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Game 44 Thread: PHI vs. PHO

These games have been taking their toll on my health lately. A comfortable 15 point win is whats in order.

Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 18:41

Collins pregame: "My feeling is that Andre Iguodala, as we continue to get better, is going to get more and more recognition -- both he and Elton Brand. To me, Andre Iguodala is a triple-double guy. That’s what Grant Hill was for me in Detroit. … Andre Iguodala guards the other team’s best player and gives you 16 points, 5, 6, 7 assists, 6, 7 or 8 rebounds and two steals. I’ll take that guy on my team any day."

Jason reply to Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 18:45

hmm. is he giving up on Jrue being a top 5 PG?

How did you get that from the quote?

He's talking about players that will be getting recognition in the 2nd half of the season. I would think that he would mention Jrue in there too if he thought he was going to have a big 2nd half as well.

I am most likely looking for this in any doug quote tbh. I'm down on DC big time, i'm really concerned that jrue's progression this year has had 0 to do with DC, and more to do with Jrue.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 19:00

Doesn't quite give you 16 points any more. Never gave you "6, 7, 8 rebounds"; it's more like 5, 6, 7. And 5, 6, 7 assists is overstated too. Collins is making him sound like he's LeBron with less scoring.

I prefer him getting 12, 5 and 5 if he can shut down the best opp player, limit his jump shots and make his ft...

He kind of is. 14 games w/ 6 or more assists, 18 games with 6 or more boards. 13 games w/ 16 or more points.

6 games with 16+, 6+ and 6+.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:15

So... only 6 games where what Collins said Iguodala "gives you" actually happened. Not that I'm complaining about the decreased scoring; it's not like he's much more efficient than the players he's increasingly deferring to.

Nope - but you just have to find a way to decrease a compliment for Andre Iguodala - don't ya?

Spencer Flaws reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 19:12

well he is sort of like lebron w/o the scoring. lebron is on a better team that pumps up his assist stats.

That wasn't the case in Cleveland, and he was still averaging 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

Spencer Flaws reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 20:15

well yeah I'm actually kind of surprised that his assist numbers didn't rise. But another thing is that lebrons defense is kind of overrated to me. Even though he is a freak, he doesn't really have great defense other than his highlight blocks and steals.

Alright, I've got the Suns feed. Late start, wonder what's going on at the WFC.

This shot can't be live, can it? There were 13 minutes left on the clock counting down to the tip.

Anybody noticing how all of a sudden everybody in the organization likes Iguodala a lot. First Thorn gave him "a vote of confidence", now Collins... Does this mean he really is off the market and they have set their eyes on life with him or they are trying to inflate his price and something is cooking.

More like everyone's asking directly because the trade deadline is coming up.

League Pass Broadband still hasn't put up the "Watch" option yet for me. That's weird.

Same here. I just got the audio option.

It hasn't started yet. This is really weird. No idea why they're starting so late.

Rich reply to Jason on Jan 24 at 19:16

I'm actually pretty scared we won't get it. Other games have started and they only have the audio option.

Tray reply to Rich on Jan 24 at 19:15

I just have audio for everything today.

There's nothing on the audio yet, right?

Audio = radio broadcast for each team.

I can hear the WIP broadcast. They just did the lineup introduction a minute ago, game has not started.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:18

I haven't checked.

Huge game in NJ tonight. CLE vs. NJN.

Guess I'll just go with the far beind illegal feed. Oh well.

I'm enjoying the radio feed lol.

Alrighty, here we go.

The Meeks era officially continues.

aaaaand Hawes loses the tip, yet again.

Was a delay due to the fact someone grabbed the rim which lowered the rim and had to be fixed.

Suns won the tip

Hawes brick on the first offensive play.

Robin Lopez scores on both Suns possessions, second trip had two 0-boards.

Ugh, 6-0. Wake the fuck up.

Lopez is gonna have a field day against Hawes.

See, when iguodala is giving a guy the baseline like that, it's because fucking Hawes is supposed to be the help on the baseline. Hawes is nowhere to be found, of course.

Good ball movement for that hoop.

Video feed up on LPbroadband.

Rich reply to Jason on Jan 24 at 19:29

Thanks, it's so much clearer.

elton brand gets no respect from the officials

There you go, Jrue. Right to the hoop.

Thank God for the early hook for Hawes.

