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Game 43 Thread: PHI vs. UTA

Simmons or somebody on ESPN mentioned how Sloane's team is sort of tuning him out.

I was watching that ESPN thing on the celtics tonight. When Rondo appeared to be injured, Doc Rivers went out on the court and asked Rajon if he was OK. Rajon didn't even acknowledge him, after Doc yelled ARE YOU OK at least 3x.

Larry Brown got fired mid-season because apparently his team tuned him out.

Now Jerry Sloane's guys aren't listening.

These are the premier coaches in the league. These are the guys that make teams win games. I just don't get it.

Rivers has never really impressed me. Thibs was the engine behind that championship, Rivers was about to get fired when he lucked into KG and Allen being added.

Sloan, though, is a great coach. I think he's got to be at the end of his rope w/ this team. Jefferson is like the anti-Sloan player. Utah's front office hasn't been doing him many favors. He's not exactly a warm and cuddly guy, so I doubt he's being very diplomatic in telling his guys they suck defensively.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 9:01

He would be right though. Apart from Bell, they are not good individual defenders. Kirilenko is good on help d, but the rest of the team is quite average or below average defensively.

Sloan is a great coach though.

Their problem on defense is pretty much the same as ours. They have little to no interior D. Kirilenko and Bell are very good defenders but are not enough. This a very interesting game because in reality these are two very similar teams in many ways... Lets see what happens.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 22 at 16:10

The similarities stopping on offense, of course.

It's sort of natural that people like to focus on offense when they see problems in close losses. And Lou getting the ball is a big problem.

But the Bobcats scored on their final 6 possessions. That should not happen at any stretch in a game. An failing to get stops late is as bad or worse than playing predictable offense.

As a fan its harder to identify exactly whose fault it is on defense (although I guess you can just blame it all on Lou or Hawes.) But either way, the Bobcats sure got easy shots.

Yeah, I mentioned that yesterday. They couldn't get a stop to save their lives. Collins even got Lou out of the game and put Turner in there, Charlotte ran the exact same play, Henderson got the exact same look and hit it. Three times in a row against two different defenders.

Noce is back. Sounds like a good time to move ET back into the starting line-up before he gets marginalized.

I like the point on Kirilenko vs. Thad... could be an interesting matchup. How about Prokhorov pubicly coming out and saying he wants to sign Kirilenko next year? That guy has a lot of money but he wants too much control...

Kind of like Cuban... Look how bad he has been doing over the past decade... Honestly i think Prokhorov is going to be a great owner for the Nets. And he was right to get out of the deal. He's not going to get bullied by anyone, let alone the Nuggets and Melo...

Also, thanks brian for showing me how to make an avatar. Now everyone has the pleasure of seeing a dog in a suit on a nearly daily basis

awww yea profile pic.

i chose a picture of me i took during a raging migraine. i think it works for depressed fan.

tk76 reply to T McL on Jan 22 at 11:47

You need to loosen up. Way too formal for the weekend.

Ellis was walking with a slight limp following Friday night's win over the Kings, a game in which he was carried off the court with 22 seconds remaining in overtime, the Contra Costa Times reports. We'll have to see how the ankle responds Saturday as Golden State prepares for a meeting in Los Angeles with the Clippers.

lol, not even going to miss a game.

Joe reply to Jason on Jan 22 at 12:58

Ellis is a weird guy. The whole Baron Davis pie in the face moment was just uncomfortable.

Why is Jodie Meeks still starting over Turner?

I'm talking to a Sixers ticket sales guy. He won't sell me single game tickets via webchat. Stubhub is pretty much sold out as well.

I guess this is a good thing.

Really? Wonder why.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 16:16

All the fans are excited for the marquee point guard matchup.

Joe reply to Tray on Jan 22 at 16:35

Yeah, I figured it was due to the star appeal of Deron. ESPN has been hardcore pimping him for a long time now.

