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A Solid Home Win

It just didn't make sense to me why they had Hayward covering Iggy when they had Raja Bell on Meeks. But great job attacking the mismatch. Essentially attacking mismatches is our best shot when we don't have an explosive scorer. (Lou is the closest thing, if only he'd attack the rim more instead of overdribbling on the perimeter and chucking up long jumper after long jumper)

kevinollie4three reply to Alvin on Jan 24 at 12:09

iggy does this frequently. maybe its a confidence thing or just simply false bravado, but when he has a sap on him, he goes right at them and won't settle for jumpers. when there's a star (or something resembling one) on him, he'll defend like mad but settle for those awful jab step jumpers he so rarely makes. while i'm sure most good players do well against inferior competition, iggy's faults as a ball handler are positively glaring when he goes up against a respectable defender. he simply cannot create offense other than those jab step jumpers against anyone who can stay in front of him. he'll eat paul pierce's lunch on the defensive end, then go 2-11 on the other side (12/22 against boston).

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