Early thoughts: Hawes stinks, good sub Doug. Meeks will get whatever shot he wants if he runs Carter off a few screens.

agree he'll get shots but he has to guard Hill... not good

Rich reply to T McL on Jan 24 at 19:30

No doubt, just an observation. Here's another one: If he misses one or two more here, it should be Turner time.

Get turner in for jodie right now

Spencer Flaws on Jan 24 at 19:28

I like this. doug is tightening his leash on hawes. Let's go speights.

Jrue has definitely turned up his defensive intensity over these past two games.

Gr8 pass Sp8s!

Turner for Meeks, like that.

Love this lineup

For a game against the suns that is

Turner feeling it.

Jrue to the hoop.

Let's see more of this.

Turner seems to like playing against the Suns, no? Then again, who doesn't?

Yeah, it's kind of a wide open game. He can dribble where he wants and take those short little J's w/out a hand in his face.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:37

Yeah, and it's not realistic to get shots this easy against every team in the league.

Great pass from Turner to Thad.

Man, VC is soooooo lazy.

19.9 seconds of Lou isolation. Can't wait.

PHI 26, PHO 25 after one.

Defensive rebounding is an issue. Big run after Hawes went to the bench.

Court_visioN on Jan 24 at 19:40

I don't understand how Lou can be good statistically defensively according to basketball-reference and 82games. he seriously cannot guard his own shadow. and he sticks to screens like flies on flypaper.

Always gets the easiest matchup? The other four guys are always helping him out, leaving their men open. Playing mostly against backups. Just a few reasons off the top of my head. Plus, his man has to guard him on the other end, which can be a workout.

I think his poor defense is better reflected in the team DFR with him on the floor.

Why Turner held that ball is behind me. Vince was challenging if he shot it in rhythm when he pulled up. Shoot the first one, kid.

It was such a pleasure to watch this team when Nocioni was unavailable.

Turner has to make himself the ball on the break there...

Be the ball danny, be the ball

Uh, ride Turner?

Eddie Johnson seems to have a lot of respect for Brand. Maybe he was their color guy during the Clips/Suns series?

I think most of the league, outside Philadelphia Sixers fans, has a lot of respect for Brand.

Turner just needs to come into every game with this much confidence. He needs to develop a killer instict and never second guess himself. Really hope it works out that way

He's been playing with this confidence lately imo.

I agree. He hasn't had a tentative game since Iggy returned.

Rich reply to T McL on Jan 24 at 19:51

More than anything, he's not confident in his shot. That's understandable, it needs work. When he hits a few to start, he'll play with confidence.

EB and 1.

Our P and R coverage still blows. How does a Dragic/Warrick combo kill us for a wide open 8 footer?

Who got the tech?

Great, great bench effort thus far. Everyone's sharing the ball offensively, even Lou, and they are doing a reasonable job defensively, fouling hard when they have to.

aaaand Nocioni makes a stupid foul on a jumper.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:57

I'm crediting the team's hard fouls to his tough attitude. It's so damn infectious.

Court_visioN on Jan 24 at 19:56

... really nocioni? REALLY? That was an easily avoidable foul.


OK, get the starters back in, please.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 19:58

minus Hawes. Please.

Ugh. Great D, killed by a Nash 30-footer.

Fuck, I respect Steve Nash.

Shit, Jrue is all over the place on defense. Love this.

Two straight fast break hoops.

Iguodala hammered on the third.

Yeah, build the lead up, need a cushion in prospect of the run that is to come.

JTIY putting on a show.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:04

You can discount offense against Phoenix, but not defense.

Oh yeah, that was fun to watch. How about that stuff by Thad?

Good timeout by Collins. They were getting a little ragged in the half court. Call a play, push this lead to 14.

Anyone know where to find Fast break points when lou is on the floor?

No. But I'd bet they're lower. We don't get as many stops.

Thad is unconscious. That was a nice little play, got Thad the exact same shot he just hit.

Turner and Thad are at +21. Insane.


who you guys like for player of the half

has to be Thad. That was the best half of basketball he's ever played.

7/11 from the floor
14 points
5 boards
3 assists
2 steals
0 turnovers
+23 on the floor.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:22

even by his high standards of offensive production this season that is just a ridiculous half by Thad. Sure a team like Phoenix is a good team to do it against, but good job to make the most of it. Definite POTG for me so far.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:24

Eddie Johnson said he's his 6th Man of the Year.

eddies' heady's on Jan 24 at 20:08

60+ pts in a half. 60% shooting in a half. Wish we could play the Suns every night. They make us look like a juggernaut.