Tray reply to Joe on Jan 22 at 16:39

Actually I don't think there's any way Deron can singlehandedly sell out a game. Maybe there's some huge promotion tonight, like Eat Dollar Dogs With A Playboy Model night.

Joe reply to Tray on Jan 22 at 16:46

They aren't selling out. Stubhub is sold out.

They still have tons of tickets.

They just aren't devoting resources to single game plans when they can push 3 game plans while things are going well.

I just bought some tickets with a promo code in the end. I'm excited to see Deron.

Hmm the team just sent me an email for a season ticket holder exclusive "Night of Adventure" at the Camden Aquarium on 2/3 6-9pm with Jrue, AI9, Meeks, Kapono and Speights...they don't straight out say but it sounds like some sort of meet-and-greet...hmm...

mgfields on Jan 22 at 17:21

Just noticed that Turner is shooting the same 3 pt percentage as Lou.

Pretty sure Lou has a pretty decent 0 for streak going

Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 17:33

Talked to Rod Thorn for 15 minutes yesterday for my Sunday column.

Here is the interview:

Q: Ever feel like it’s Groundhog Day – losing four games on three foul shots and 3-pointers twice and a 4-point play that forced overtime? Have you ever been part of something like this in half of an NBA season?

A: You know something, I haven’t. Normally, something like that happens once a year or every two years. Four games happen to us in half a season. If you stay around long enough, you could see anything.

Q: One issue seems to be not having a go-to guy at end of games. Another is getting stops. Which is a bigger factor?

A: When you come down the stretch of close games, there are certain things we have to do. No. 1 is take care of the ball. We do that pretty dad-gone well. We’re first in the league in (fewest) turnovers. Another thing is taking care of the defensive backboards. We do that pretty well. The third thing is you have to get stops. Sometimes we don’t get as many stops as you’d like. Look at the Milwaukee and Charlotte (wins last week), we got stops and were able to close them out. Some close games we lose, we don’t get stops. An important thing is we need to make free throws late in ballgames. We haven’t made free throws late in ballgames like we need to. They’re two things we need to work on. Learning how to win games is a process. Part of it is experience, being in games, figuring out what you need to do to win. A team like the Celtics – and I’m not comparing us to them – has won so many close games this year because they know how to win them. We’re certainly getting better at it, but still have a ways to go.

Q: How did team perform in first half vs. your expectations?

A: To me, going back to training camp and exhibition games, we weren’t very good. Look at then and now. If you throw out the Chicago game in Chicago where we got thumped pretty good, there was one other (one-sided) game since we were 3-13. Our team has gotten markedly better since the season started. We have an identity. We can’t guard at the rim because we don’t have enough shot-blockers. Our identity on offense is trying to run. If we can’t, try to set it up. I just see tremendous improvement in our team from the start of the season. We’re much better than we were. We’re 14-12 since we were 3-13 and that includes the eight-game road trip we had. The bottom line is we’ve gotten a lot better. We’ve got to be able to hopefully close some games we haven’t been able to close. I think the fans see the team getting better, playing hard, never going to give up and competitive.

Q: How do you explain the team’s improvement in the half-court offense from last year to this year?

A: I attribute that to the coach. We practice diligently and try to do the right thing. The players work very hard at it. It’s a process. It’s not something that turns overnight. You’re very perceptive. When the season started, we weren’t that good at it. We’ve gotten much better.

Q: What are the chances you’ll make a trade by the Feb. 24 deadline?
A: I’ve learned over the course of time you never know when something is going to come together and get done along those lines. I have no idea. Certainly we don’t have anything (imminent) right now. It’s different because the CBA will be over (June 30). We don’t know what the new CBA will be. It’s not for me to speculate. I leave that to the people that do it – the NBA and the players’ association. Who knows what it’s going to be? I think there’s a little more conservativism than normal because of that. More teams are under the salary cap than had been in my memory. Everyone was trying to get ready for last summer. That’s changed. It’s hard to predict.

