad Melo crossed us off his list of teams then!

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 20 at 23:52

I'm not the biggest Melo fan but he'd solve a lot of their offensive woes late in games.

defensively, a different story.

Tom Moore on Jan 20 at 22:51

Sixers suffer another close loss:


suffer is right :)

johnrosz on Jan 21 at 0:14

why can't this team trade a 2nd rounder for a guy like Whiteside? They have to have given up on Hawes by now.

That'd be cool. I know I've given up on that garbage stiff, but Collins still wants to play him because he wanted to trade for him, and now he feels like he has to give him every chance. At the expense of our sanity.

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 21 at 0:26

I will not watch a single game next year if they pick up Spencers option

It's worse than simply picking up an option. They'd have to make a qualifying offer for a little over $4M.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 0:40

I'd say there's no way, but who knows?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 0:42

I bet he's a Pacer next year. Fits into Birds mold of collecting as many white players as possible. He amd Peyton Manning can practice throwing passes together in the off season

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