PHI 61, PHO 47 at the half.

Sick first half, second team got it done with offense, starters with defense/running. I'd love to see another half like that.

Thad the runaway POTG candidate after 24 minutes.

really enjoyable half overall

No complaints with that half here. Phoenix plays zero D, but that's not the Sixers fault. Holding them under 50 is pretty good too.

I've got the Sixers with 61 points on about 45 possessions. That's sick.

yea this is a really fun game to watch.


Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:27

This is epic.

4th assist for Thad.

Three bad possessions- 2 for Jrue, 1 for AI9.


This is sick.

Love that Jrue D, long outlet, slam by iggy.

I gotta say, starting Young in the second half can also be seen as reward for a stunning half of basketball, as much as it may be due to the fact that Hawes sucked in the 2 minutes of basketball.

Forgot how well Iguodala and Thad play on the break together.

Fucking beautiful ball movement from everyone.

Brand is loving it on offense.

Jesus, Childress is the forgotten man, huh?

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 20:33

Main reason Carter would play would be cause the owners are not happy paying so much for him to do squat. Childress brings them much more on the court.

4 steals for Jrue, and another lob for the dunk to AI9.

Ugh, Jrue's jumper is not falling. Looks rushed.

He needs one of those wide-open looks from the corner where he has all day to measure it. Something to get his confidence back.

Would like to see ET back on the court. He was good in the first.

6 steals for Jrue.

The Pistons scored 75 on the Suns on Saturday. In the entire game. Sixers have 77 with 6:05 left in the third.

Back-to-back turnovers after the Suns go to the zone.

Yep, there's that pretty Nocioni dribble drive.

TO, TO, 3P, TO

4 possessions against the zone.

OK, let's finish this quarter in style and make it a laugher.

Ugh, Nash cut it under 20 to end the quarter with 5 straight points against Lou.

PHI 87, PHO 70 after three.

I'll take it. Lou is looking great on offense tonight. Great decision-making.

We have scored 87 in 3 quarters despite only making 2 threes. To be honest they're scoring well too, but that's just being picky.

Ugh, terrible possession there.

Sick drive and dish by Turner to Thad for the slam.

Spencer Flaws on Jan 24 at 20:58

who will miss the 1st free throw tonight?

Ugh. Why the fuck did he take Turner out? Seriously, the kid's playing really well, give him some fucking burn.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:01

Maybe his best all-around game. I would have liked him to play more in this half.

Jrue-Lou-Jodie. Defense be damned.

Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 21:01

Suns allow second-most points in league (107.8). Can see why.

Sixers have won seven straight quarters.

Spencer Flaws on Jan 24 at 21:02

does jodie have a career high in rebounds yet?

GREAT transition D there by the Sixers. Stopped the ball, then recovered three times when the ball was swung.

Alright, is this the best feeling of the year? Will Thad start for Hawes from here on now?

That would be preferable.

Sloppy turnover by Jrue. Don't need that behind the back bullshit in the middle of a double team.

ET in for Lou!

and then Lou in for Jrue :(

Jrue needs to rest. He is on pace to play 1000 more minutes than he did last year, nearly 2000 more than he did his freshman year of college.

Eh. He's 20. I get it, though. No problem w/ him getting AI9, EB and Jrue extra rest here.

Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 21:08

Suns are already on the plane home ... Good job by Sixers of jumping on them and staying with it.

Sweet look by Lou to Thad.

Thad is not letting up at all. He was so unusually quiet against Utah, but in the fourth in Charlotte and tonight he has been ridiculously good.

31 assists. Wow.

And Iggy with only 3 of them is a major surprise.

Could the Suns of had a worse game plan vs the sixers lol?

Also, lol @ Doug yelling at ET for the illegal screen.

Alvin reply to Jason on Jan 24 at 21:14

I'm not sure the Suns have a game plan at all to be honest.

regardless they shouldn't of gone small vs the sixers.

Fuck me. Don't end it like this.

I'd put Jrue, AI9 and EB back in right now just to send a message to the guys on the floor that this shit will not fly.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:16

I would too, but I doubt Doug would.

Wow that lineup did a great job of messing up.

I blame it all on Lou. He waves off the whole team with his isos, so they aren't even in the game. Then he plays no D. Ugghhhh

Alvin reply to stoned81 on Jan 24 at 21:20

Haha I wanted to get through a game thread without bitching about Lou.