Q: Can Turner reach his potential playing with Iguodala? They seem have to similar skill sets, both like to have ball in hands, more slasher-types than standstill jump-shooters.

A: As Turner has started to play some, they’ve played together lately. They’ve played together well. I don’t see their skill set as that similar. Both can handle the ball reasonably well and both can rebound the ball. Iguodala is so much different athletically than Turner is. Iguodala is one of the few guys in the league that can guard 2s, 3s, some 1s, maybe even some 4s and you don’t have to help. Turner’s not that type of defensive player. They’re much different, athletically. Turner’s a good athlete – I wouldn’t say a great athlete. Andre’s a great athlete. Both can rebound and both need to work to improve their jump shots. Andre can affect the game today in a way that Evan can’t because of his extraordinary athleticism and experience. To say they can’t play together – I see them playing together now and the team has done fine. My experience is good players find a way to play with each other. You figure out what this guy can do, what that guy can do. They’ve got three guys in Miami who are extraordinary talents and they play pretty well together. All of them “need the ball.”

Q: How about Holiday with Turner and Iguodala? None is effective from the outside. Do you agree?

A: That’s legitimate in that none of those guys are what you call a knock-down outside shooter. Your point there is well taken. None of them are knock- down shooters. Jrue’s gotten better. He has a chance to be a really good player. Andre already is. Evan’s just starting in the league. He’s always had a period of time where he didn’t play as well as he would like. All of a sudden, he figures it out and gets better.

Q: Do you make a deal to get better?

A: You make deals for different reasons. Sometimes to clear salaries, Sometimes to material affect your team in the short term; sometimes to materially affect your team in the long term. Sometimes to get a player away from your team that doesn’t fit. What I found over course of many years is you need talent. The more talent you can get, the better off you are. It’s hard to find really good players. There aren’t that many. Normally, guys who are very good players find a way to play with each other. The other thing you see today is a lot of flexible players play a lot of different positions. There are not that many really quality really big players in our league, so you see a lot of teams play small ball a lot. There are different ways to do it. What you really try to do is get as much talent as you can get and try to fit it. If not, you’ve got to trade it. Talent wins in this league. As long as there are 48-minute games with 24-second shot clocks, motivated talent is going to win most of the time.

You just don’t know what the rules are or what’s going to happen. To me, you’ve got to be prudent with what you’re doing anyway. Again, there will be deals made. The 15th of December, guys become eligible (to trade). And there were some. Normally, to me, got several teams feel they’re one player away from winning the championship. You may see some deals from real good teams. There are always things done.

tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 18:56

Thanks Tom.

He's tap dancing and sort of contradicting himself. But the really good player (Stars) part fits with Thorn's track record of acquiring superstars.

Thanks for posting this Tom

Thanks, Tom. Great to hear a little bit about where his head is right now.

I am looking for some quick input from the folks here if you don't mind.

The standard argument seems to be that if a final score of a game is within 5 points - it was a close game.

What point differential (regardless of whose playing) after 3 quarters makes you think a game is still winnable by either side? Is it 5, 10, more?

Thanks in advance

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 18:51

well, the clutch stat dept on 82 games uses 5 pts as the indicator of clutch performance. What I don't get is why that number isn't 6 for those stats, I mean, that's still a 2 possession game...

Well I'm using 5 (as a final differential) because that's industry standard - but I just wondered if people felt the number would be 'broader' after 3 quarters.

For instance, if a game is down 20 at the end of the 3rd and ends at 5 - was it close or just the up team riding it's subs more than normal?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 18:54

I'd say if you enter the 4th within 7 pts its winnable. If it is more than 12 pts by the the game is typically over.

But that is just gut- I'm sure there are stats (but don't know how accessable they are.)

I'd say if you enter the 4th within 7 pts its winnable. If it is more than 12 pts by the the game is typically over.

