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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 23

I read the one about building around Jrue, reminded me of the post here a few days ago.

Yeah, the post was based on that. There was a link to it in there, GoSixers sent it to me that day.

johnrosz on Jan 23 at 4:40

And we thought Turner was a rookie who looked lost out there

I know it's only one game but Gordon Hayward, holy shit

deepsixersuede on Jan 23 at 9:11

The more you read the national headlines the more it sounds like Iggy is staying; but not so much that the sixers won't move him, but the new cba is hurting his return value. Maybe behind the scenes Thorn is cooking up a blockbuster. but I doubt it.

Does getting the 6th seed this year warrant comcast spending this summer? It may be possible.

The chat question regarding playoff revenue was interesting... really supports the theory that this team is better off making the playoffs this year.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to deepsixersuede on Jan 23 at 14:26

On whom or on what would you suggest they spend? They really need a young defensive "big" but are any available? Can Brackins be taught to rebound and defend.

deepsixersuede reply to Old School Sixer Fan on Jan 23 at 14:32

D.Jordan or make a trade that adds salary or if there is still a m.l.e. after the new cba use it to get a veteran.

so was Nocioni actually available last night and DC just decided not to use him at all? If he was able to play...no bonus points for Doug today for not staying away from him?

*for NOT USING and/or staying away from Nocioni...argh, commenting pre-caffeine!

i read that simmons thought the best deal we could get for iggy was aminu, kaman and a 1st. if thats the best offer, do we even make a move? i dont think thats worth it

deepsixersuede reply to adamfelz on Jan 23 at 13:19

If that trade was possible I would pull the trigger, with Kaman being the possible 3rd most valuable asset included. If he gets healthy it would be a great return for Iggy and if not, isn't his contract shorter?

I'd considerate it, being the pick and its protection trough the years the biggest factor to do it or no. Also we could go and talk to the Nets and offer them to bid...

Hmmm, that's a deal worth serious consideration...

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Jan 23 at 14:40

Who ranks higher at their position league wise, Iggy or Kaman? Iggy is probably top 7 at worst and Kaman's contract is 2 years shorter, along with Aminu being a pleasant surprise shooting wise.

Who is more injury prone, more likely to make money while not playing?

I'll give you a hint, it's the guy who is closer to 30

This kaman iguodala BS has floated for months - Simmons reinvents it as his own and people give him credit for something he doesn't deserve

Simmons is an idiot - he's a commentator - he's andy rooney of ESPN - he doesn't have insight into trades any more than you or Brian or me.

Raro reply to GoSixers on Jan 23 at 16:56

Ok, and what makes the so called experts above any more qualified? As far as I know, those journalists' opinions carry about as much weight as Simmons'. At least Simmons is funny sometimes.

And for what it's worth, the only NBA journalist who seems to be in the 'know' is Adrian Wojnarowski.

The only time I ever found Simmons funny was his 'bad GM roundtable' years ago.

Why are they more reliable? Because they at least have to have the semblance of talking to someone before throwing stuff against the wall (unless they are sam smith or peter vesscey) - Simmons is just pulling out his own trade ideas from his rectum but he's given an ESPN pulpit so people don't distinguish between Simmons playing with the trade machine and someone talking to somebody who works for an NBA team. SImmons 'best trade' nonsense is made up by himself

The difference between a columnist and a journalist/beat writer is pretty well established and simple - columnists are pretty much writing their opinion whereas journalists write the facts as they know them

Simmons is at best a hack columnist, he's no royoko, or murray, hell he's not even as good as rick reilly

Huh - who knew - I was looking at some articles about nene who is unhappy that his extension discussions aren't being handled by the Nuggets (I know Carmelo is the key - but you gotta know he's gone) and he's older than Iguodala.

Didn't know that

Not something I'd include in a weekly round up but some people might get a kick out of it

Turners Rookie Year Identical to Kobe's

(The age difference seems to be ignored)

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Jan 23 at 14:45

Do you think a change of scenery could revitalize Beidrens or have the injuries taken their toll? It seems his organization is losing faith in him.

Is 9 million per that bad a contract for a starting center if he can produce?

When was the last time Biedrins produced?

I think he's not a bad risk if you don't pay much - his value is probably pretty damn low around the league right now - they blamed Nelson but is he much better under smart?

I don't buy into the 'change of scenery' as much as others. Now - if it's a change of system in which he fits better in that's different.

The sixers have numerous useless bigmen who can't defend, can he?

Well, he is only 24. But on the flip side he has been either hurt, lousy or both for the past 2 years.

In the last 2 years he has only attempted 27 FT's in over 1600 minutes. That in itself is a terrible sign for a big. But even worse... he has only made 10 FT's (22%) in those minutes.

So he is a center who lives around the basket (not a jump shooter) and yet he averages a FT made once every 166 minutes played. That is a pretty big red flag.

Even more shocking, according to hoopdate, Biedrins has made a career total of 4 shots outside of 10 feet in his 9300 minutes played.

So he literally never scores outside of 10 feet. And makes roughly 1 foul shot every 6 games played. He better be pretty good on defense to overcome those kinds of numbers- that make Reggie Evans look like a Rick Barry.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 15:19

And yes, his prime role is a a defender and rebounder. And he shoots at a high percentage.

But you can't ignore how limited his game is (worse than Sam) or his injury history. At least Sam catches ally-oops and draws some fouls. Statically, Biedrins is sort of like a poor man's Reggie Evans with an occasional blocked shot. And that's playing in a GS offense that makes people look good.

except that salary wise he's a rich man's reggie evans :)

He probably is worst than Sam, with the difference that Biedrins (as far as I know) never ask for having more touches on offense, or anything like that...

Just saw Gortat at the FYE in philly...really wanted to say something about us needing a big man to him but decided against it

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