No surprise Iso Lou is giving up a giant lead. Ridiculous.

Bad ending, still a great win though.

Still letting Goran get straight to the rim? Just play defense.

PHI 105, PHO 95 Final.

Terrible final couple minutes, but that shouldn't sour the dominant effort. Big win for the Sixers.

Really liked how they played all game except the last 2 minutes. Were all of AI9's points dunks? Seemed that way. Great game from Thad.

Brand made it close in the second half, but I'm sticking with Thad for player of the game. Wrap will be up later.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:23

Good call, Thad took a dump on the Suns today. Excellent game for him.

What? Gotta be Lou. How many players in the NBA can single-handedly engineer a 0-8 run in 1:20 simply through failed isolations?

Big one at Toronto next, a bad team that is badly injured. Can't believe we're 0-2 against them. They're neck and neck with Memphis right now.

What do you think is the best case scenario with Thad, in the long term?

Hmmn. Efficient 15pts/game off the bench as a combo 3/4, probably. Tremendous matchup problem for the other team, and a real weapon if you can play him next to a center who can really board/defend.

i would love to see him start making threes consistently to go with his slashing. he actually wasnt horrible from three before this year but hes completely lost confidence in it

Tray reply to adamfelz on Jan 24 at 22:40

Actually, Collins has told him to never take the shot. It's actually a reported fact that Collins has told Thad to think of himself as a dog and the three-point line as an electric fence from which he should stay away. Kind of idiotic, given that some of the players whom he does let shoot are worse shooters.

Can you really argue with the results, though? Maybe it had more to do with keeping Thad closer to the hoop, and keeping him aggressive w/ the huge quickness advantage he has, more than anything to do with his three-point stroke. If you think about it, do you want him driving to the hole off the dribble from the three-point line? Or do you want him always catching the ball within a dribble or two of the hoop?

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 22:57

I see your point, but couldn't he still spot up for some open threes w/o damaging his game? He shouldn't initiate his offense out there, but he could catch and shoot occasionally.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 23:07

I think if he can just become consistent with that mid range jumper it'll be enough to really open the floor up for him. He doesn't really need the 3. If he can force his man to have to step out and respect the j, gets the defender off balance, he's got his lane whenever he wants it

Tray reply to johnrosz on Jan 24 at 23:15

Threes are good though; after all, they're worth three points. Thad's a league-average three-point shooter. He should take some threes.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 23:31

Of course. I don't want him to start working it in this season though, no reason to tinker until the league adjusts to what he's doing right now. I think that's probably something he'll spend an entire off season on when he feels comfortable in the other aspects of his game.

Ya know the moment the game changed was when we were 6-0 down and Doug took Hawes out (and kept him out). That (and Thad) made all the difference.

So do I watch the Knicks/Wizards or Baylor to see Perry Jones?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 21:53


Lol, willie green just fouled James Harden on a 3.

The speed in which Thad played tonight was astounding. He was a blur, getting off shots and getting down the floor before the Suns eve knew where he was.

Thad is an elite athlete. When he fully takes advantage of his speed and quickness it looks unstoppable... at least against the worst defense in the league. Or is that Toronto :)

Thad would be perfect in Phoenix.

Some interesting lines tonight. Ed Davis had 5 blocks in 23 minutes; Favors had 8, 9 and 3 blocks in 16 minutes. Bayless had 15, 8 and 11 assists. Hasheem Thabeet had 1 second of Manute Bol-esque action guarding an inbounds pass. Wall had 18, 7 and 9. Milwaukee and Chicago are being led in scoring by Chris Douglas-Roberts and Kurt Thomas, respectively. Douglas-Roberts scoring a lot isn't that unusual; he's already had three 20-point games this season. But for Thomas, it's his first 20-point game since February 24, 2005, when, still a Knick, he faced the Sixers. He's played about 400 games since.

I watched the final minute of Tor/Memphis and was shocked at how small Ed Davis looks.

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 24 at 22:19

Really skinny but pretty long. And as the announcers noted, he played some great defense on Randolph, who ended up 8-24.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 22:26

Also, Wes Johnson with 19 (on 13 shots), 3, 4, 3 steals, and 2 blocks.

So against Nash and Deron Jrue averages 8pts/5stl. More importantly, 2 wins as he did not allow either opponent to control the game.

Nice to see Jrue raise his game defensively (and not pick up stupid early fouls.) Overall we had not seen great defense from him in a while.

Starters only score 47 points.

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