So wait, is it 7 or is it 12?:)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 19:04

Larry Brown always wanted his guys to cut it to 10 after 3 quarters to give them a chance

Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 19:04

Video: Collins on the longevity of fellow Illinois native Jerry Sloan, who has been Utah coach since 1988:


Hayward into the starting line up tonight in place of Kirilenko

Really? Injury for AK47, or Sloan just mixing it up?

I'd like to see Iguodala go after Hayward.

The Jazz commentator intimated the sloan likes AK and Okur coming off the bench together, not an injury thing (This is on the NBA TV pregame)

I'm sure someone is out there starting a rumor about AK going to the Nets right now :)

omg. lol, I don't think highly of Hayward, I don't see how he can adjust to the NBA game.

If we put Iggy/Thad on the wing in this game and put Thad on Hayward on defense i'd expect good things.

realized while eating dinner that sloan did this to have Hayward on meeks and AK on thad lol.

The sixers are 11-3 in their last 14 home games headed into tonight.

Elton Brand at 14, lowest 'team leader' in PPG on any team in the NBA

sign of scoring balance or just crappy team?

Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 19:26

Video: Collins pregame on keys against Jazz, Nocioni's status:


NBATV missed the tip, but I believe Hawes won it.

EB with and and 1 after a Utah turnover.

Let's get Brand going, huh?

wow Hayward guarding Iguodala.

I hate NBA TV cause they always seem to miss parts of the game with their commercial breaks

I see no scores in league pass... neither do you?

They've got Millsap on Hawes. It really burns my ass that teams can continually ignore Hawes and put their biggest guy on Brand.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:42

man, stop arguing and get back

Don't pick up your second, Jrue. Don't do it.

deron williams is 30 lbs heavier than Jrue.

I love what Brand has done for this team this year, but it fucking kills me having two bigs who really can't dunk. So many easy points left on the floor.

Really good double on the P&R by Brand. Need to do that all night.

nice move spencer

Fucking Hawes.

Jrue seems to be rushing his shots in the lane. They don't have a presence in there, take your time and go up strong.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:49

Not another one of these games? We're shooting rather well but losing? Please, no.

Stopping them is going to be a problem. Take away the big scoring game from Williams, that would be my goal if I'm looking to take something away from them. Jefferson and Millsap haven't been very efficient.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 19:52

agree on stopping Deron. Just wish we would blitz that pick and roll immediately

They did w/ Brand. The only thing Hawes blitzes is buffets.

Hayward has no prayer. Rube.

Jesus, zone and they leave Williams wide open for a three.

Yeah, just ride Brand. These chumps can't guard him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 19:53

EB on fire.

haha jefferson tried to throw some dream-shake BS at Hawes

Turner in for Iguodala


Oh good - there's a Loooooooooooou cheer now

Speights for Hawes and Lou for Meeks.

Great D by Jrue. Turner gets the finish on the break. Nice.

Was he moving slow to try and get Okur to foul him - or is he just not that fast?

He's faster than that. I think he was looking for someone filling the opposite lane. Why? I have no idea.

Michael T reply to GoSixers on Jan 22 at 19:59

He's had his shot blocked so many times this year in the lane, I think he was checking to see who was around. He should have just gone in and dunked it without thinking about it.

God, just crap on the defensive glass early...utter crap

Deron Williams is fucking good with those little slip passes off the screen. Really love watching him play the point.

Deron William is just good


An offensive foul on Okur - ignored - can't shove off like that

Good finish by Speights. Looked more explosive than usual on that dive to the hoop.

Ugh. Go stand in the corner, Jrue.

Holiday "slipped" when Deron Williams shoved him with his off hand

PHI 26, UTA 22 after the first.

Much better defense after Hawes went to the bench. Not sure if that should be surprising or not.

Crap defensive rebounding (little more than 54%). Rebounding anywhere not suckage and they'd probably be up ten (yes utah is not rebounding well either, but I don't care about that as much :) )

Why are they being hunted in order? I don't get that

You're going to have to see it to find out.

I'm really really not - any movie that is hyped and purchased before the book is even published (as I am number 4 was) indicates to me that the book was written FOR the movie to be made - like jurassic park 2 - and therefore both are shit. (though it is a genre of books i tend to read if it's good - like uglies)

The funny thing about the book though is it's written (under pseudonym) by the guy who wrote that million little pieces piece of fiction that he claimed was reality and conned the nation

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:03

So-so first quarter. No life in the building. The stands are more full than usual, wish they would get into it so the guys can feed off it.

Turner with the rare athletic advantage in this matchup :)

So quiet in the stadium

"Use him, use him, he can't guard you"

Turner running the nominal point. Like that.

Nice drive and dish by Turner.

Id like heavy minutes of: Jrue-ET-Iggy-Brand-Sp

Great D. Iguodala is all over the floor.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 20:10

I really dislike the PA guy saying "Loouuuuuuu", he just slobs over himself saying it or something.

keep defending!

10 assists on 11 made field goals.

So far my favorite one is when Evan found speights :)

Another one of those creepy NBA past commercials - Nash was uglier back then

He wasn't rich yet.

That hair cut was awful

I think AK47 is trying to pull the MacGyver haircut off.

Thank God Hayward is getting heavy minutes.

now don't let up. Keep pushing this lead.

They seem to be better on the glass this quarter

but the starting PG's are back (and Doug took out Turner)

That was an AWFUL foul call - Thad tripped over Jefferson flat on the floor

Man, if Meeks isn't going to hit those what's his value?

Nice finish by AI9 on the break.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:22

I agree w/ ESnow. They don't try to get him any looks anymore. No double screens, flares, or baseline screens. They never try to free him.

He was wide open on that three.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 20:25

Yeah, I know. But not b/c of a specific play being run for him though.

Lazy play, Meeks.

Box out Thad!

Nice ball movement, winds up in a made corner three by Lou. Punished the zone.

Lou - the outlet pass is not for you :)

heh, I noticed that too.

Wes Matthews would be the 2nd or 3rd best player on the Jazz.

Come on, GSW! Lou is your missing piece!

I hate the dude - but he's playing well tonight mostly - not forcing it - looking for the rest of his team - this is 'good lou' (not just when he hits shots) and he's tolerable...let's see if it lasts if the game gets close late

Lou is usually good in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. But he turns into bad Lou in the 4th during a close game.

Too early to tell what lou we have tonight.

Wow - thank god the jazz can't hit the broad side of a barn tonight

Sweet sissy hook.

Hawes sucks

No reason Speights not in right now - he was playing with energy -

Gortat past two games averaged 14.5 pts and 13 boards. Vs Detroit today has 11/7 before half.

Wasn't supposed to be a reply to this.

Anyone have any idea why Hawes was yelling at Jrue after his shot was blocked there? Jrue gave him the ball 3 feet from the hoop off the inbound pass.

2 on Jrue. I assume he'll sit now.

Ugh. Williams three at the buzzer.

PHI 47, UTA 41 at the half.

That was a great defensive half by Jrue. His shot selection was terrible, but he didn't turn the ball over and was all over Williams on the other end.

I like the energy, we need to start the 2nd half going to Brand again.

Alright, get the lead back to double digits asap.

Jrue for three. Nice.

Shit. Three on Jrue. Have to avoid those, come on. Need him on the floor.

Meeks three.

I'd love to see some penetration against this zone, or maybe flash Peyton to the high post and cut off him.

Another three for Meeks. That might get them out of the zone.

I can't begin to tell you how much I hate Hawes.

At least ask for the foul so Brand doesnt get his third

Get a timeout and get Hawes out of the game, please.

That was a good pass, right through EB's hands. Five-point game.

dang hawes is playing strong

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:03

Is Doug limiting Dre's minutes b/c of the injury or something? He keeps taking him out early for Evan.

Fuck me. 3 on 1 break turns into a dunk on the other end. God damnit.


eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:05

Damn, Battie and Hawes in game at same time?

Guess he wants to stop their o-boards.

Come on, double digits at the end of the quarter. No fucking lapse here.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:12

Up 7. Can they close this time? Hope so.

PHI 70, UTA 63 after three.

Decent third quarter. They tacked one onto their lead. Would've liked to have seen a stronger finish.

Iguodala and Jrue should both be rested for a big finish. Let's get this thing back up to 10+ and never give them life.

Great defense and good job forcing the issue by AI9. Now hit your friggin' freebies.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:17

Good job by Dre to go far right of the lane setting up the spin back left there on that break. Just make the freebies.

Man, the crowd really has been dead. Can't figure out why, the Sixers have been playing well.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:20

and it's kind of full, considering.

Hit the freebies.

Let's go. Get a hoop here, push it to 14. D. Williams is coming back in soon, make it too much of a hill to climb back up for him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:26

Get EB a look please.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:27

Shit good ass D and they get a late 3 from Miles.


Four-point opportunity. That's huge. Hit the freebie, please.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:28

YEs! Dre 3! and the foul. make it now.

Heh, make it five!

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:29

Ugh, what was Jrue doing there? He had Jodie spotted up on that break but kept penetrating deep for some reason and got fouled.

Jrue on the line is worth more points than a Jodie three.

0.8 x 2 = 1.6
0.4 x 3 = 1.2

But I think he was looking to kick it back out to him when he was fouled.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:33

eh, it just looked kind of funny. Don't know if the Jazz had grabbed him or what but he appeared as if he couldn't throw it out there or something.

Jrue can only get 2 out of his trip though, a Jodie make is 3.

By that logic, you should never take a two-point shot. Not even a dunk.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:37

come on, by the logic I was speaking a shooter wide open at the arc is better than a guy draped all over you trying to get closer to the basket.

Jrue can only get 2 out of his trip though, a Jodie make is 3.

that's your quote. I didn't misread your logic, you're misrepresenting it right now.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 22 at 21:45

"He had Jodie spotted up on that break but kept penetrating deep for some reason and got fouled."

You must've misread the initial comment above then. That was what my whole line of thinking was based on. You're focusing on the percentages and I'm on the situational angle. That's what I was trying to explain to you in the 9:37 comment.

eddies' heady's on Jan 22 at 21:31

Dre with the step-back. Man, he's been efficient tonight.

yea Andre looking like POG

Up 13 with 3 and change to go, Turner should be in there for defense instead of Lou.

5 on Jrue. Dwil looks hurt.

This is the bullshit Lou Williams offense that makes me crazy.

There we go. A nice 10-point-ish win. My blood pressure thanks you, Sixers.

PHI 96, UTA 85 final.

Iguodala is your player of the game.

Missed the third, cooking dinner, but the 4th was nice, Lou was pretty good tonight to me - a few 'bad' moves - but the jazz helped out by fouling him and he seemed to be passing more tonight.

Jrue was pretty bad offensively - 3/12 and 2 assists? What was that all about?

You don't expect a Jerry Sloan team - even on a back to back in the middle of a 5 game road trip - to look so bad.

The Detroit Pistons arena still plays who let the dogs out

They were playing "put a ring on it" by beyonce earlier...

Oh yeah, both teams sucked equally on the defensive glass sixers slightly worse than the jazz but neither team at 70% tonight

NBA TV Postgame interview with Elton right now

Hey jerry - when looking at that box score one of the keys tonight was 31-17 :)

mgfields on Jan 22 at 22:21

Turner has four straight games (112 min played) without a turnover.

Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 22:39

Video: Brand following Saturday's 96-85 win over Jazz:


Tom Moore on Jan 22 at 22:49

Video: Williams after scoring 20 in victory over Utah:


Column: Thorn believes Iguodala and Turner can play well together:


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